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  1. Silas Merlin's post in I can't find "auto pick" on 3DCPrint was marked as the answer   
    Here is a thing I would try... a "hack" of sorts I guess. but if it works, since this is a public space.... well, the ability might be removed by the powers that be.

    anyway, try this :
    Install and open the full version of 3d-Coat.
    Create a keyboard shortcut for "auto pick" (hover over the box and press the END key, then your key combination).

    Now, close 3d-Coat and open 3d-Coat-print and try the shortcut.

    If it does not work, it may mean that 3d-Caot-print and 3d-Coat are not using the same folder in documents. If that is the case, locate the options_hotkeys.xml file in both, and duplicate the entry for the auto pick shortcut from one to the other.

    Or, you can skip all of the above and simply insert this in your options_hotkeys.xml fils :

    the shortcut here being SHIFT+0 (that's zero, not the letter o)
    PS: I don't know if 3d-Coat-print has a specific room other than "voxels", if so, just remove the word Voxels from the xml above.
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