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  1. yoohasz

    Substance Painter style texturing in 3DCoat

    Hmm, maybe this video is a good explainer (sorry, I couldn't find anything too short). And remember this isn't about changing 3dcoat into substance, although I might have read soemething about Andrew working on a nodal system (sorry if I'm mistaken).
  2. yoohasz

    Substance Painter style texturing in 3DCoat

    By the way I am aware of the fundamental differences of the node based behaviour (substnce) vs the layered approach (3dcoat) I just have faith that with good techniques (clever masking and tweaking smart material settings, or anything I'm not aware of) we can acheive similar results. I'm not exactly that keen on acheiving non destructive materials for that matter. Please say so if my goal is too ambitious, or just plain stupid, but always add a reason for your claims. Cheers.
  3. yoohasz


    Great colors and mood!
  4. To clarify: I really like 3Dcoat and use it as my main and only texturing and sculpting app. I bought it way back in 2010 and have been wanting to go real deep into knowing the software like a real pro. Problem was I worked as an animator, so I didn't *need* it on a daily basis. Now that's changed and I'm all in using it as a main source of income besides blender. So the question arises: can I and how do I paint some Substance style fabulous textures like I see on forums all over in 3DCoat? I'm convinced that it's possible, you "only" need to know the "quirks and features" (Thanks Doug Demuro) of the app. Cause there are many. I recently challenged myself to paint a tiled landscape texture on a single plane. So in essence, nice hills on a plane and a river running through in the middle. The really bad .gif tries to explain. This is a single layer or two of texture painting and is pretty lousy, but you get the idea of me thinking about that substance painter type of goodness. So my question is, has anyone tried this approach with success? What tips and tricks should we know about to proceed? Thanks, cheers!
  5. yoohasz

    Blender Applink

    I can confirm this, I would very much like to use the applink, and I get the exact same result as @Mikey1018 unfortunately. Both on the official 2.80 release, and on the daily builds of yesterday too. Oh, okay I see @haikalle is moving at the moment. Patience will solve this problem :). Until then I'm goin manual I guess. Thanks in advance when this is solved.
  6. Absolutely solved in the new release! Thank you so much!
  7. Oh, wow such a quick response. Tomorrow afternoon I can test it again. Thank you both, God bless!
  8. I hope this is enough info to at least have an idea of what could be wrong. Thanks again.
  9. Hi guys! I do need urgent help here, so please consider this: I have a turbosquid .obj file (purchased legally) and I need to open it (flying dino) it's an obj. It has UDIM style UVs 3 tiles to be exact: 1001,1002,1003 and everytime I try to open it with different settings (default import, clicking import tiles as UV sets etc) I have no luck. First I had crashes, but that was due to having multiple mesh islands combined having overlapping UVS and multiple UV sets (probably a no-no) solved that. I can import the single mesh piece finally but now at least one of three tiles gets abnormally scaled in U or V direction?! making it useless. The best result so far was having two intact UV tiles 1001 and 1002 but the third tile for some reason goes nuts. if anyone can open it in any 4.x version of 3DCoat I'd be greatful to learn about what I'm doing wrong. Thank you for any and all help: The .obj in question is here: p.s: I'm using the latest 4.9.04. version. And the model works fine in a special UDIM branch of blender (all UDIM tiles are intact), but I'd rather paint textures in 3DCoat for obvious reasons. ptera_body.obj
  10. I wrote in the wrong topic. How do I delete a post? Excuse me.