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  1. I just installed trial version of 3DC 2022.57, and I'm getting the same error: ▶ ./3dcoat Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix> Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix> Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>] Python path configuration: PYTHONHOME = (not set) PYTHONPATH = (not set) program name = 'python3' isolated = 0 environment = 1 user site = 1 import site = 1 sys._base_executable = '/usr/bin/python3' sys.base_prefix = '/usr' sys.base_exec_prefix = '/usr' sys.executable = '/usr/bin/python3' sys.prefix = '/usr' sys.exec_prefix = '/usr' sys.path = [ '/usr/lib/python38.zip', '/usr/lib/python3.8', '/usr/lib/lib-dynload', ] Fatal Python error: init_fs_encoding: failed to get the Python codec of the filesystem encoding Python runtime state: core initialized ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'encodings' Current thread 0x00007f8995d83200 (most recent call first): <no Python frame> The program does not start at all. I'm using Python 3.10.6-3+b1. It's not possible for me to install Python 3.8.
  2. I'm currently weighing whether to upgrade from V4 to 2022 or not. In my pipeline I use Alembic all the time as an intermediate geometry exchange format between Houdini, Substance software, and Blender. The format, amongst many other things, supports cameras, custom geometry attributes, like vertex colors, but most importantly, it's an open format, contrary to the awful proprietary Filmbox, which I managed to almost completely expunge from my workflow. What are the odds that Alembic support will be implemented in the nearby future?
  3. Yes, purging 3DC config path helped with "File->Save As" and "File->Open". Thank you, @AbnRanger. Frankly, I find this odd that a relatively new 3D Coat configuration gets corrupted so easily. I didn't change much in the settings. So the question is why 3D Coat's XML parser keeps corrupting files that it processes? For what it's worth, I updated Mantis report with a recursive diff of XML files from "factory" and corrupted config directories. Of course, the problem with file chooser is not 100% resolved because selecting an arbitrary path in "Edit->Relocate 3DCoat's data" still crashes 3D Coat in the same manner. But I guess it's a subject for a separate bug report.
  4. Hi @AbnRanger, Yes, I tested it with different scene content. From default sculpt objects, through some retopo primitives, to default paint objects. The only thing that varies is how long the file chooser is displayed before the program crashes. Sometimes it's about a second, sometimes a fraction of it. So it doesn't seem to be related to what is currently in the scene, because the crash happens right after 3D Coat displays the file chooser and before it dumps contents of the scene to disk. Even if I invoke "Save As" in an empty scene, right after launching 3D Coat. It goes like this: file chooser shows up, and a second (or a fraction of a second) later 3D Coat process is gone. There are some other aspects of the program (all related to file chooser is some way) that are always crashing 3DC. Like selecting some arbitrary directories (like my home path) with file chooser that was invoked by "Choose folder" button in "Edit->Relocate 3DCoat's data". Or "File->Open", which always crashes, like the "File->Save As". On the other hand, some file chooser calls won't crash the program, like "Select Mesh" from the Import tool of the Sculpt room. Or Import/Export in Retopo Room, "Script->Run Script", "Edit->Preferences->Save/Load/Save Theme". Those guys work OK. There are probably more of those that work, as well as those that don't, but I don't have time to test them all.
  5. 0002521: 3D Coat crashes every time on "File->Save As": https://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2521
  6. 0002520: Any attempt to bake textures, results in a crash: https://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2520
  7. Crashes here as well, each time I'm trying to bake textures. The futex facility returned an unexpected error code. The futex facility returned an unexpected error code. [1] 30907 IOT instruction (core dumped) ./3dcoat 3D Coat: 2021.71 kernel: 5.15.0-3 nvidia-driver: 470.94 CUDA: 11.4
  8. Show/Hide Reference Images. With file chooser dive inside a directory containing images. 3D Coat crashes without output to stdout. It won't crash on all directories though. For example, with a blank new config, it won't crash on UserPrefs/UserScenes, which contain two jpg files (images generated by 3D coat while saving scenes) but it will upon entering UserPrefs/SmartMaterials. Debian Bookworm.
