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  1. I've reported this error & crash several times across several releases through the crash reporter. An instability message pops up followed by this window. Happens while opening a file from saved location.
  2. These shaders are really great! Very welcome addition. I highly recommend the full pack from Gumroad .
  3. .85 is fantastic, The frame drops are gone , now smooth and voxel sculpting is very fast and responsive. The best so far.
  4. Tumble & sculpting voxels , the cursor jumps off when the jerk happens.
  5. What happened to cuda options, lots of frame drop with around 5mil voxels on.84, 36 core intel & 2*2080ti , 128gigs ram
  6. Voxel carve is working as expected for me, (Windows 10)conforms to alphas on normal & Alt.
  7. Really miss the live clay crease tool. Is there any way to get that back? It takes a lot of work around to get the same effect . It was my most common tool for marking out the zones in a model and then building grim there . It would translate very well for details too.
  8. Muscles with a Bar& Alpha option, I have found some really cool uses for that! Thank you Andrew!
  9. Thanks, Andrew. Amazing! Buildup is great now with Clay Engine and older brushes!
  10. I tried the plane offset and position sampling , both make the brush ineffective at what it does. And I did reset it with RMB.
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