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  1. Story of my experience with 3DC. Purchased, tested, reported but is fixed after my license expires
  2. My perpetual license has expired. 34 is as far as I can get. Do you remember an earlier version that doesnt have it?
  3. Attached image is my usual experience with 3DC. Normally I would post this in the development thread but no need now since I cant install the new updates. The problem is not the money. Its the developers adding alot of unnecessary stuff to it instead of making a fully polished software that works and is dependable and/or predictable. Sure all software has problems but I can usually guess when I'm in danger. 3DC is full of nasty surprises. Below image is 3DC thinking I have hidden volumes in surface mode no matter how many times I deleted the hidden before switching from voxel and broke the mesh after control+z . Will never post in this thread again cause I actually want them to succeed and mean no harm. Edit: Apparently I mentioned this before while my pro lic was still active in June: "When sculpting in voxel mode, after using the vox hide and make sure deleted the hidden; Surface brushes sometimes believe you still have hidden geo and warn you Not a major bug but needs a fix Edited June 15 by Koray"
  4. You'd be absolutely right if I ever had used 3DC for anything for once at all. Every time I fired it up I got discouraged by something and couldnt really create anything in it. I upgraded to pro to maybe use it for texturing but nada. Nothing at all. On the other hand I purchased ZB many years ago, received updates for free (till recently you know) and created everything with it and a little ps since. Can you see the difference? I mean Vox Hide is cool but not that cool. I'm sure if I try to use v34 for a few hours right now, I will run into many problems as always. Even if I dont run into problems and actually start something cool in sculpt room, I still would have to export it to ZB to make it better or to Blender to have a cool render. Means I paid for something that I havent used, that doesnt really work and tested it to make it work. Check my other posts if you have to And I have been waiting since for a good recent set of tutorials that teaches what to do after I create a masterpiece of 55mil polys in 3dc. I know the cupcake tutorial Well this has been fun, thanks for everything, cheers and good luck all.
  5. Well my experience with 3DC have just changed for the worse . I found out that my perpetual pro license has expired and I cannot install past version 34 unless I pay 45Euros So being a hobbyist my testing days are over for now. I hope v34 is one of the better ones for sculpting
  6. I believe there is only a handfull of people (2 of them replied here already) that actually knows how to use 3DC to its max potential and I feel the rest of us are all beta testers who paid to test it In my case I've been testing it on and off for a very long time but never could get past the sculpt room because I cant wrap my head around the workflow. Tutorials are scarce and mostly outdated or mostly about the basic stuff. So being a hobbyist image maker I keep using Z cause I can finish images without leaving it. To Patxito: These are the dark times for Zbrush. Dont buy it, dont even think about it. I know 3DCoat is great if you can figure it out and use Blender for your other needs.
  7. possible bug? - in paint room when I click a shader and click fill entire layer, strange geo appears. Surface mode, 2.8mil tris, curvature and occlusion calculated. edit: converted to voxel to see what happens, 3dc turned them into real geo.
  8. Split Tool behaves very strange in surface mode. When symm is on, if you split say hands of a model from the front it creates two different tools for each hand, if you split a head from the side it still creates two tools one has the head, the other is either empty or has some artifacts.
  9. Really enjoying sculpting in 3DC lately, finally getting used to brushes and all thanks. Please dont break it
  10. Was playing around with rendering, clicked environment nodes (interactive checked) then clicked cancel without touching anything, unstable note popped up and 3dc crashed. Report sent.
  11. Surface brushes: Both Flatten and Fill has Lute sub brush. When Lute is selected for either one, the other becomes Lute too. Minor but needs a fix
  12. When sculpting in voxel mode, after using the vox hide and make sure deleted the hidden; Surface brushes sometimes believe you still have hidden geo and warn you Not a major bug but needs a fix
  13. Also when I choose to make a new doc, select voxel sculpting and then the cube, cube disappears and paint room appears. My second attemp was even with no tools. Please guys instead of adding new features that nobody knows how to use, polish what is already there. I can never be sure if I am the one who is making a mistake or if there is a bug.
  14. Stuff I noticed today: - Pose tool gizmo looses symmetry if you edit your initial selection. Steps: make a selection, hide gizmo, use ctrl to remeve from selection, unhide gizmo. it appears in the center. - Clay engine brushes are missing the steady stroke on the top bar, even though they have it in tool options. on purpose? - Something is not right with the move tool. In the attached image, I splitted the arms then only used the move tool on them. I dont remember making it surface but when I tried to revert back to voxel this happened. Tried to fix by closing holes etc but no good. Edit: Tried to recreate the problem with the move tool with one of 3dc bases but couldnt. I dont know what else could have happened. Edit2: Pose gizmo definitely loses symm and appears in the center of the selection.
  15. In the render room: - only the Composite render pass works (realtime mode). when the others are selected weird greenish stuff appears on screen. would be cool if somebody can tell me how to get depth renders. - is there a tutorial or documentation about nodes? I tried to experiment couldnt figure out and when I tried to cancel 3DC crashed. then I tried with some default tools in the render room crashed always when I tried to cancel. didnt send reports. -also resetting the render room doesnt delete the lights or doesnt reset at all maybe? lights I placed were still there after crashes for sure. Be safe,
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