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  1. yoohasz

    Assigning a hotkey to renaming a layer

    You're right double clicking does rename a layer. I'm just coming from a blazing fast workflow that helps immensly. To be specific: in blender if you press F2 then wherever your cursor is a renaming dialogue pops up and you can already type away, giving the current layer a sensible name. This makes the long list of layers readable, and is faster than straining your eyes by looking at the outliner or in this case voxlayer list. Especially if you have a lot of layers.
  2. yoohasz

    Blender Applink

    I vote for less clicks, no matter where we put the UI, sorry I'm a bit vague here, but I don't have a preference other than speed and ease. I liked the tab version actually.
  3. yoohasz

    Blender Applink

    Hi Haikalle! Thanks for being open about this, and for all your work so far. Given that blender is getting so much attention it would be a pity if the bridge between 3DC and B3D wouldn't be seamless. Does @Andrew Shpagin have any ideas for this perhaps? I feel that quite a few artists choose these two in combo for serious work (Okay I'm biased I admit Good luck with Uni. I hope you find an opportunity to use 3Dcoat in your studies. For example I think that taking notes in 3D is the future (of sillyness :P ) But imagine sculpting math functions in the voxel room okay, enough of this! Cheers!
  4. yoohasz

    Assigning a hotkey to renaming a layer

    As I think of it although a fast workflow slows down when renaming, a quick renaming hotkey can ease the pain, like the F2 hotkey in blender. It works all over the UI and is the fastest way to attempt some kind of written order in the outliner.
  5. Hi! This might be tricky, since there are multiplre types of layers in 3DCoat, but I'm curious. Can I assign a hotkey to the command "rename". This would be helpful in the sculptroom mainly, since I tend to use more layers there, than in the paint room. So essentially renaimng a sculpt layer is what I'd like to assign a hotkey to. Right clicking on a voxlayer, then hovering over the rename text in the right click menu, then pressing 'END' didn't work for me. Thanks for any help.
  6. wow and these are thin objects that I always find hard to retopo. Nice!
  7. yoohasz

    3DCoat 4.9 testing thread

    I found a funny bug I can reproduce multiple times. Retopo room, only affecting the Torus primitive object. Version Please see 1 minute video recording of bug. I didn't go through all primitives, but torus is stable at doing this error. 2019-09-06 10-18-28.mp4
  8. I actually just found a bug that I'll report in the beta forum, meet you over there! 3Dcoat still the *goat* though!
  9. Cool experiments. I had a retopo session last night. Hmmm yummy, and I really enjow solving topo problems (perv) I started out with autopo and did a manual pass after that it speeds up so much of the work! I think 3Dcoat is unmatched in manual or auto retopology.
  10. yoohasz

    Copy vox layer shader from one layer to another

    Okay thanks, that will be a decent workaround. Thank you Carlos!
  11. Hi! Sorry for not finding an answer to this seemingly simple question. I'm stuck, I did search briefly, but think that asking will be quicker. So besides merging one voxel sculpt layer with another (where the merged voxel mesh inherets the shader), how can I copy and paste one layer's shader onto another one? I need this for visual purposes, while keeping certain elements separate and not merging them into one voxel mesh. Oh, and I ask this because I modified a basic shader to my liking and therefore it became a custom shader.Thank you for any help! Edit: So before suggesting that I make a new shader and modify that one, I'd like to use my already existing shader that I have tweaked.
  12. yoohasz

    Substance Painter style texturing in 3DCoat

    Yes. I stand corrected. Designer is what I meant. Not painter. 3Dcoat has similar power to painter I imagine. Thanks! I'm just mesmarized by unlimited resolution (procedural stuff) combined with manual assistance if needed.
  13. yoohasz

    Substance Painter style texturing in 3DCoat

    Hmm, maybe this video is a good explainer (sorry, I couldn't find anything too short). And remember this isn't about changing 3dcoat into substance, although I might have read soemething about Andrew working on a nodal system (sorry if I'm mistaken).
  14. yoohasz

    Substance Painter style texturing in 3DCoat

    By the way I am aware of the fundamental differences of the node based behaviour (substnce) vs the layered approach (3dcoat) I just have faith that with good techniques (clever masking and tweaking smart material settings, or anything I'm not aware of) we can acheive similar results. I'm not exactly that keen on acheiving non destructive materials for that matter. Please say so if my goal is too ambitious, or just plain stupid, but always add a reason for your claims. Cheers.