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  1. Also when I choose to make a new doc, select voxel sculpting and then the cube, cube disappears and paint room appears. My second attemp was even with no tools. Please guys instead of adding new features that nobody knows how to use, polish what is already there. I can never be sure if I am the one who is making a mistake or if there is a bug.
  2. Stuff I noticed today: - Pose tool gizmo looses symmetry if you edit your initial selection. Steps: make a selection, hide gizmo, use ctrl to remeve from selection, unhide gizmo. it appears in the center. - Clay engine brushes are missing the steady stroke on the top bar, even though they have it in tool options. on purpose? - Something is not right with the move tool. In the attached image, I splitted the arms then only used the move tool on them. I dont remember making it surface but when I tried to revert back to voxel this happened. Tried to fix by closing holes etc but no good. Edit: Tried to recreate the problem with the move tool with one of 3dc bases but couldnt. I dont know what else could have happened. Edit2: Pose gizmo definitely loses symm and appears in the center of the selection.
  3. In the render room: - only the Composite render pass works (realtime mode). when the others are selected weird greenish stuff appears on screen. would be cool if somebody can tell me how to get depth renders. - is there a tutorial or documentation about nodes? I tried to experiment couldnt figure out and when I tried to cancel 3DC crashed. then I tried with some default tools in the render room crashed always when I tried to cancel. didnt send reports. -also resetting the render room doesnt delete the lights or doesnt reset at all maybe? lights I placed were still there after crashes for sure. Be safe,
  4. rubeos; - You need really high density meshes to make sharp hides and corners. It has always been like that. - Delete hidden, increase mesh res and reappear has always been like that too. Best way to make sure that doesnt happen is to switch to surface and back. Auto delete hidden vs checkboxes would really be great
  5. - Serious lag with the move tool starts around 5mil polys, voxelize OFF - impossible to work with any brush around 30 mil - was experimeting in the modeling room with poly modeling, pc fans do not stop working with 10 (ten) polys i9, 64gb ram, 1080ti
  6. Off topic: Hey Metin, I just found out that you are a Dutch with Turkish names. Lucky you, cheers
  7. Vox Layer tool gets very confused on thin surfaces (which are created by vox layer too). Image below shows two masks one with ignore back faces on, one not. When applied results are unuseable. Edit: Vox Layer and vox extrude both could use some love. Funky stuff happens when trying to use them.
  8. With this rate of upgrades Andrew will reach version 2022.0 next week or so probably My sincere question is; are we going to have to pay for upgrading to 3DCoat 2022? (You all probably can guess why I'm asking )
  9. I'm not really too familiar with the absolute brush but it acts weird when the brush size is small?? Also 3DCoat started to use more GPU when sculpting. Is that normal or did I click something by mistake?
  10. v.88 - Been playing around in the sculpt room basics for a while now and nothing interesting happened, feels good too. Good job and thanks
  11. Is that a single tool that is 200 million??? In my case I can go up to around 20 mil on a single tool, then the brushes start acting quite slow. Then I tried smooth all from the space menu and 3DC crashed. ( my pc: i9, 64 gig ram, 1080ti gpu )
  12. Since you asked, I tested further and ONLY the Vox Clay adds a square when: - You select vox clay, add strokes, press shift start smoothing, unpress shift without releasing the mouse left click or pen pressure, then when you release the left click or lift the pen, only the Vox Clay adds a single stroke even if you try not to move the mouse or pen. Seems like the vox clay counts mouse release (or pen lift) as a stroke . No other brush that I've tried does that. When you release the mouse or pen while holding shift the stroke does not appear. Edit: I used the sphere tool to draw the arrows to show you the squares.
  13. Adding a screen cap for the smooth bug. No matter how I try, I cant lift the pen up without adding those strokes
  14. Testing .85: -Encountered the most entertaining bug: I vox hid a part, objectified it, deleted hidden from the base. Switched to it. I was scaling the part using transform tools inner yellow cube. I literally watched the left symmetry indicator move further left by itself breaking the symmetry. Object became non uniform. I right clicked and made it uniform. Although symmetry is still active none of the brushes work symmetrically. The rogue sym dot is nowhere to be seen again . I tried symcopy to fix, didnt work so I'm typing this -edit: I hid a part of the rogue mesh and objectified it. sym still doesnt come back...Sym works for other parts I made from the same base though -edit 2 : When I smooth using shift, Smooth adds a single brush stroke when the shift is released. For ex: I used vox clay on a vox obj. I started smoothing using shift key. When I'm done I release the shift and a stroke of vox clay is added unwantedly. This is not a new bug. -edit 3: Performance feels better for now. This software has a mind of its own