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  1. BUG report. If I use "undo" while drawing borders with vox layer tool new layer will be empty and drawed borders will be cleared in origin layer. Bug working in 100% cases in different scenes (even in new). Also the bug working only at the voxel mode, at surface everything is fine.
  2. Hello, dear 3d-coat team. In the last release I've got strange issue with stroke. simple surface sculpt draw tool make very wired stroke when the brush is a certain size. Smaller and biger size works fine but on some size value stroke completely ruined. Below the screenshot with the problem. Also it not depends on a device, mouse and tablet make same reasault, and it don't depends on surface or voxel mode.
  3. Sorry, this is my fault, problem have been solved. I just forgot to unwrap the UV and it was automaticaly unwraped at the baking process.
  4. Hello, today I have realized that "make sharp edges along UV seams" at the baking process is broken in last versions. Below screenshots where you could see actual model in the retopo room and backed resault imported in blender. Looks like sharp edges were generated along automaticaly generated seams but model use custome seams. 3d-Coat version is 2022.47. Looks like it works like "automaticaly smoothing groups", but I'm sure that I checked right checkbox.
  5. Hello, today got a bug with strips import in the latest versions of 3d-Coat. So looks like imported picture get some "shadow" in programm and resoult of stroke with strip get an artifacts. Just take a look at the picture and you will understand what is the point. Anyway it's minor bug as I see, hope it will be easy to fix it.
  6. Hello, may I ask where is CUDA options in the latest version of 3DCoat, can't find it in the "Geometry" where it was early.
  7. Also I got pretty big FPS drops down after some operations with layers like copy layers, deleting layers and other. And same FPS drops I got when I open big file after other big one. Actually not so big files, around 50kk tris at all, usualy my computer render it easy, but now sometimes I just have to restart 3d-Coat after some operations.
  8. Hello, today I got an extra dangerous issue, Coat completely lost all information from few layers. Luckily this information I found in some autosaves. But it's really scared me.
  9. Hi, can somebody give me advise how to rebind "V" shortcut in paint room? My lefthanded wife have a problem with it. And if here is no way, may be it would be good idea to make this possible.
  10. Hello, wanna write abaut super-old problem. I really don't know why, but Coat just love to ruine layers when voxelise layer after working with surface tools in voxel mode. Please fix this issue.
  11. Customisation of the hot keys drop to defaults after each new update... as whole interface. I know all of this bugs are minor but it is user expirience, it's still important.
  12. Please add some hotkey for smooth stroke option, also always after restart 3d-Coat smooth stroke turned on in custom tools and it strongly ruined first minutes of sculpting process.
  13. Buildup voxel tool can't remeber stroke type. Always it is without pressure sensitive.
  14. Hello. New 3d coat still ruin all of my interface customizations with each new update and still can't remember that I choose glossiness/metallness pipline. Please do something with it. I so tired to customize my interface again and again.
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