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  1. Awesome work guys! I'm really enjoying 3D Coat 2021, I continued to be impressed with your teams talent with 3d algorithms and 3d tool construction! BUG: In B43, in the modeling room the sculpt mesh is not updated when faces are modified on primitives. It appears to be correctly updated when vertices or edges are moved. Steps to recreate are to create a new primitive and select a single face and move it, the associated sculpt mesh is not updated. FEATURE REQUESTS for the modeling room: 1. Can we get Boolean operations on the "3D Primitives" tool window, just like we have in the sculpting room? So that when we add a new 3d primitive we can choose to add, subtract, intersect and split? My use case is primarily that I want intersection and subtraction tools. 2. Can we get a video tutorial for how to use the modeling new room? 3. On the "Surface patch tool" it feels like it should default to at least having 1 curve selector opened vs having to hit the "+" button, when I first opened the tool it wasn't apparent to me that I needed to explicitly add a curve to it before I could use it. The loft surface tool feels like it has the same problem it opens but with no curve selectors to start with. 4. I have no idea how to get the "Loft tool" in the modeling room to do anything, I wish it had a diagram or something, or like the "Surface by two view" could create a default starting shape to play with. I really like the preview shape that is created with the curve tools in the modeling room, it's helpful to see what shape you're gonna get. Thanks
  2. In 3D Coat 2021: Importing quixel smart materials causes crash: 1. Download this texture: https://quixel.com/megascans/free?category=surface&category=grass&category=wild&assetId=sfknaeoa 2. Open 3d Coat 2021, tell it to import the texture and it crashes (in 3D Coat 4.9.72 it doesn't crash but fails to fully import the texture complaining about not being able to find the roughness texture which is actually in the downloaded zip file).
  3. Do you want the feedback here or in the beta threads? BTW attempting to log in to access the license caused my AV to throw up this warning:
  4. Ok, it appears that the issue can be reproduced by creating a cone in a surface layer and then scaling it and adjusting the fillet, a couple of times and then undoing. It appears the action of undoing causes the fillet settings to no longer be honored.
  5. Using 4.9.68 on Mac there is a bug with the "Add Cone" in the sculpt room, when adding a cone to a surface voxlayer, if the cone has a filet defined, then after a while of resizing the cone and adjusting the fillet, the fillet will no longer be honored. I was using the cone/w fillet to make teeth and after making about 5 or 6 teeth it looses the fillet setting, but can be reset with "Reset scale".
  6. Hi, one of the most error prone work flows I have is exporting lots of small parts for 3D printing, and importing the same parts from OpenSCAD. Here is what I want to do: Be able to select some number of objects from the SculptTree, or the parent object, and be able to export those objects as individual files (named the same as their layer name) to a particular directory (as STL), or perhaps execute a 3d printer slicer to automatically load the items. My current use case is I'm 3D printing teeth for a costume, and I want to be able to simply export a bunch of teeth as individual files at once, so i can place them on the 3D printer bed for how they will print best. I'm on my fifth or sixth iteration of adjusting teeth based upon the printed results. (In some ways, I kinda wonder if export for 3D printing might be better implemented as an actual feature, where 3DCoat would discover various slicers are installed, and simply offer an "Export to Simplify3D / Cura", etc menu item, which would export the files as STLs and open the appropriate slicer) Alternatively I want to be able to take a bunch of STL files I've generated using OpenSCAD and import them into the the Sculpt Tree as individual objects, and then later, re-generate them using OpenSCAD and simply select them on the sculpt tree menu, and essentially replace, or refresh them with the regenerated models, based upon their filenames. (I'm a dork I use OpenSCAD to generate complex mathematical models in a parametric capacity, so for example antlers using recursive parabolic curves, so that I can also have OpenSCAD generate the molds for casting antlers). I tried to implement this last night, but ran into some issues: I can't find a documented method for how to determine which items on the sculpt tree are selected; There doesn't appear to be any complete API documentation for the Vox object, so perhaps it's there but I couldn't find it. I couldn't figure out how to import an object to a specific layer on the tree I couldn't get the InstallToMenu("Voxels",...) to work; this still might be my fault I did investigate and test the AppLink functionality for doing this, and as far as I could tell it wasn't gonna work well for dealing with multiple objects, I think I'd rather have explicit Import/Export menus on the sculpt tree. Is there a method for getting selected layers from the sculpt tree? Is there complete API documentation for the Vox object somewhere? How can I import / Export items to a specific layer on these sculpt tree
  7. Hi, thanks for posting this! A few questions Where can I make feature requests for 2021? I'd love to see some integration with 3D slicers like Cura, Simplify3D, Slic3r and Chitubox. I tried writing an applink for this, but realized I'm missing scripting APIs or AppLink features to make it work like I think it should; I feel like there is some missing workflow in general for use with 3D printing around import / export of objects. I have some UI suggestions to make the curve generation less confusing, every time I wanna do shape generation with curves I feel like I need to revisit the youtube videos on it, instead I wish the dialog boxes for the curves included a helpful diagram of which curve was used for what part of shape generation, perhaps color-coded on the diagram with matching colors in the dialog boxes. It's such a powerful feature which feels harder than it needs to be to use it. In general I have lots of feedback on the scripting capabilities; I feel like this is potentially a missed opportunity. I'm a skilled software developer; but found the scripting capabilities both powerful, incomplete and confusing. Heck I wrote a vulkan based 3d editor, from scratch - but I'd rather add some functionality to 3D Coat because it's so powerful, but to do that the scripting needs to be better sorted out. When will we start seeing beta drops?
  8. 3D Coat 4.9.54 on Mac - Can't add new volume to Root volume in Sculpt Tree sometimes How to recreate: 1. Open 3D Coat, click 'Voxel Sculpting' 2. Select the scene with the smallest sphere 3. Go to the 'Sculpt Tree' (BTW Curves tree uses lower case 'tree', so it's inconsistent) 4. Click on the '+' icon to the right of the 'Root' volume - nothing happens 5. Click on the '+' icon to the right of the 'VolumeXX' below the the Root volume - nothing happens 6. Select the 'VolumeXX' go click the '+' on the lower bar of the 'Sculpt Tree', now a volume is added. It appears that some state is being kept which prevents the '+' next to the volume name from working each time.
  9. With an update from 4.9.02 to 4.9.49C on MacOS my 3D Mouse is no longer working, still works with the 3Dconnexion trainer, and was working with the prior version of 3D Coat. Going back to 4.9.02 and the 3d mouse works.
  10. I would really like a number of combined "Copy & do action X" or "Clone and do action X" The one operation I find myself doing a lot is "Copy & Subtract from" as a "Clone" and then a "Subtract From..." for 3D printing - I am forever modeling the positive shape I wish to remove from something else for various 3d printing tasks. Overall I wish the menus were a bit cleaner, but just the simple addition of "Copy & Subtract from" below "Copy & Merge with" would be a huge improvement, the alternative would be to expand the clone menu to include a "Clone and X" where X was "Merge, Subtract, Intersect, Split" Thanks, celer
  11. So I tried this the .34 build and it still happens, see the linked zip file, it includes the files I was using, directions and a stack trace: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_q7zeWcKl5A68A-UYhb-oMCVdQXIl4rv/view?usp=sharing
  12. I was using File Import, I will capture many more details next time this happens, including the input files.
  13. I'm still using 4.8.32, I'll go ahead and re-test these issues with 4.8.33, thanks for pointing it out! celer