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  1. Some 3dcoat insight of image I made recently.
  2. Some lazy weapon doodling in awesome 3D-Coat Idea of cyberpunk sniper rifle, crossover of traditional with magnetic rail bullet acceleration. Color renders done in 3D-coat (only shaders used), grays in marmoset toolbag. C&C welcome.
  3. Scene I arranged some time ago. I really like this way of work. Playing with camera and light direction to catch some nice shots.
  4. The Wraith character concept I've done for Grey Skies game. I use posed Daz3D regular model, then play around in 3d-coat... Here is also link to marmoset viewer: http://brandwork.pl/wraith.html (26mb)
  5. Alternative versions of Three Gates for Gray Skies game, finally replaced by these I presented earlier. I used here a lot of 'painting' in 3d-coat (spikes, toothpaste) and symmetry. Played also with default 3d-coat shaders...
  6. Alternative concept of Raven's Shadow for Grey Skies game. Here is also link to marmoset viewer, huge (50mb), but works http://brandwork.pl/crowman.html
  7. No problem, I wanted to show a bit... I sculpted 1 column (some clones are just cut off), few blocks, used instancer with symmetry. Plants are done with 'toothpaste' (I love this tool)
  8. My last work I did for Grey Skies game. Here are some shots from 3d-coat sculpt room and final version overpainted in Photoshop.
  9. thanks @Carlosan!
  10. Thanks. Sometimes I forget about global space fixing
  11. Character concept done for Grey Skies game project. I used cloth tool for making the 'tunic'. Spikes tool was very useful for beard
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