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  1. I found the solution! woohoo! Precise texturing for this basketball problem IS possible. You just have to really subdivide the projection curves so that the curve points (or ONE of the curve points are damn close to the edge of the mesh you're projecting them onto.) No need for external software. Not the most intuitive workflow, but it is impressive that it's even possible. thanks for looking into this @Carlosan Basketball Precise Textures-1.mp4
  2. HI! Here's my problem (see video). Not sure what I'm missing. any help is appreciated! thanks. 3dcoat_texturing.mp4
  3. @Elemeno I get your frustration, this should be more straightforward. Since masks rely on values, it's not intuitive to guess the value of a color (green in your example) it should be strictly a matter of restricted greyscale painting when you're ON the mask icon.
  4. The render engine, (and I'm guessing vray, and Bulgaria as the close country ) situation would be super nice IF 3dcoat could go all the way to being a "world builder" type of app (concept world even - if working "dirty"). But then it would need to develop layout tools, realtime viewport lighting tools, animation tools (object and camera if we're serious) and scene organizational, or asset management tools etc. etc. Now if 3Dcoat could be the "asset creation beast" with a stellar and robust import-export feature that feeds other APPS (yes, mainly blender, lets be honest) with very flexible back-and forth data flow then 3Dcoat would be the boss. Yes, I loved vray when I used 3dsmax, but nowadays a ton of people export to blender, or Unreal, maybe maya and enjoy the already robust animation, layout, outliner organizational tools - and render engines - of those apps. If this render engine integration is going to happen anyway, don't poll it - I guess. It would be very nice to have world class vray renders in 3Dcoat only to then export the stuff to integrate it into a larger context (a game level, or a cg environment of a movie). To showcase single props, or vehicles maybe on a diorama, yes vray would be nice for that. Please also consdier beefing up the applink, streamlining the data flow in and out of 3Dcoat.
  5. Thank you @Carlosan! That helped!. I agree it could be a bit more informative. I wonder why it's "animated"? Why don't the rainbow or greyscale colors just appear static depending on max angle? Thanks again!
  6. Hi All! I've used 3DCoat for texture painting years ago quite abit (4.xx series) but I've never seen this viewport glitch before (pls see video). When I use the fill tool, and the smart material preview is open, I see these pulsating faces. Is this normal? I just updated my nvidia driver, but it still persists. So this was the case before and after updating the driver. Can anyone help? Thanks. EDIT: this is version 2024.13, but I had this issue in previous versions too 2024.09 for example. viewport_pulsation.mp4
  7. I can't open a folder -(group layer) with a mask. Video: EDIT: Okay, so if I click the group icon then it expands, but clicking the arrow does nothing. So I guess it's just confusing to have an arrow that's inactive, but when the GROUP doesn't have a mask it's active, the arrow really expands the group.
  8. Hi! I'd like to be able to control the curvature "thickness" as illustrated in my image. Can someone please help with the questions I ask on the image? Thanks!
  9. I can only echo that painting metallic ONLY would be super useful I couldn't figure out how to do it, and then realized it's tied to gloss/roughness, when infact that doesn't help making materials metallic intuitively after a painting session. You are forced to make choices beforehand about metallness or not metallness now.
  10. Hi! Since the modeling room already has something similar (when creating an array ech instance gets a random color) it would be really nice if sculpting in the sculpt room could have a random color per object overlay (or temp shader) like blenders has. When sculpting rocks and using the split tool I have to recolor every new shader to see where my new splits are. If this could be done automatically it would speed up sculpting a lot.
  11. @Elemeno yeah, thanks for the tip, problem is, I don't use an english keyboard and the brackets aren't quite usable for this (they're elswhere) but the right mouse click + drag is the fastest and most intuitive way to adjust radius, no wonder Andrew had this as a feature from the get go. Setting the brush strength and radius these ways is by far the best brush handling gestures I know of in any software, better than PS or Krita, etc. @digman again thanks for teaching me a new function! In the case of array constraint I think here to would be anice thing to utilize the x,y,z hotkeys since they work so well for translation and rot, scale!
  12. Thanks Digman! You saved me a ton oftime scaling stuff to what i need them to be! <3
  13. Hi! I made another small tips and tricks video- about creating stairs in 3DCoat. I try 3 different techniques, but I know there are other and better ways to create stairs, so please show me your techniques, because I'm learning rather than "teaching" here. Thanks!
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