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  1. Dmitry Bedrik

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    Is the transition from pascal to normal c ++ finally?
  2. Dmitry Bedrik

    import multiple OBJs?

    Looks like you're trying to insert meshes with voxelization. There is a checkmark when importing an object. Well, make a layer immediately in surface mode.
  3. Dmitry Bedrik

    Separation of curved surfaces with a thickness

    Is there any kind of active help here, besides changing photos on fake profiles of non-existent people who came in to change their photo by registering many years ago and not writing a single message to create the appearance of forum attendance?
  4. Dmitry Bedrik

    Photorealism in 3d coat render room

    No need to confuse cycles and e-cycles. E-cycles is a paid addon, where the dude just swapped the start of the denoise (it starts on each tile, not on the whole image, which makes the transition to the next tile faster) and proudly passes it off as a new render, also selling for inadequate price.
  5. Hey. Please explain to me how to cut the model into pieces, if the model has a thickness (inside it is empty or filled with something, it doesn’t matter - the task is to cut the shell). Imagine taking this tennis ball and the white line on it is the line where it should be cut. The ball can have any thickness, and this thickness can be arbitrary in different places near the cut (i.e., the cross section on the cut can be thicker or thinner). Depending on the task (or design error), the thickness, as I said, can change, now we need one option, tomorrow we need another, and the model should be cut into two parts anyway .. In case we need to cut something flat, there can be no problems. However, when there is such a curved surface, except for adjusting the camera for each segment of this section and tearing with the help of the "view from the camera" I do not see an exit at the moment. Maybe someone knows how this can be done “in one click”, for example, by constructing even such a complex slice once, and then by clicking the mouse or pressing a key, the model is divided into two (let's stop at two for now) parts ?
  6. Dmitry Bedrik

    LuxRender in Blender

    Free for over 10 years.
  7. Dmitry Bedrik

    LuxRender in Blender

    Luxrender is a physically correct engine. In addition, when compared to cycles, it processes caustics and refraction much, much better and faster.
  8. Dmitry Bedrik

    Photorealism in 3d coat render room

    Use a blender and a luxrender. This render is much better than cycles.
  9. Dmitry Bedrik

    Very, VERY slow Step Back command.

    Hey. For some reason, the Step Back command works terribly slowly (you can wait up to 30-50 seconds) on meshes in 500k + polygon models. This is true for voxels, for the surface I did not check. For example, using a "Hide Layer" hotkey (hover over the object you want to hide and press the key combination) hides the object, but the "step back" works as slowly as if it were rebuilding a layer-like mesh like an onion, and only then shows the desired mesh. At the same time, clicking on the characteristic eye next to the layer works without any complaints. I have i7 6800k, 32 gb RAM, GTX 1080 Ti, and I think it’s strange that on such a powerful computer, such simple things work so strange.
  10. When I change the smoothing setting for the smoothing brush, this setting also changes for the clay brush.
  11. Dmitry Bedrik

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    When I change the smoothing setting for the smoothing brush, this setting also changes for the clay brush. I consider this a bug.
  12. Dmitry Bedrik

    Gilded perfume bottle

    A free blender is enough for this.
  13. Dmitry Bedrik

    Gilded perfume bottle

    It is easier and more beautiful to do either with the placement of bubbles manually or with a simulation of particles.
  14. Dmitry Bedrik

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    It looks just as “fun” as all that almost two years ago. Where do these errors come from? In one version they may not exist at all, in the next version it will be regular, in two versions there may not be tons of errors, but some new one will appear where everything was perfect a year ago. The gods of indivisible chaos are involved here.
  15. The rest of the 3D world quietly uses cards with alpha transparency, where only a value greater than zero has an effect, thus, from zero to one, there is an increase from zero impact to maximum, which allows you to create various relief elements with smooth transitions. The fact that this rise is created over the entire area of influence of such an "alpha" is just a mistake of the developers.