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    3D Coat Trial Version 4.8.32 - Many Bugs?

    I think Andrew is fixing all the bugs for version 5 release on the side and makes us test the new stuff on v4 and we are stuck with 4.9.05 being the latest stable version and will have to pay for the upgrade
  2. Koray

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Vox hide tool doesnt have the border options anymore. .05: Border Options .17 and .19: Nope. Nada. was just feeling inspired to work with 3dCoat this morning. Instead had to uninstall, reinstall other versions, delete folders etc to make sure
  3. Koray

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Thank you, Cheers!
  4. Koray

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    4.9.17: For both DX and GL versions Ctrl+Z still doesnt work properly for the carve tool especially when you stroke away from the base model into the empty space. Usually deletes a previous stroke and sometimes leave voxels behind. Even deletes the base model if you undo your first stroke. You guys keep ignoring this so I'll keep checking every new version and post the results.
  5. Koray

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Undo (CTRL Z) still doesnt work properly for the Carve tool in voxel mode.
  6. Koray

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    4.9.12BF3 was not stable at all for me. sent 2 bug reports (forgot to enter my email for one). Uninstalled and reinstalled v05 and same bugs werent really there. So I uninstalled v05, deleted all other files except the licence. Installed BF4 and will test that now. Will post again if I encounter the same problems again. Final Edit - CTRLZ is not working normally for the voxel mode carve tool. when drawn away into empty space ctrlz deletes the base mesh (instead of the last drawn) or leaves stray voxels which can later be deleted manually by smoothing etc later. back to v05. Cheers
  7. Thats a different edge extrude. You cant start from a single poly, pick an edge and extrude to empty space. It connects to another edge and creates a triangle. Sure you can add an edge loop or slice and transform that edge but thats not what we mean/need And with the slice tool you cant slice a sigle poly starting from anywere and make an angle in the middle. sometimes when there are many polys add edges by itself to make triangles and/or quads which you usually need to clean up. Zmodeler is cool if you have a plan and know what you are doing but you cant start with a single poly and extrude as you wish. I believe we can safely say that its for box modeling not for edge and poly modeling.
  8. Not really but I did watch the videos and practiced a bit. They sure feel better than the zsphere method for sure which drove me crazy and forced me to try and learn 3ds Max, Maya, Topogun and Blender finally. I did even purchase retopoflow for blender which turned out to be a huge waste of money cause I dont really like working in Blender. The reason to all of this is because Zbrush doesnt tolerate ngons, dont have edge extrude and dont have a dedicated poly cut-slice tool. There is slice curves but they need alot of cleaning up instead of adding edges in other programs. Zremesher and project all is good enough for organic models. There is also a workflow for hard surface splitting polygroups and zremeshing to get cleaner surfaces but you need a lot of work if you want to stay low poly and add cool details to them. 3d Coat has auto-retopo too which I dont know how to use yet. I did experiment with these when I bought substance painter first time and realized I need low poly models. These days I'm trying to get better at finding cool shapes and getting better at the overall concept so no retopo for now till I really like a model and decide to send it to Substance. I also bought Silo for about $10 during christmas for low poly work if I ever have to. It is a discontinued old software but dedicated to modeling with a simple interface.
  9. Long time Zbrush user here. Not a pro but I know almost all there is to know about it in terms of sculpting and modeling and experiment alot with it daily. 3d Coat makes you think differently to start with. Lasso tools, hide and cut tools are especially great for quick concepting hard surface with fast and solid cutting, splitting and detailing.Sure you can make similar moves in Zbrush with trim and slice curve tools, panel-group loops, brushes etc etc. but they are way too slow and technical. Zbrush has a better brush workflow though, when it comes to freehand sculpting and detailing especially for organic models. My plan so far is starting and staying within 3d coat when attempting hard surface designs like helmets, armors, mechs etc. as much as possible. Then maybe export to zbrush for further refining and brushing. I also know a bit of Blender and have Silo and Substance Painter 2. Havent read the whole thread and still quite new to 3d coat and learning but this is what I think
  10. Koray

    zbrush->3d coat -> zbrush workflow

    You may experiment with the crease bevel tool on your creases in Zbrush to turn them into real geometry and see if you can uv those?
  11. Koray

    Prices slashed on my Udemy tutorials

    they are actually $5 cheaper without your coupon
  12. It does...parts export with different polygroups if needed and easily separated with the split to parts option in Zbrush
  13. Koray

    Modeling in Voxels is Fun

    I'm not as experienced as you are in 3d modeling but I accepted long time ago that if you are sculpting freely with the likes of voxels or dynamesh there is no way to avoid retopologizing. It is kind of like modeling with ngons where you still have to manually fix your topology and edge flow during or in the end somehow. If you are seriously picky about your hard surface then there are the likes of fusion 360 but you will still have to retopo. Coming from Zbrush, I'm having alot of fun with 3d coats voxels especially trying to come up with original helmet-armor type shapes using layers and cuts and hides etc. But I know in the end I too will have to suffer trying to retopologize, auto or manual, either here or in silo etc. Thats also why I'm trying to make sure my model is worth the pain
  14. Hello people, I'm a long time Zbrush user and new to 3D Coat. I havent created anything spectacular yet but I'm trying to and thats why I purchased 3d coat. It is a breeze to experiment with hard surface ideas in it and I'm having alot of fun. My noob question is: How do I export my 3D Coat vox layers as subtools to Zbrush. I searched a bit and it seems like people usually are exporting from zbrush, not the other way around. I am way more comfortable with Zbrushes brushes and all so once I get the main idea and shapes here I would like to export to zbrush and tweak further, and then maybe will come back for retopo. I tried once merging the layers and exporting but no success. I had the object but not the subtools. Can you please show me where to look and/or what to do? Cheers and thanks,