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  1. Alex_Velger

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    Hi, Test updated blender 2.8 from 14.11.18 Update normal cube causes error.
  2. Alex_Velger

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    This feature was introduced in the latest Blender 2.8 update?
  3. Alex_Velger

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    This error also occurs
  4. Alex_Velger

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    Hi, thanks for your plugin. Decided to use for testing a more complex model, and identified a few errors that appear periodically and I have the second day I can not understand why this is happening, many options have been tried. I'm sending you a file and screenshots. Demo.blend
  5. Alex_Velger

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    After exporting from 3 D Coat to Blender, the texture is no longer similar to metal, you need to rebuild the entire system of nodes and textures that are exported from 3 D Coat can only be used to customize the nodes in Blender to recreate the likeness of metal. If you take your advice, the texture is exported light but it still doesn't look like the visual point with the image in 3 D Coat. Perhaps the reason is different shaders, shaders in 3 D Coat and Blender are very different, also in the texture of the environment and mastering. Ideally, it would be if the export occurred with minimal changes in visual perception.
  6. Alex_Velger

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    Hello, I export metal material from 3d Coat to Blender, but in Blender it is displayed incorrectly as a dark surface, the picture looks very different metal in 3DCoat and as the same metal looks in Blender. You may be able to make a mapping match because it looks like a 3D Coat.
  7. Alex_Velger

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    The script causes an error when I try to export to Blender from 3D Coat