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  1. Hi, I would love to have an option for tablet mode like e.g. clip studio paint that allows me to switch between wintab driver (for wacom tablets) and for tablets under win10 without wintab driver. With wintab driver 3dc has superb pressure sensitivity on the surface pro 4 and is a dream to work with. Unfortunately the Adobe Apps don't like this driver too much, so I had to remove it. In Clip Studio Paint I can simply switch to tablet mode and I have my pressure sensitivity back, but 3DC and ZB need wintab. I don't care so much about ZB but I do about 3DC so if possible it would be cool to have this option. Thanks Smolli
  2. Hi, two things. I tried 3D-Coat on my Surface pro 4 and was totally amazed how superb the navigation works with gestures on the screen. This is so amazingly intuitive that I tried doing the same gestures on my Wacom Intuos Pro with Touch on, but I couldn't get it to work. Neither on the Mac no on Windows. Any ideas if or how to get it work like with the surface pro 4?
  3. Hi SERGYI, thanks for taking care of the topic. 1. Great news. 2. No, that didn't help unfortunately. Up = moves towards me, Down = away from me, Mouse Out = Up, Mouse In = Down. Can be seen nicely when I press the first button to get the icon to adjust the brush. Shows exactly the same behavior but animated. I'll continue the conversation at your provided email address now. Thanks
  4. Hi Carlosan, I must admit that I don't understand what you're trying to say, that hardware mapped keys are normal? Normally I would expect a z to be a z and y a y on all keyboards, no matter if qwerty qwertz, azerty or what else. Imagien my word-processor if I had to to type y if I needed a z Noooooo For me that's a bug. The only other Application that behaves like that is Clip Studio Paint and they know it's a bug, but being a japanese software it may be more difficult for them, don't know. And what about the 3D Connexion , euu, bug? I would suppose that it should behave the same, no matter the OS. And especially not the same software. My Rhino 3D, or sketchup or Blender, or other software under windows behave the same as under a mac, so should 3D-Coat.
  5. Hi, sorry for bumping this thread. Can it be that I am the only non qwerty and mac guy with a 3D-Mouse? What should I do to get these bugs resolved? Can they be resolved? Or not, because the developer has no way to reproduce them? Cheers
  6. Hi, I have the Windows version of 3dc and am now evaluating the Mac version so I can better switch the systems. I noticed that my 3D Mouse behaves differently between windows and mac. Up/Down and Front/Back are reversed and I can't switch it from the prefernces. Annoying also thatz the keyboard is set to english and does not addapt to the system language. So, if I want to do an undo I cannot use ctrl+z but must use ctrl+y. And of course this counts for all other shortcuts, too where the key layout is different to the english one. I haven't tested versions prior to the newest 4.7 on the mac so I don't know if these are old bugs or have slipped in just recently. But my question is: will this be fixed any time soon, because if not I will preferably stick to the windows version only. Cheers Philipp
  7. Howdy! Being a new 3D-Coat User for a few days now I missed to introduce myself. My name is Phiipp and like Brian I am a stay-at-home father, for so many years now. I started working in a Architectural Office, then doing ArchViz there and making myself a freelancer until the kids came and I thought I could do both at the same time. Boy was I wrong Now they are getting older and I would like to start again. I use Rhino and Lightwave, never got the grasp with ZB, render with Keyshot for ZB and Octane for LW. So many great improvments have been made since the last time I did such stuff, cool! A friend of mine told me about 3D-Coat he uses mainly for Painting, then I got the reminder mail that it was five years ago I had tested 3DC and was invited to do another test. And yes, that's the beginning of a love story. And the guys and gals? from the support&Sales are so nice, that I directly had another other friend buy 3DC, and he his friend Yep, happy to have found 3DC again. And 4.7 is sooo cool.
  8. Hi AbnRanger, yeah Pixologic changed it again. Now you can switch ONCE (and only switch). Your are of course free to buy a second license for half the price I think. But thank you for the explanation. I know from Scrivener (a writing app) that they have a windows version being developed completely apart from the main Mac version, and it's being developed by a completely other guy. Much effort of course and hence one has to pay for both. But $40 is ok and not as much as I thought. Fair enough imho. Cheers and thanks for the insight.
  9. I already had to spend some thoughts about Win/Mac for this and accepted the fact that I have no choice. I was just asking why the decision was made to sell the soft platform dependent. Just of curiosity and not because I think that I could change anything about this.
  10. Hi, I just bought 3D-Coat after having watched a multitude of tutorials and having extensively tested it. Having ZB since 1.5d but never really gotten into it except for small task mainly to shove it over to Keyshot Ok, but the main point is, why these split platform licenses? I have both, a Mac and Windows and I like switching over depending on what I do. Same as with ZB, why can't I use one license for any OS I have? LW does it, C4D does (don't have it anymore though). I really wish I could easily switch from on to the other... Cheers Philipp Unread Content Mark site rea
  11. Yes indeed, I was still undecided weither to buy 3DC or not, but these tuts did it. THX AlienMineField, whoever you may be
  12. Ok, it seems as if I use the wrong tool for the fixing of bad and faulty topology and modelling. So I'll have to first correct the base mesh in LW and Rhino and then do a retopo and uv in 3dc.
  13. Same here , too btw. Also the same config as David has.
  14. I think I got it somehow now. Not entirely sure what I did though The problem I have now, is that with so many parts I wish there was a way to simply click on a polygon and have the appropriate layer set to active. Sometimes (I don't know why) the active layer suddenly changes and I have the polygons created on the wrong layer, or I am wondering why I can't create new polygons.
  15. Hi, still trying out the trial version and of course still somewhat confused about the 3D-Coat way of doing things. Eg, I imported a model from Lightwave as normal Meshes as it's Low-Poly and I would like to fix some issues and enhance some things. I noticed that I can't snap to vertices or do anything outside of my active layer. In Lightwave I like having my parts split into layers to be able to concentrate on these. Is there a way to snap (eg move a vertex to another that is in another layer? I can't imagine that this is not possible, bit I couldn't find out how to do it. This is a standard procedure in LW. Thanks!
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