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    Paint Room layer Merge problem

    Hello again. I spoke to soon. So, I downloaded and tried the same thing on the same file in the newest version and here are the results: That layer "clouds big" is an opaque standard layer so in theory, (as is in photoshop) the layer 75 (hard light) should look exactly the same when it's merged down to "clouds big" . Is this something you all can fix? Do I submit a bug report?
  2. rgarcia

    Paint Room layer Merge problem

    Thanks for checking that for me on the newest version. I really appreciate. Also, I'm really happy to hear that it's been addressed. I'll update. Otra ves, muchas gracias!
  3. Hey guys, I've yet to upgrade to .32 I'm still on 4.8.10 so maybe this is already resolved but, please let me know. I have the entire issue attached in a jpeg. Thanks so much!
  4. Thanks Carlos. I haven't tried it in more recent versions but, I downloaded the latest after you mentioned it and am looking forward to it! Thanks again.
  5. Hey Carlos. I would really like to use this function and I am trying it on version 4.8.10 and when I hit "tab" nothing happens. Que paso? I would love to have it like photoshop where tab hides all panels (just not the top drop down)
  6. rgarcia

    Remote Desktop fail...

    I sent this to staff but wanted to see if anyone else is having similar issues: I have a license of 3d coat on my work computer and have not had issues but, I am working from home (sometimes I have to do that) and trying to open 3d coat via remote desktop and it says error. I need to be able to use it from home but it has to be via remote desktop sometimes due to network files, file management systems, etc. I know I could free the license and using the same license on my home computer but, do to what I mentioned, that's arduous. There are no other programs that I use including Photoshop and 3DS Max that have any problems using remote desktop. They all work fine. If anyone has had the same issue and has fixed it, I'd love to know.Thanks,Ramon This is all I get when opening 4.8.10 from home accessing my work computer:
  7. Reporting that the same issue has occurred (replicated) in 4.8.32
  8. Sorry Carlos, I was AFK over the weekend. I have 4.8.10 was this issue fixed in the latest version?
  9. I don't know how 3dcoat made their default alphas, but, they are working correctly. This is the custom alpha I am using
  10. It should be totally white because that's my foreground color and the viewport is set to flat because, I am strictly working on painting color alone.
  11. Thanks for the quick response. I've seen the video but I tried deleting the contents from the depth layer and spec from the photoshop file and only kept the pixel info in the color and erase layers but, it still just a problematic.
  12. Hello, I am creating custom brushes in photoshop for use in 3Dcoat. I just need color and for some reason when I make the brush small, it creates some black and white lines when I am using white for the color. This problem only occurs when I'm using custom brush ( with my custom alpha). At brush size 24935 it looks good, no problems - all foreground color (as you'd expect) but, at brush size 20007, the problem begins to be seen and the smaller you make the brush, the more predominant the problem becomes. Looks like this is a bug. Is it?