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  1. ThomasBrissot

    Lasso Tool suggestion

    haha yeah no worries And thanks for the reminder, I don't use this tool enough, maybe because it's not as immediate as the lasso tools. (I'm more sketching in 3d than making accurate ingame models)
  2. ThomasBrissot

    Lasso Tool suggestion

    Hi again, I had another suggestion in mind, concerning the lasso tool in 3d coat. The two lassos are really effective, I use it pretty much the same way I use the lasso tool ("stroke lasso") and the polygonal lasso tool ( Vertex Lasso) in Photoshop. It is great for people like me who learned photoshop years before they discovered 3d coat. What is really intereseting with photoshop is that you can do an unperfect/curvy selection with the lasso tool and then switch (without deselecting) to the polygonal tool by just maintaining alt. Two big advantages : -you can "rest" at any point when making a stroke with the lasso. As long as you maintain alt, your selection is not closed. This is great for complex selections. -you can make selections that are both freehand and polygonal (I attached a screenshot of a selection made this way in Photoshop). I think it would be a great add
  3. ThomasBrissot

    Cut Off Shape Interface suggestion

    Thanks for the video ! I actually had created a preset (and saved the presets file) but it didn't save the shape I loaded for the cut-off tool, so clicking the "cut off with a shape" preset simply takes me to the cut off tool. (I have to load the shape again via load shape etc...) Any thought on that ? Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  4. ThomasBrissot

    Cut Off Shape Interface suggestion

    Hello, I have been playing with the cut off tool, which is super quick and efficient if you use custom shapes. I find that using custom shapes (via the "load shape" button in stroke mode) gives far better results that cutting of with a stencil of the same shap, the cut is sharper, less "aliased" and it's fun and quick to place it, rotate it etc.. But reloading the shape each time is not a great workflow. Maybe Instead of having to open the stroke mode, click on load shape, select the shape or spline in a folder and then resizing, and then finally cutting through the volume with our custom shape, it would be great to add the custom shape once and for all maybe via a thumbnail in the stroke mode window, or in a library on the side (like the one with stencils) ?
  5. ThomasBrissot

    [Solved] Help with pose tool !

    Hey BrandonK, Just uncheck the "ignore back faces" in stroke mode
  6. ThomasBrissot

    Render view as a floating window

    I think this could be cool, I find it really hard to compose any picture with 3d coat because I don't have a full vision of the render area unless I hit render (and there is no shortcut like spacebar in Marmoset that makes you see the hole scene), the yellow lines really don't help that much (because you can still see what you cropped out which is disturbing)... So yes, that would be a really nice add ! (and, I'm just guessing, quite easy to implement) --Thomas PS: Of course I imagine having a physical sun/sky is completely impossible in 3d coat ?
  7. ThomasBrissot

    Decimate crashes 3d coat 4.5.37

    Hey, Everything is in the title Just cannot use decimate in 3dcoat 4.5.37 without crashing. Didn't know where to post this, sorry If this isn't the place !
  8. ThomasBrissot

    Aliased edges in Render Room

    Okay I did the same steps (2 pictures at the top) and exported objects and textures when in the paint room as you asked, and then imported the model in Marmoset (2 pictures at the bottom). As you can see I still get aliased edges
  9. ThomasBrissot

    Aliased edges in Render Room

    -I didn't save the file unfortunately so I don't remember exactly but my model was not small, I'd say about 5x6 grid units (squares) -I use 3d coat v 4.5.37 -didn't bake AO map -didn't export the object for the rendering in 3d coat, exported it for marmoset using File->Export Retopo Object
  10. ThomasBrissot

    Aliased edges in Render Room

    Hey all, So I made a low poly model in the retopo room ( to test out the technique shown in this video ), used Retopo-> Per Pixel (no baking), painted it and looked at it in the render room. As you can see, a pretty cool aliasing occured (alisaing 1)....Same when I exported the object and rendered it in marmoset (aliasing 2) Anybody has an explanation?
  11. Yep The Render Room is really good now, it could be even better if we could add point lights and fog ! :)
  12. ThomasBrissot

    Keyboard Shortcut for E-Panel

    Hello guys, I've got a small problem with keyboard shortcuts in 3d coat : when I quit 3d coat and relaunch it, 3d coat remembered most of the keyboard shortcuts that I assigned, but not the one for the E-panel (I assigned the ' key because, being a lefty, I need to reassign shortcuts to the right area of my keyboard), and not for symmetry either. I have to re-assign each of these shortcuts everytime I open 3d coat. Is there anything I'm doing wrong?
  13. ThomasBrissot

    Exporting 3d Coat textures to Keyshot ?

    i don't use presets in Marmoset, you can load all your maps (Color, normal, gloss, spec) and 3d coat and Marmoset have the same names for each map...For Keyshot it's limited to Color, Specular map, and bump map, which is confusing, I never know what map to place where. I tried exporting as you said but it doesn't change the results, or maybe I'm doing it wrong..
  14. Hey guys, I need to use Keyshot to render a gun with different textures. Had a lot of fun painting it with 3d Coat, I can export all the maps in Marmoset and it works really well. But for many reasons I need to render it Keyshot and not in Marmoset, and Keyshot just allows me to load a color, a specular and a bump map..The difference between what I get in 3dCoat and in Keyshot is night and day...Anybody has any idea on how I could proceed? Thanks a lot ! Thomas
  15. ThomasBrissot

    Paint Room - How to quickly pick Paint Objects ?

    Hey Gary, Thanks again, so nice of you to make a gif I tested your approach and it does make a more efficient and less painful workflow. Thanks again !