  9. Hello @AndrewShpagin, @SERGYI In 3D Coat versions prior to 2021, to point the program to another configuration directory, we could set an environment variable named COAT_FILES_PATH. This wasn't optimal, but it worked. Now it seems that in 3D Coat 2021, this variable is no longer respected. Despite its existence, the program keeps on creating config paths in $HOME/Documents/3DCoat-2021 and also, probably because of some legacy reasons(?), in $HOME/Documents/3D-CoatV4. Obviously, I don't want this to happen. I don't even have Documents directory in my $HOME path. I have doc. So, how can we change the config location in 3DC 2021?. Having configuration files in Documents on GNU/Linux feels very awkward. They should be placed either in a dot directory inside $HOME (like ~/.3dcoat for instance) or, ideally, in paths indicated by FreeDesktop's XDG Base Directory specification. The second issue I have, is with file duplicates. I found 295 duplicate files under different names inside the installation path (unpacked from tar.bz2 archive). Please consider using relative symlinks for those files, as this could slim down the unpacked archive size by about 480 MB. Additionally, many non-config files from the installation path (textures, icons, shaders, etc.) are copied to configuration path at the first start of the program (if config path doesn't exist). This creates even more duplicates of files which, after all, are already accessible by the program. On a clean install, that's additional 180 MB of wasted disk space. Is this really necessary? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's pointless to create a copy of something that wasn't modified yet and is still at its defaults.
  10. @Andrew Shpagin Is AngelScript's split method of the string data type implemented in 3D Coat 2021? I keep on getting: My current code: Vox v; const string s = v.names(); array<string> lrs = s.split(','); I think I'm misinterpreting the definition of this method, as it seems to be using AS object handle (@), which I'm not familiar with: array<string>@ split(const string &in delimiter) const Could you please provide an example of how this method is supposed to be used?
  11. Try this: / This function should be called before you call any of modal dialogs // function if you want to press button number ButtonIndex // (first button is 1, second is 2). void PressInNextModalDialogs(int ButtonIndex); // For example, if you have Yes and No buttons and you call // PressInNextDialogs(1) before showing dialog then Yes will be // pressed automatically. // You should call PressInNextDialogs(-1) to stop automatical // pressing of buttons. Source: https://pilgway.com/files/scriptdocs/ABuildDialogs.html You would probably have to insert this at the end of your decimation dialog callback function. Otherwise it would press buttons in the decimation dialog.
  12. @Carlosan Have you tried scripts from GitHub? They are much more up to date than those uploaded here. I just checked this particular one and it works. At least in 3DC 4.9.15, which I currently have installed.
  13. Thanks for the info, @Allabulle. Lack of information ultimately leads to speculation and gives birth to gossip, so for a brief moment I had suspicions that Linux builds might have been silently dropped. Especially, if to consider that the last time we saw any news about them was on summer this year. It's good to hear that they will soon be resumed, but I hope it will happen sometime next year. Working with 3DC via Wine is quite cumbersome. @SERGYI, I would greatly appreciate if the new build could respect XDG Base Directory Specification. Having to define COAT_FILES_PATH environment variable feels awkward, especially when it doesn't stop 3D Coat from creating strange directories inside the root of $HOME each time the program is launched. 3D Coat also likes to change file permissions of COAT_FILES_PATH to 777, which is something that shouldn't happen. Please give these two things a thought.
  14. Hey, thanks for the info @SERGYI. I was on vacation for almost a month, away from technology, reloading my batteries a bit. That's why I'm replying with such a long delay. It's great to hear that something is happening, though I pity that I don't have a 3DConnexion device to test things up. It would be fantastic if you could drop us, GNU/Linux users, an info from time to time about the progress, no matter if it's significant or not. You can bet that we would appreciate it. Cheers.
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