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    [Solved] Swept1 Video Curve Issue

    Theres 2 options in preferences. "Show Beta Tools" and "Allow advanced curves toolset (BETA)" I ticked both on after having the same issue not having as much options.
  2. The best thing is that there are very good add-ons around for Blender. Money you save for Blender being open source, is money you can potentially spend on add-ons (if you need them). Meshmachine, Decalmachine, Boxcutter, Hard-ops, Kit-ops, are a few add-ons that heavily improve the workflow with Blender, and are still relevant with the new update coming out. All for an affordable price too. I think if you are fairly new, now is a great time to start learning in my opinion.
  3. I have opened Blender many years ago to start learning 3D from, but never bothered. Just recently I picked up the 2.8 beta and I had a much better time understanding the UI and controls. I think they did a good job. Epic helping out is great news.
  4. Taranta

    RenderMan render

    Still happens with a basic primitive, not showing anything in preview, crashing when I click "finalrender" Also after installing latest drivers.
  5. Taranta

    RenderMan render

    I've installed the latest Renderman but even though 3DCoat detects it, nothing shows up in the render preview. Actually rendering it gives black screen / or crashes 3DCoat. Any idea?
  6. Taranta

    Question regarding shader previews

    Thanks. Is this a problem because its rendered in realtime? Would really like to use it with cavity on, but the artifacts are too much.
  7. Taranta

    Question regarding shader previews

    Hi, Is it possible to get "clean" shaders without the cavity issues? For standard primitives the shaders work fine, but as soon as I try to sculpt a bit the shaders don't look as good. Wondering is there's a way to fix this issue? Or do I have to use smart materials in order to get rid of this issue? I like some of the standard shaders that dont exist in the smart material library. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Hi, Im fairly new to this, but whenever im trying to sculpt or edit primitives with for example the cutout tool, the shape thats left has pixelated edges. What would be the best way to keep it sharp or atleast precisely smooth it out? I already have upped the res 4x, but it seems that its still happening. Any help is appreciated.