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  1. Well I feel quite stupid because all I needed was to close and open again 3D Coat in order to run properly the Curves tool. Glad it works perfectly now, this new feature looks promising ! Thank you for your help, EvilMP.
  2. Hi, I can also confirm several options like Swap profile along Guide Curve are missing. I have the Curves Tree panel but the Tool options does not open up. I've followed the steps mentionned above, in surface mode, but it doesn't work. I'm running on 4.9.05 GL64 version.
  3. Remi

    Best way to keep sharp edges ?

    Thank you for the clarification, it helps a lot !
  4. Remi

    Best way to keep sharp edges ?

    EDIT : Merging voxel meshes with similar density (not necessary similar polycount, but density) seems to work efficiently.
  5. Remi

    Best way to keep sharp edges ?

    Yes I tried. Feel like results are quite random. Sometimes one of the surface disappears if I merge them (must be the overlap). Also tried "merge (no booleans)" but I suppose this is not the best way since it preserves polygons inside the mesh after the merge. As I see there are several options for merging. Still I'm surprised there is no proper workflow for such a frequent task.
  6. Remi

    Best way to keep sharp edges ?

    Hey, Yes that's what I am actually doing. Problem is I have some big elements and the polycount easily explodes. Tried some stuffs all the evening. The best approach I've found is to work at higher resolution + use Angulator once in surface mode. Angulator process can be quite slow with high polycount though. Was actually wondering if it's always necessary to merge elements to get a proper bake on a low poly ?
  7. Hello, I'm using 3D Coat for a couple of months and there is something I can't find on any topic or tutorials : keeping sharp edges on a complex mesh. My workflow is : - sculpting in voxel all the parts of my mesh (let's say several steps from the stairs of an old temple) - merging them in voxel - finishing details in surface mode The issue is : when I'm merging the parts, all the edges are smoothed and lose their sharpness I was thinking about merging the parts once in surface mode, but the merging process is extremely long. I also tried Angulator Tool and Pinch Tool. Pinch Tool is working quite well but it's very time consuming when you have to produce so many assets for a project. Most of tutorials just say "increase dramatically voxel density before merging". Might work for a human size project but not for a whole building. Any idea ? :) Thank you in advance.