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  1. After importing external normal map in Paint Imported mesh mesh mode the effect of the normal map is displayed on the viewport, but I cannot export the result as a displacement map (I would like to create old-school bump map). Also I cannot find a way to convert it to a displacement map internally. PS: the mixing the expressions Height/Displacement/Bump in the workflow is a little bit problematic IMHO. Any tips how to solve it? Thanks.
  2. It works in a fresh file, but I cannot make it work in the actual project. Funny thing is that with a fresh new file it works. Any idea? Thanks.
  3. I was not able to get what happens unfortunately. I used this approach, no fun. But I use earlier version of 3D Coat (but it seems the problem exists since 2011 at least).
  4. In some cases (like Concave, etc.) it shows (see the screenshots), so no high poly needed at all. It was imported as Displacement as I wrote. Technically it seems to me a simple bug/bad implementation of a feature. It should work (as it works with other projection types), just somehow there is somewhere a glitch.
  5. It seems it does not show the same import options and also crashes with the same model... So it is a no go.
  6. I used to use Paint UV-Mapped mesh as my meshes are UV-mapped already, I need the separate textures options, etc. How this will solve the problem of my existing project I work on for days? What will it add to the workflow and what will be removed by this? Thanks.
  7. Hello Guys, here is my problem. I would like to use some externelly made displacement/height images for some sci-fi panels painted outside of 3D Coat. My steps: 1. I import the displacement (it appears on the model) 2. I bake occlusion, curvature 3. I would like to check preview (most of the cases preview simple does not shows the imported 'height/bump' effect, but I could survive that as it applies after using fill tool (but it is a bug IMHO) 4. I would like to create an extra layer where dirt, worn parts are INSIDE the lower parts and/or On the top of the higher parts (so the worn is affected by the height map and geometry is NOT affected at all). - I use 'more on bumped' and 'more on dent' projections, nothing really works. - I copied the height info to the actual layer's height channel I'm working on (doesn't help) Do you have any idea how solve this properly? Thanks TomTom
  8. Could the mask be flipped? When painting wits Symmetry On without mask, Symmetry works. When I use a mask (just half of the mask created to save time), mask is not "mirrored". Any suggestions? Thanks
  9. Hello, is it possible somehow to move the axis per object (I import multiple object at once) like 'move the so-called pivot axis to a specific position and make the projection from that specific position)? Like importing to basketballs together, keeping 10 cm distance between them. 3D Coat will make a new pivot/axis for them for the 'scene', not keeping original pivot (even if one of the object was at 0,0,0 when exported). Transform tool does not work for moving when it is spherical/cylindrical projection. Thanks
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