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  1. Hdharris

    Odd looking texture bake

    It did, thank you!
  2. Hdharris

    Odd looking texture bake

    2k, but that was for the both models, so maybe separating the smaller model to it's own uv will help
  3. Hdharris

    Odd looking texture bake

    Hi, I'm using version 4.8.18 of the software, and upon doing a bake of a model, I noticed something I thought was pretty weird. Instead of smooth, the texture looks really weird and pixelated. I don't know if there's any setting I messed up to cause this or not. In the hi-poly model, the lines are very smooth, but in the bake, things are very rough, is there some way to prevent this?
  4. You. Are. A. GENIUS. Thank you so much, that's it!
  5. In my project I have a character and when I attempt to use bake according to name, one mesh would consistently not bake a normal map, and end up gray, but with this feature off would bake the whole figure, albeit with errors, I've tried the bake with the mesh by itself with name correspondence on and got the same results. Would anyone know why this would happen?
  6. Hdharris

    How to get a render like this?

    lol my guy if you don't want to support ppl with knowledge you need, that's on you, not on them for trying to make money off their skills. If you want to learn for free, figure it out yourself, you're not entitled to their minds.
  7. Hdharris

    Saving presets as Brushes?

    Thank you!
  8. Hdharris

    Saving presets as Brushes?

    As the title suggests, I'm interested in the ability to save presets as actual brushes, or in a way that a preset can not affect the original brush, it's frustrating to use a preset and then to have to manually reset/alter the brush to use it again. If it's obviously available and I've missed such a feature I apologize. Also, is there a way to save new brushes in the first place?
  9. Hdharris

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    thank you so much for answering!
  10. Hdharris

    3DCoat 4.8 BETA testing thread

    Also, I don't know if this would be the appropriate place to ask, but are polygroups possible at all?
  11. Hdharris

    3dCoat to Blender PBR rendering problems

    Thanks Carlosan!
  12. Hdharris

    3DC Version 5

    Is 3DC really developed only by one person??? I'm relatively new, i just upgraded from amateur to full yesterday so I don't know the history of 3dc yet lol
  13. Hdharris

    3dCoat to Blender PBR rendering problems

    Sorry for lack of info, I'm still learning the whole texturing thing so I'm not entirely sure how everything works and what I need to do, I've been operating from tutorials, thank you for your detailed reply! I am using blender 2.79 and cycles, and i used the maps that 3dcoat sent over to blender, I didn't think I needed more than that, I think I expected it to just work via the applink function but obviously not the case! I'll try again using your suggestions
  14. Hi, my issue is that textures exported from 3D coat aren't showing up properly in blender and I can't figure out what the problem would be, I've tried it with the native node setup that comes with an export, as well as the principled shader and the results are the same, more or less. When uploaded to sketchfab these same textures load perfectly so I know it's not the textures themselves or something like that. Here's what I mean: what it looks like in blender Vs What it looks like in 3Dcoat: here's my node setup for anyone knowledgeable about this kinda thing:
  15. Hdharris

    One click Resample?

    Would it be possible (or is it already possible) to do a hotkey based resample that uses the current setting?