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  1. I've reported this error & crash several times across several releases through the crash reporter. An instability message pops up followed by this window. Happens while opening a file from saved location.
  2. These shaders are really great! Very welcome addition. I highly recommend the full pack from Gumroad .
  3. .85 is fantastic, The frame drops are gone , now smooth and voxel sculpting is very fast and responsive. The best so far.
  4. Tumble & sculpting voxels , the cursor jumps off when the jerk happens.
  5. What happened to cuda options, lots of frame drop with around 5mil voxels on.84, 36 core intel & 2*2080ti , 128gigs ram
  6. Voxel carve is working as expected for me, (Windows 10)conforms to alphas on normal & Alt.
  7. Really miss the live clay crease tool. Is there any way to get that back? It takes a lot of work around to get the same effect . It was my most common tool for marking out the zones in a model and then building grim there . It would translate very well for details too.
  8. Muscles with a Bar& Alpha option, I have found some really cool uses for that! Thank you Andrew!
  9. Thanks, Andrew. Amazing! Buildup is great now with Clay Engine and older brushes!
  10. I tried the plane offset and position sampling , both make the brush ineffective at what it does. And I did reset it with RMB.
  11. Tried all the options there, nothing seems to be working. All the VoX clay brushes are behaving as such. Surface mode is fine. Also these are all at default settings other than when I change it in the video.
  12. Buildup is too aggressive, unable to use any voxel sculpting brushes without creating lumps everywhere even while using low pressure.
  13. 3DCoat-2021-08 Strange alpha lumps show up on a fixed y space , in different sessions it's in a different place. //edit Fixed on latest version
  14. I've been cleaning up incremental installs of 3d coat 2021 in registry editor as they don't get cleared with Uninstall. FYI
  15. Win 10 20H2 i9 9980XE RTX2080ti 128G ram multicore on, Nvidia latest studio driver, no lag noticed on 2021.6 just for reference.
  16. Thank you for resolving the matter, I apologize for my tone. What caused that was the payment provider was regarding me with suspicion and responding in a patronizing manner and the fact that I spent a lot of time writing mails from 12th to today.
  17. So this is the mail I Got from Pay pro , Pilgway is rejecting my order ! “Unfortunately, we could not process this order as no approval from the software vendor has been received..” What does pilgway have against me ? I’ve been a 3d coat user for more than a decade. I don’t believe I know any of the people who are harassing me with my order right now!
  18. Terrible experience upgrading 3d coat , 1st time payment deducted , no license no invoice in account , then refunded without informing me , I wrote to a whole bunch of 3d coat people no one bothered addressing this order, now after refund reached me placed second order again no receipt no license and not showing on account , payment is deducted from my card. PayPro Gobal is at fault or pilgway is at fault ? The software keeps prompting me to upgrade . That’s really funny. What do you want me to do now ?
  19. I managed to place an order for upgrade , but my license nor invoice showed up on my account on pilgway. Today the payment portal refunded my order . The money will not reach me for 7 working days. I’m totally confused. What do 3dCoat support suggest I do?
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