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  1. tsabszy

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    hey! as a hand painted texture artist, i've been stuck with 4.8.03 for a long time now since there is always some weird issue with new versions :/ I'd like to ask two questions and would like to know the answer if possible: - is it intentional/or if not is it known that color picker doesn't work from the model in paint room any more? only from ref image and it's working perfectly in the old version. this is a really important and essencial feature for color blending in textures! - is there any comfortable way of transfering your brushes with brush settings and everything (maybe already organized too) into your newer version of Coat and I just don't know about it?
  2. tsabszy

    3d-Coat Painting Room as standalone software

    @Carlosan i completely understand this is not easy. i think zbrush also started out like this. a completely different 3d package with different kind of thinking and also unique rendering system and everything. but what part of the software is improved the most? the part why most people buy it, sculpting. sure they have been improving texturing, rendering inside of zbrush but sculpting performance and tools are the main area of improvement among features. with 3d-coat i might be ignorant only and that's why i think it is most used for texturing, but even if it happens to not be the most used part, i'm sure that a very significant amount of people don't touch other parts of the program, only texturing. so it should be at least one of the main focus
  3. tsabszy

    3d-Coat Painting Room as standalone software

    @AbnRanger we could forget the standalone thing, but i was also talking about at least supporting the part most users use @Falconius as i already said i wouldn't force having a separate (or limited) software either but still zbrushcore is a completely different matter. pixologic just made a cheaper version of ZB by randomly (or pretty poorly chosen) limitations. but also zb is completely different than 3d-coat. the reason i said there could be a texturing standalone for it is because there are people out there who buy this software for texturing only. sure there are others and there are people who might texture + retopo or texture plus uvw i dunno, but ZB is about sculpting. that does not work good with limitations because the whole software is built around the same ui and viewport. 3d-coat has completely separate windows/vieports for completely different stages of the job. but back to the issue AbnRanger also pointed out... ok let's forget standalones and silly ideas like that. i'm down with even paying a bit more if they actually improve the things i use, instead of having to use a version that's been out for years. and the part of the software that's the most popular is just abandoned basically. instead of that, put the most not the less effort in it
  4. tsabszy

    3d-Coat Painting Room as standalone software

    @druh0o thx for the answer i'm not here to talk down on 3d-coat at all. i am only talking about mainstream industry standards. and i might be mistaken but i believe in that area 3d-coat seem to only lead in hand painted texturing area compared to those other 3d packages. i completely agree that even this price is affordable especially for pros, so even if hand painted part would not become a standalone software the devs should definately take the fact into account when it comes to new updates that what their software is most used for. i don't even bother using newer versions of 3d-coat because often times something is broken. last time i updated it was clone tool symmetry copy, but also countless long awaited features that never get implemented and have been asked for since 5+ years ago. i know people who don't even want to upgrade to version 4 etc.. anyone can use this product to their needs, blockout, full project from start to finish but i would be really curious if there is more pople of those kind or who just paint their texture in this software. nonetheless the hand painted texturing area is really neglected and yet this software has been becoming an industry standard in that area so i don't see the reason why you wouldn't invest in it. btw, the price is completely reasonable so to be honest for professional use i wouldn't reduce the price necessarily, the idea of making it a standalone is only because many people buy a software that they use only 10% of. and a smaller price for only hand painted part could mean more sales because much more users decided to buy it (like smaller indies or beginner freelancers i dunno) who mostly work on mobile games. anyway, thx for answering the reason i posted this is i also wanted to hear others opinion about it
  5. Hey guys! First time posting on this forum, but I do think this is a really important topic. It might have been already discussed before but I could not find it. So appologies if it's a duplicate topic. (also i was not able to post it into feature requests because it was grayed out). - So my topic would be about a request of making 3d-Coat texture painting part, so basically Painting Room a separate standalone software (for a slightly lower cost?) because it's pretty obvious that during the years 3dC has become a standard for hand painted texturing in the industry. - Already being used by Blizzard, Riot Games and countless professionals out there it seems pretty obvious to concentrate on this. I mean I completely get that the devs have a different picture in their head but to be completely honest, even though 3d-Coat is really great in everything from zero to a completely finalized render, I feel like it's still not a standard in the industry, (not even remotely) for retopo, or sculpting, or uvwrapping, or PBR texturing or rendering as for example Zbrush/Mudbox for sculpting, Subtance for PBR, or 3d-Coat for hand painted texturing! For me this seems like a missed opportunity and also hand painted texturing part could use a lot improvement, even though it's the best possible solutioun out there (and I've tried Deep Paint, Body Paint 3d, 3ds max Viewport Canvas, Substance Painter, Zbrush Zapplink with Projection Master to Photoshop, Photosop 3d paint... the only software i didn't try hand painted texturing in was Mari 3d but at that point I decided to buy 3d-Coat because it was the best of all the rest of these) So my thought was to have 3d-Coat as it is now but at the same time offer users to buy it only for texture painting, meaning all the rest of the software could be limited in that version and this could make it more accessable for people that would mean more sales and more possibilities to also improve it! Let me know what you guys think! Have a nice day! Csaba
  6. tsabszy

    Flying Observatory

    thank you Daniel well, i've been away, traveling home and all, but here are some ref + inspiration sheets i have collected.
  7. tsabszy

    Flying Observatory

    Good luck all! I've been trying to decide what idea i would stick to for quite a while now, and concidering how short the time is and that we also need to create a background i decided to do a bit of a smaller vehicle. An observer, made by a solitary scientist who wants to observe the sky without having to wait the weather to clear, so he designs and builds a constantly flying observatory basically
  8. tsabszy

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    it's ok, i was just thinking i was doing something wrong. thank you Daniel!
  9. tsabszy

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    i might do something wrong but if i enter the contest topic, it says "you cannot start a new topic" is that right so? am i trying to start the topic at the right place? (the rules link me there btw)
  10. tsabszy

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    Yep, but according to the rules the poly model should not be publicly shown before Ofcourse! I only asked because creating a high poly model and a scene would be more time consuming than a low poly and go straight to texturing and wothout any baking needed Thanks!
  11. tsabszy

    First Official 3D Modelling Contest

    Nicccce! Is it possible to enter with an old school low poly model, textured inside 3d-coat?