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  1. You will find all the information here : https://www.facebook.com/groups/584443851626267/permalink/1725923117478329/
  2. Another small thing I think could be improved : When you use the toolbar buttons to change the scale of the smart material, you get a preview on your whole object, which is good, except that the preview is affected by the current picked colour. If that colour happens to be very dark.... you see all dark and you have to pick a lighter colour. I can't think of any use for this preview to be altered by current picked colour, since you are only scaling and moving the pattern.
  3. Transform operations in retopo are not in the undo history, is that a known issue ? In sculpt room it creates a problem too when you are using "conform retopo mesh" : you can undo the transform on the sculpt object, but the retopo mesh will not follow. (by the way, it would be useful to have the "comform retopo mesh" on more tools in sculpt room, For example if you use it with the pose tool, you need to smooth afterwards.)
  4. 11.10.2017 4.8.04 - Fixed problem of baking sculpt shaders to paint room Awesome, thank you sooooo much !
  5. @AbnRanger Ah, no, it is like you say, it does not fail completely, just makes errors because of that. So, I guess it works as it should, I just did not know it worked that way. Thank you.
  6. Not sure if this is a new issue, but name correspondance for baking fails if the vox layers are in a hierarchy. It works only if all the objects are set to "root".
  7. When I import a mesh in the retopo room either via autopo or otherwise, the origin is moved to the center of the object, and changing it using transform doesn't work, it resets to the same origin point ! I guess I have to go back to 4.7 --------- Edit : Sorry, it appears I was mistaken. It only appears to do so, The transform gizmo appears there in the center of the object, but in fact it exports with the correct origin. And it is the same with 4.7.37C
  8. with 4.8.03 on Windows 7 when painting with any smart material color modulate does not work, it always uses white. when I click "close" to unselect the smart material, color works. That's with paintbrush, pencil and fill. Airbrush works...
  9. Well, yes, with a white shader it's possible to work.... but it's painful after a bit. Plain polygons + wireframe is what I'm trying to get.
  10. In the retopo room, the view with green polygons and wireframe is great, easy on the eyes. How can I get the same view in Sculpt room, please ?
  11. Actually, I can't think of a use for "painting" over several layers, what I really meant was smoothing. When you bake a model with several shaders, the result is pixelated where the materials meet. merging all of them together for smoothing doesn't work because most of the normal map information is lost in the process. I'm just saying it would be quite nice to be able to smooth those areas on several selected layers at once...
  12. I guess this is a rethorical question. I don't know, does is matter ?
  13. It would be extremely useful to be able to paint/smooth over more than one layer at a time.
  14. I am using 4.7.06 Has this changed in 4.7.10 ?
  15. Multiple uv sets import/export fine for me in .obj, but not in .dae : I need to export in obj from 3d-Coat then convert to .dae in another software. It is a bit annoying.
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