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  1. macalabs

    Macalabs Sketch Dump

    Personal Art Dump. I'll update my various steps learning 3dcoat and using it in my worlkflow.
  2. macalabs


    Did you perform any retopology before painting?
  3. Thanks man, sorry just seen your comment
  4. Sorry man, Im not that often on the forum. Cheers for the feedback. I'll probably update the image as I learn more and more of 3dcoat. I recently started playing with PBR materials and the Paint room, so much fun!
  5. Thanks Javis, sorry i missed your reply. I love blending the two :P Cheers for support
  6. Yup Man, now I'm cutting my teeth on organic sculpting, mostly character stuff, but i'll get to environment realy soon. Can't wait to combine all the things Ive learned together and create a nice scene:P
  7. Thanks man, I'm onto a nice learning path myself:P
  8. Heheh you're right Michael, thanks for the support though! That helps:P
  9. A mech I'm working in my little spare time. Learning the software as I go it's super fun but a bit slower than I would like.
  10. Just found out about this thread. Super work man, inspirational!
  11. macalabs

    MOR 07

    WIP. Im working this one up slowly. Legs and hip to be done yet
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