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  1. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    @Andrew ShpaginNot sure its related to 2-monitor system, I have 2 monitors both identical and both set to no scaling and same resolution. Still offset issue with curves. Also installed on Laptop with single / built-in monitor and same issue
  2. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Just installed B42. Curve brushes still not working properly here: Simple vertex line and Vertex curves has no effect. Curve stroke has an effect but results are offset: Square, rectangle, vertex, stroke, circle and ellipse lasso all work as expected. With the closed spline draw mode, pressing Enter after creating the curve has no effect And selecting apply curve creates strange offset results:
  3. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Also issue with opacity settings in paint room, with light pressure on wacom pen, initial contact for stroke still begins at 100% opacity.
  4. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Firstly congratulations to the dev's, Version 2021 appears to be a huge improvement over 4.x. However, is there some form of weird memory corruption going on? I don't think it can be hardware related. I have 4.9.72 and 2021 B39 and B40 installed on two separate computers (workstation i7 3930K cpu, 64Gb ram and an 11Gb Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti, and laptop i7 6700HQ, 16Gb ram and GTX 1070). Each version of B39 and B40 are behaving differently on each computer. Neither B39 nor B40 will bake a retopo mesh (Bake w/ Normal map per pixel) on the workstation but both versions will bake on the laptop. Three days ago the 3D connexion spacemouse was causing instant shutdown on the workstation, this I managed to resolve by reprogramming the buttons, and it worked perfectly yesterday. Today all the 3d mouse buttons are altered - the macro name and keyboard shortcut have become swapped - ie: shortcut macro "Num 6" has become the name and the name "Right" has become the keyboard shortcut. Brush symmetry appears to work fine for all brushes, however none of the stroke based brushes are working correctly (weird offset results)
  5. Anybody else having issues with baking? Even with a simple primitives cube created in the retopo room, seams marked and unwrapped, then retopo mesh copied to sculpt room to provide a baking target, 3D Coat simply shuts down without error messages (both B39 and B40 versions)
  6. Tried with z-Up disabled, same issue - immediate shutdown of 3D coat. Also not a layers issue as its a cube primitive created in B40. No issues baking in 4.9.72
  7. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Cheers @Carlosan the same for me, tried @AbnRanger's suggestion and manually added exceptions to antivirus and firewall, but no joy, Tried the noCL version but also no joy, the noCL-noAVX version is working. I also have the i7 3930K cpu, 64Gb ram and an 11Gb Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti graphics card. Curious what the noAVX switch is doing . Anyway, happy days, time for some eagerly awaited testing
  8. pattanner

    3DCoat 2021 Open Beta test!

    Same Issue here, All drivers updated, including GTX 1080 Ti video card. 3DCoat will not even start, Installed to D: drive, uninstalled and re-installed to C: drive, downloaded again. Restarted each time, still no joy. It does appear in task manager as a background process for a few seconds, but then vanishes again.
  9. I am trying to edit / repair a retopo mesh. When I use Quads tool and select the first edge, the view suddenly jumps to the default camera view. Once this happens I cannot rotate or change the view, it keeps resetting to the default view. I need to drop the Retopo tool and select another tool to orientate the view. Occasionally the tool works as expected, but suddenly develops this issue. Same thing occurs in GL or DX version, currently using 3D Coat 4.9.68, and also occurs in Version 4.8.36 and occurs on both computers. Setup is: Workstation i7-3930K CPU with 64 GB @ 1066 MHz, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, 16 Gb, 3D Connexion Spacemouse and Wacom Tablet. All drivers are up-to-date. MSI laptop i7-6700HQ CPU with 16 GB @ 1066 MHz, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 8 Gb, 3D Connexion Spacemouse and Wacom Tablet. All drivers are up-to-date. Any help greatly appreciated.
  10. Cheers Carlosan, that appears to have solved the issue
  11. I have a query on exporting materials, I know many people requested in the past to have materials assigned per object (especially to suit Substance painter style workflows), but is there any option to do the reverse when exporting the objects and textures. I know you can combine many objects into a single retopo group and this will have a single material assigned per resulting paint object. However I would like to do the reverse. I wish to combine many objects onto one uv map, creating a texture atlas for several objects rather than a uv map per object, but keep the many objects as separate items. I can combine the many objects onto the one UV map, but keeping the objects as separate retopo groups means 3D Coat exports the materials as object1_albedo, object2_albedo etc. I want to keep the objects as separate items, sharing a common UV atlas (rather than individual UV maps) and also share a common material name. Object1 and Object2 below : The reason being when you import the objects into Unity, if each object has an individual named material, even though that material is identical being the combined UV atlas, each item then causes separate draw calls when rendered in Unity, below is example of material object1_color, and object2_color is then identical. Because of the naming change Unity classes these as two separate materials, resulting in increased draw calls. Not a big issue for a few objects, but my project has a few thousand parts. Is there any way to export the objects and texture from Paint room but have materials only assigned per UV map ?
  12. Autopo has suddenly decided to ignore the required poly count. IT was working fine all day, creating nice low res meshes without any stroke guides, and pretty close to what I entered in the required poly box. Then suddenly for the next reference mesh it completly ignores the required poly count dialog and creates 417 poly when I asked for 5000. Anyone have any ideas why ?
  13. pattanner

    [Solved] Autopo suddenly misbehaving

    THanks Carlosan Just found the issue, There was a hole in the mesh