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  1. good to hear, tho i have other problems in 4.8.38 which made me uninstall it. will wait for new updates thanx for the info!
  2. thanx! that helps quite a bit [edit] nope. does''t work. everything resets after changing resolution and/or tool what' even more crazy, that i can no longer copy the values manually. it shows correct values but it's completely off well, back to copy paste copy paste copy paste
  3. i'm going nuts over this example: 1. i have a dagger. i want to use the Snake brush with radial symmetry 2. i go to the dagger, set up symmetry (bounding box) 3. i go to an empty vox layer and want to begin, but the symmetry is reset to zero i can't find any way to leave the symmetry i set up in the other vox layer. copy and paste is a very time wasting chore any tips/ideas? TIA.
  4. sorry, maybe i wasn't clear enough. this post is about STROKE LASSO with CUT OFF tool. i love curves. curves are very useful and have great control. but curves take time. if i want to cut out a floral whole, curves take forever to setup in comparison eg. 2 minutes with curves vs literally 10 seconds with stroke lasso
  5. the Cut Off tool was left out when the Steady Stroke option was added i'm using Lazy Nezumi, which i use with most programs that doesn't support Lazy Mouse in certain situation, but it's a bit of hustle even tho it works great with 3DC will the feature be added in the future or is there something working against this? or have i missed something? TIA.
  6. oh, it works with curves, too! really nice, thanx a huge bunch
  7. so, i'm using the retopo room a LOT lately. for base mesh, for bash, etc. but i can't find a way to save the meshes to the mesh panel directly is there a way to do this? i mean, without saving the file externally to a folder this would speed up my workflow quite a bit TIA.
  8. 4.8.38 major problems switching between surface and voxels. takes forever or crash (crash most of the time). no such problems in 4.8.35
  9. oh, man! now i FINALLY got what i was doing wrong. instead of clicking first to get the gizmo, i was pulling a single point. so easy, yet so hard lol 1000 thanx!
  10. hi. nope. i meant i want to be able to move the whole curve. all points together at the same time. eg. if i need to set 25 point deeper inside a surface. in other words something that can't be fixed with editing of the profile. i know i can fix it with the "edit points" but maaaaan, that's a chore from hell if i have lots of points. probably quicker to move each one manually :/
  11. is there a way of moving multiple curve points? this would make my life sooo much easier, but i can't seem to find an answer TIA. [edit] ok. i've found "Edit Points". is this the only way of doing it? is there no visual way?
  12. i was playing with the the temp folders and now it works to send to 3DC without UVs (not always, tho). sending back doesn't work
  13. Max 2018 why, oh why did i try... 1.8 was working for me fine except the UV never came into 3DC so i UVed in 3DC 2.1 doesn't work at all. everything seems to work in Max but nothing ever comes into 3DC. and i've tried everything. it opens clean also, 1.8 had a very easy setup, like other scripts. seems i must go back to 1.8
  14. i honestly forgot what i did. but it wasn't too difficult. if you haven't solved it, share it and i'll take a look
  15. the flip option didn't work in my case...maybe it flipped it along the wrong axis i fixed this by opening the profile mesh in other app, flip it and save it to new profile. but this is 3rd time today i stumble upon this issue and though there was a quicker solution not everything can be fixed tho thanx
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