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  1. sdimaging

    3D Scanned Shoe

    I sometimes (often) get asked “why don’t you use zbrush” and honestly I don’t care too, 3dc has an amazing set of tools for my specific workflow when working with 3D scans. Anyway, here’s my Oreo colorway Nike flight cleaned up painted Sculpted retopo’d and UV’d in 3DC. CAA16F70-3F3C-490A-94DB-4FFF10461895.tiff 26FCE1CD-B153-4252-A244-97B5E82208C4.tiff
  2. Maybe I'm alone on this, but I think it would be amazing to see 3DC try to implement cryptomattes into their workflow maybe in the texture baking section. I've been using them in Octane now for some time, and the flexibility you get when compositing after in photoshop, fusion, nuke, aftereffects, clarrisse, etc.. is just amazing. EXR-io is the free plug-in to utilize the full advantage of them in photoshop. But that would be amazing for concept artists to have their items by maybe voxel layer ID or texture layer ID isolated to use in that regard. ya with proper UV's and so and so you could achieve something similar, but the point is for quickness and ease of use. It would just be something to add to give a little extra spice to the 3DC render engine, I don't really ever use it bc it's not the most robust and renderman is a bit clunky to get right with 3DC in my opinion, but adding cryptos I would definitely use it more.
  3. sdimaging

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    I'm going to assume that the PBR Smart Materials section is just closed, or maybe put on hold for much later down the road. With Substance Source, Poliigon, Quixel, etc.. I think it's awesome to have with 3DC it's really cool for sure, but it seems like no attention has been provided to the section since it's launch and it's still a main feature on the site? Will in be continued or dropped in the near future?
  4. I know this is the wrong section, but the feature request was disabled for posting? I'm working on mapping some bread to low polly loaf shapes, I've been shooting photos of each side stitching together onto a 2d plane and then mapping orthogonal views to each side and then stamping (cloning) out seams, they look really good (SEE ATTACHED SCREENSHOT OF FINAL). I've been jumping back and forth between substance and 3DC bc technically for what I'm doing they pretty much do the same thing, BUT when I need to tweak alignments and such I have to jump to photoshop and liquify and then bring back in and I know substance has live layering and 3DC also does from projected views to use this a work around. Ultimately, it would be awesome to see a liquify toolset in 3DC and i would never use another program again! Affinity Photo has an even better live liquify capability and dozens of other photo softwares out there have the included toolset, so to think an added plugin to 3DC wouldn't be too unrealistic. With a UV set it could easily bring in the UV set to a separate window with the generated pixels from the specific layer selected (Merge all could be used to capture entire work area, or isolate a specific layer selected) and liquify tools to help adjust would be simply amazing and very functional. Smudge and other tools just deminish quality completely, but to have a functional less diminishing option similar to photoshop liquify would be magic! In addition, TRANSFORM would be amazing, to take a layer and transform it to move across the 3d plane on an object, scale, rotate, etc..would be equally as great.. If 3DC did nothing else between now and V5 that would be an amazing add on that would just be texture paradise in my opinion. I come from 15 years of retouching, and I may be bias, but ultimately textures are super important and to add a few essential retouching tools to the 3DC toolset would be a great overall improvement, and leave SP in the dust in my opinion. Now that Adobe has their future in their hands, it's not long before similar strides are probably met on that end. Ultimately, these may just not be able to work into the program, but in my head they seem to and I would love to know why they wouldn't if so. LASTLY, I know there is the TRANSFORM/COPY tool which isolates a selection to transform and copy again, which is nice and does come in handy, I am proposing a transform layer option in addition to that tool, which essentially you take the current layer and can rotate and transform live across the 3d plane, for example you paint a smily face with height and color so you have a bit of a raised smily face, you can then freely drag it rotate it scale it across the plane while still keeping that layer isolated and nothing changes except the UV coordinance. I know a work around and similar method would be a smart object with an alpha mask and then painting in, which is nice and works. But if I'm cloning small pieces and want to slide up or over or copy and move again and have these all isolated to layers individually, this is my goal and dilema. Thanks! I love 3DC and just want to keep making it more awesome. SD
  5. I'm trying to figure out HOW to take a retopo'd High Poly Scan and project/bake the image map of the scan that's UV'd all wonky back onto the retopo'd and UV'd low poly mesh. I know how to project the details onto a normal map, but nowhere have I found clear direction on the texture and color map itself. Raw scan data into a normal map is cool, but without the actual scanned data of the color map, it's not too useful to me. Please help! Thank you!