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    [Solved] Importing OBJ for voxel sculpting

    For some reason when I import a model for voxel sculpting, I end up losing a lot of the original details. You can see the low res detail that occurs around the eyes in the below screenshot. Even if I try increasing the voxel resolution, it helps, but my computer can not handle it. I can import as a surface sculpture just fine. Is there possibly a way to convert a surface sculpture to voxel while preserving the details? Thanks for any help.
  2. drwbns

    [Solved] Importing OBJ for voxel sculpting

    I found what was happening: Import w/o voxelization was checked.
  3. Hello. Is there a guide for importing an obj file for voxel sculpting? I sculpted in mudbox but would like to sculpt some refinements in 3d coat using the voxel tools but the tools do not seem to work the geometry as nice as when starting a vexol sculpt from scratch in 3d coat. Thanks for any help.
  4. drwbns

    Retopo to UV Room and/or Paint Room

    The video is helpful to explain that retopo and UV room should be thought of as separate and not interchangeable. Just a thought - maybe switch the 2 buttons around so they are closer to the rooms they relate to? Also, it might be helpful to explain in the unwrap tool for the retopo room that Uvs are automatically applied (no "Apply UV Set" needed) - this confused me because I was thinking more uniformly since most of the other UV room tools are just there in the retopo room. Thanks for the helpful video!
  5. drwbns

    Auto retopo grouping

    Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out how to split my mesh in 3d coat where I can control the quad count and edge flow much like grouping using split in zbrush - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cJ4E68UW8A Is it possible in 3d coat without breaking my model into separate objects? Thanks!
  6. drwbns

    [Solved] Pitted auto-retopo mesh

    Yes, I didn't realize my starting obj had the issue from an export. Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone. Auto-retopo seems to work great except I am getting strange pitting in denser areas. Any ideas how to fix? Thanks!