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  1. Hdharris

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Maybe I missed something, but in these latest versions, in retopo room, the shift to mark an edgeloop as uv with the 'mark seam' tool doesn't work anymore, is that intended?
  2. Hdharris

    Photorealism in 3d coat render room

    blender works for this too tbh and theres an applink connected to 3d coat to boot
  3. Hdharris

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    This was driving me CRAZY so what I did was I went into the options in retopo menu and turned off virtual mode, so that it makes actual polygons in symmetry, that removes the problem entirely
  4. Hdharris

    Beginner - Terribly Confused On Workflow

    isn't this exactly what the 'old school' material is for??
  5. Hdharris

    [Solved] Missing 'export to' option in my file menu

    This is a whole new world, thank you again!
  6. Hdharris

    [Solved] Missing 'export to' option in my file menu

    It did! thank you very much!!!!
  7. Hdharris

    [Solved] Missing 'export to' option in my file menu

    I'm also curious why I don't have that 'export to' option in the file menu, was it removed at some point? They have the option to export to 3ds max, blender, etc.
  8. Hdharris

    [Solved] Missing 'export to' option in my file menu

    I am, yes, but in the videos for it even from 4.8.38, there's an 'export to' option that they use to send things from 3DC to Blender in the first place that I don't have. Currently, I have to send something from blender to 3DC before I can send anything back. I thought you would be able to open and paint a model in 3DC and then send it to blender directly, is that not how it's intended to work?
  9. Hdharris

    [Solved] Missing 'export to' option in my file menu

    After sending something to my 3DC from blender:
  10. I'm watching videos on exporting from 3d coat to other apps such as blender to facilitate the use of the applink and I am noticing i don't have the 'export to' option pictured. I don't know if it's a matter of installation gone awry or what. But this is what their window looks like(top) and this is what mine looks like (bottom)
  11. Hdharris

    Blender Applink

    Okay one thing I AM definitely having trouble with is there no 'export to' option in 3DCoat, and exporting normally to the exchange folder doesn't do anything when you hit 'get back' in the applink there, so the only way things work right now is importing into blender manually, then sending it to 3d coat and THEN using 'open in original app.' I'm using version 4.8.40, was something removed?
  12. Hdharris

    Blender Applink

    sorry i figured it out, i needed to set it in the window to the right before i use it in the N bar
  13. Hdharris

    Blender Applink

    I apologize if this has been answered before, but I am having an issue. When i go to pick my 'exchange folder' it doesn't do anything when i hit 'apply folder' I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong
  14. Hdharris

    Odd looking texture bake

    It did, thank you!
  15. Hdharris

    Odd looking texture bake

    2k, but that was for the both models, so maybe separating the smaller model to it's own uv will help