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  1. Rj3D

    3DC Discord Chat Server (unofficial)

    That's the main reason I have been trying to grow this community. So far the response has been somewhat cold. But the more people who join and get involved the better it will be. With a little backing from the 3Dcoat would be as successful as Houdini or Allego's discord.
  2. Rj3D

    3DC Discord Chat Server (unofficial)

    I would have to disagree. Its seen huge success well outside of the game community, with the likes of Epic, Unity, Allegorithmic, Zbrush and Polygon having official discord servers, not to mention hordes of game development companies using it as a base for user testing and community building. Not saying your wrong, just saying, what may not be right for you may be right for some. Links to said (very large) discord servers. Unreal : https://discordapp.com/invite/eNVW3Y2 Polygon : https://discord.gg/agU3k Zbrush : https://discord.gg/rUQyf Allegorithmic : https://discord.gg/yh8GX
  3. Rj3D

    3DC Discord Chat Server (unofficial)

    Just bumping this to hopefully get some new members to join. - https://discordapp.com/invite/014EEW9TajlBYvRg9 <<<< Allegorithmic have a discord, so I think its time for the 3D coat peeps to step up Let's create a vibrant community of helpful 3Dcoaters!
  4. Hello, I made a discord server for 3D-Coat users to help share tips and get feedback in a live-chat environment. Please feel free to join if you want to. 3D-Coat https://discord.gg/014EEW9TajlBYvRg9 Alternatively if you don't want to grow a community on discord you could always join the 5000+ strong users on Game Development League. GDL : https://discord.gg/0TYNJfCU4DcqiMuD
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    Rj Hill

    3D Coat work
  6. Rj3D

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello, proud new owner of 3D coat (edu license atm). I am a BSc student in Games Design at Staffordshire University. You can find some of my work pre 3D coat on artstation and Sketchfab. https://www.artstation.com/artist/rj3d https://sketchfab.com/richardhill It my first year in 3D design. Cant wait to get 3D coat into my workflow. Wanted to ask, I downloded a bunch of the free resources at the bottom of the downloads page. Whats the best way to organise custom assets, Which folder do they need to go in, or can I reference a folder in my dropbox some how? Look forward to being part of the community. Regards RJ