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  1. Dmitry Bedrik

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    It looks just as “fun” as all that almost two years ago. Where do these errors come from? In one version they may not exist at all, in the next version it will be regular, in two versions there may not be tons of errors, but some new one will appear where everything was perfect a year ago. The gods of indivisible chaos are involved here.
  2. The rest of the 3D world quietly uses cards with alpha transparency, where only a value greater than zero has an effect, thus, from zero to one, there is an increase from zero impact to maximum, which allows you to create various relief elements with smooth transitions. The fact that this rise is created over the entire area of influence of such an "alpha" is just a mistake of the developers.
  3. Well, does Max or Maya have no addon? Given that more than half of the cool plug-ins for the blender are free - you can assume that they come with the blender by default. And what's the point of saying that there were five, or, even "better", ten years ago? It's like comparing Pentuim 4 and Core i7. Ten years ago there was a blender version 2.49, and it was actually in the same condition in which its development was abandoned, and this was around 2002.
  4. However, if you want to do something detailed, you can not do without working with classical modeling. Let's just say that in this model of the girl there is nothing but hair (and that is doubtful), which could not be done with ordinary modeling. I ask you not to confuse it with "let's then do all the pores with polygons manually."
  5. True? How, then, without any problems, was I able to create this two years ago? (2.79 version) Why do people who see something different from the Maya or 3DS Max interface go crazy saying that the blender is something uncomfortable and incomprehensible, while the blender seems to be the second, after zbrash, to go along the path of combining tools into tabs, instead of copying the interface of the word or calculator, creating an elegant and understandable menu? The problem is not the blender interface, the problem is people who experience duckling syndrome. At the same time, the current version of the blender, having just pulled off half of the interface, ceased to be convenient and original, adding a bunch of empty and unnecessary places, instead hiding a bunch of familiar buttons that you could get right away in a bunch of other submenus that still need to be expanded and searched them there. The official blender forum is quite clogged with topics that are ignored or even blocked at the same time as no one asked users where to develop further. Perhaps it was a kind of closed ballot, what was the point then? Who gives the donate more, he offers? As for the Eevee render, it will not be a discovery for anyone that there is a marmoset, which at the moment in some cases is simply more convenient and faster, does not require any baking or anything else. There was such a renderer, an Blender Internal, the actual difference between an Eevee and this Blender Internal is real-time lighting (preview). The essence remains the same, it is still necessary, as in game engines, to bake lighting, adjust reflections and other things. Undoubtedly, such a render is also a cool thing for free, but not everyone needs plastic renderings without realistic lighting. Nevertheless, the render is not something for which it’s worth redoing everything so that “it would be like in Maya”.
  6. Well, this is a question for the developers, what are they aimed at. I wrote a lot to them, wrote a lot on the forum, that we need to change something, move somewhere, improve user support, and so on, 90% of this remained unanswered and unchanged. So far, 3D coat for me is a cheaper (and buggy) replacement for zbrush. However, in terms of sculpting, the blender will develop for another two or three years to the point that at least it will look like 3D coat. In fairness, remove all glitches from 3D coats (after all, in the free blender, in version 2.79, they are not there, the stability of the program is close to 100%), and zbrash may not be needed. Perhaps the only things such as non-destructive Boolean operations, which are in the blender and a number of other programs, and I saw something similar in the zbrash, in 3D coats are unlikely to appear in the next five years. One of the things that so far leaves me with 3D coat is a convenient and simple interface, unlike the insane number of tabs in zbrush, most of which are “just there”, waiting for their moment. It is clear that everything can be set up there, and even studied, but why, after going into the 3D coat, after a couple of minutes I was able to create something intelligible, and in zbrush I stumble about where there are “layers” and generally how to choose objects? ..
  7. I think that for the most part, people really want a normal tutorial. Like Eric Keller wrote in his book Introduction to Zbrush, where everything is chewed from the very beginning, to some relatively complex (for beginners) things. (450+ pages) In fairness, blender, zbrush, that a number of other programs, manuals from developers do not differ in detail and details. In fact, the instructions “how to make a dragon out of a default ball” are written by professionals or those who have recently learned to sculpt these dragons themselves. That is, those who use the program as a hobby and / or for work. You didn’t often see that game developers, for example, starcraft, were tournament champions, or that Gabe Newell was the record holder for speedy passage through half-life?
  8. Dmitry Bedrik

    Transform beta-curves

    Hey. How can I flip a curve along one of the axes (just as I can flip any layer)?
  9. However, when it became possible to create objects through curve profiles, the video came out without problems.
  10. This is partly true. For example, from the whole program I only need a modeling room. Occasionally - retopology. And it really annoyed me that for six months or more, the modeling room remained with all its bugs and errors, while in the drawing room, which I had never used, there were some additions and corrections. However, in my opinion, this is a matter of psychology of both developers and users. 3D Coat, for some reason, is trying to be both a zbrush and a substence painter, however, in pursuit of both, it lags behind both. I tried to convey this to Andrew, but this was left without any attention whatsoever. However, how do you propose to realize this, ultimately, this "union" of rooms? In a Blender, these are the same rooms, only called tabs. In Zbrush, the same thing, only called modes or tools. The rooms are a cool and original thing, as if some aspects of the program would not annoy me. With the current speed of development and the fact that Andrew adds new cool things, only for a fee to him personally, this association will take an excessively long time.
  11. I absolutely agree with that. 90% of what I can do in 3D koat now, thanks to just one person. And he is not on this forum. I see some videos appearing on the program’s YouTube channel, but these videos are kind of boring. Why not ask one of the professionals in this group to make a video of the workflow and upload it to the YouTube channel? This is a great example. In this video alone, I made the decision to purchase this program. And I was extremely disappointed that, in fact, I learned more from random people about the program than from those who are on the forum. Please do this. I wrote about this to Andrew, I wrote about it to the sales department, I wrote about it on this forum for six months or so. After all, this is what affects both sales and overall support.
  12. Dmitry Bedrik

    Mirror object without significant computer resources?

    Yep, it work. Thank.
  13. Dmitry Bedrik

    Oddities when trying to rotate many objects around one center

    Okay It works. Strange, I thought it was necessary to select all the layers, and not just one, the parent. Thank!
  14. I have a bunch of objects, and I have a point around which I need to rotate them. Objects are located at different distances from the center. When I rotate them, some objects rotate normally, others overtake these objects, others lag behind, plus some of them seem to begin to approach the center along the axis. I don’t understand how this is possible (if all objects up to one do not have anything like uneven space).