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  1. Hey there Poe, Seems like you understand these stuff. What can a regular 3D Coat user can create with Python or CoreAPI? Is there anything we can create with them or are these just for developers?
  2. There is also a video where Jama and Anton discusses why Jama moved his complete workflow to Blender and why Anton also tried to but couldnt. Please post that too now that you've started it
  3. Just do a search on artstation and tell me how many of the images that are tagged with 3dcoat are made with those brushes? or look at the images Carlos post here. See any brush work? As a customer I shouldnt be the one to deal with the tool options to make them work. I can never be sure if a brush is working as intended. Lately I had a brush acting weird and made a thread about it. Then I deleted the 3DCoat files under my/documents to fix another problem which also fixed the brush problem. How am I supposed to know if I messed up or if 3dc is acting weird. Now I remember I had another problem with symmetry, made a thread, Oleg replied and told me not to "climb to the other side of the symmetry" If you really believe all the brushes are fine tuned to their absolute best then I rest my case.
  4. I wish I had a friend who defended me like you do 3DCoat is becoming like a swiss knife with 100 functions where people mostly buy and use it for the knife and a few other stuff. If you ever used one, you know that as the number of functions increase, it gets harder to carry it around, hold the knife and use it comfortably. I can go on but I believe you understand what I mean
  5. First of all, I hope Andrew and who ever else is in Ukraine is safe. Then; in my experience, whenever something very substantial happens in 3DCoat it also brings loads of other problems. I would hope for news like: - Andrew started to add all of the most requested features and quality of life improvements. - Andrew hired an experienced digital sculptor to fix the brushes, make better brush presets. - Andrew merged the rooms, removed all unnecessary stuff and re-designed a less confusing workflow and UI. - Andrew fixed all the bugs and made sure they are not coming back. Ever. - Andrew said f**k this and retires, buys an island and lives there happily with his family without technology and stuff. Well it is what it is. I hope I get to play with the release before my payment cycle ends
  6. Why does the Vox Clay brush have the color and glossiness option? No other brush have those. When the vox paint option is activated by clicking the check-box, they appear for other brushes too. Unclick and they disappear from all except the vox clay. Mystery
  7. Have you tried selecting them using Shift from the sculpt tree?
  8. I meant deleting 3DCoat related folders here: C:\Users\yourusername\Documents Deleting them fixed two of my problems so I thought it may work for your problem too.
  9. It works fine for me. Maybe you too should delete the 3DCoat folders in your documents too. Make sure you have your licence
  10. Deleting the 3dc related folders in my docs helped. That also fixed the absolute brush too...gotta edit that thread too now.
  11. Edit: Closed 3DC and restarted. Tried one of the default humanoids. When first started it shows the default material. Switch to render goes black. Return to sculpt room remains black.
  12. Edit: Deleting 3DCoat folders in my documents fixed this. Next time I'll try that instead of making threads. Attached image is Absolute brushs behaviour with different size and strokes. I have an old screen grab of the absolute brush from February too. Maybe it was fixed but now its back? Note: Tried Surface Clay and Extrude with similar stroke and sizes and they are normal.
  13. Edit: Deleting 3DCoat folders in my documents fixed this. Next time I'll try that instead of making threads. Only Matcaps render?? The red one visible is Matcap RedWax.
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