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  1. Omni-Moulage

    Molding special license ?

    Hello, How can I found the special license requested by "molding tools" ?
  2. Omni-Moulage

    [Résolu] Outil "Courbes"

    Thank you Sprayer, I have downloaded V21.06 and now the curve/chain/rope works fine. I will uninstall the V2021.RC3.
  3. Omni-Moulage

    [Résolu] Outil "Courbes"

    Bonjour, Je viens de faire le pas vers la version 2021 et je bloque sur la création de chaines et de cordes. Peux-être que la technique n'est pas la même avec la nouvelle version? Avec l'ancienne version je créais ma courbe puis je choisissais simplement le motif dans la boite en haut à droite (os, chaine, corde, etc). Là je fais pareil sauf qu'il m'est impossible de sélectionner quoi que se soit dans la boite en haut à droite... Une idée ?
  4. Omni-Moulage

    Shared Computing

    Thank you Carlosan.
  5. Omni-Moulage

    Shared Computing

    Hello, Does a way exists to use 3DCOAT with two computers (or more) in "shared computing" mode ? In order to reduce the calculting time of big operation. (like 3DCprinting slicing, rendering, etc...) as show on this video:
  6. Omni-Moulage

    Import STL

    The Ascii STL importation doesn't works. 3D Coat freezes during the opening. To solve that, I use Meshmixer to transform the Ascii format to Binary format and like that I can use the STL file in 3D Coat. So, I have a solution to import an STL file but my question is that is normal is not possible to import directly an Ascci STL ?
  7. Omni-Moulage

    Lattice structures

    Hello, In order to make a jewelry project, I would like to know the best way to create "lattice structures" from 3Dcoat ? Thx Sample of lattice structures:
  8. It is now working, Thank you very much.
  9. Hi Carlosan, No, it was not on default tab. I have download and install you file.pack and the chain curve is now available. Thank you very much Update: Sorry but I have an issue when I'm using the new chain because the chain links do not cross. Now the real result is: And the expected result will be: Is it possible to improve that ? I wish you a good day.
  10. Hello and happy new year With the new version of 3D-coat, I cannot find the usual chain model in order to create a curve around a neck. Now, the "Chain model proposed is wrong" because in fact is a rope. How to find the correct model used on the previous version ? Here is my screen shot:
  11. Omni-Moulage

    Import of curves/spline

    Hello, In order to draw something very precise I would like to not use curves directly from 3Dcoat but import them from another software. (as DesignSpark Mechanical 4.0) Does is possible ? What I want: I created a vase and I want add two ropes perfectly horizontal. But My hand is shaking and the result is bad. Desastrous result
  12. Omni-Moulage

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    I created the file with the "TEXT Document "tool of Windows: supports.dat
  13. Omni-Moulage

    [Solved] Supports for 3D Printing

    Thank you Andrew, that works now :)
  14. Hi, In order to use only one software: 3D-Coat, I would like to know if it is possible to add inside the "Adjust box" the "Supports" tool existing on 3DC-printing. Unless this is automatically done after buying a 3DC-printing licence ? Salut, De façon à n'utiliser qu'un seul logiciel: 3D-Coat, Je voudrais savoir s'il est possible d'ajouter l'outil "support" dans la boite à outil "Ajuster" ? A moins que celà soit automatiquement fait lorsqu'on achète une licence 3DC-printing ?