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  1. Callak

    [Solved] Noob Retopology room question.

    That fixes the UV. I need to fix the mesh itself. It turns out that what I needed to do was use the shift tool in the Tweak room. Sorry if I was confusing.
  2. Callak

    [Solved] Noob Retopology room question.

    That video seems to be completely devoted to how to use retopology, which was the wrong room for me to work in apparently to solve my little issue, so it doesn't help me. I just need to get rid of that sharp piece on the wing bone. The problem is I don't think I have figured out how to select edges in the UV room. Once I know how to do that, I can try to use relax, or manually manipulate the mesh a little. When I click on edges it just sets my seams or removes them. I don't understand how to select for modification? EDIT: Never mind, UV Path I think? EDIT2: Nope relax didn't seem to change anything, and I don't seem to see any way to manipulate those edges by hand here.
  3. So, I found a flaw in my mesh I wanted to fix: So I went to the Retopology room and tweaked it: Now that I fixed it in the Retopology room, though, I'm not sure which method I should use to export it to the paint room while preserving as much of the paint job as possible, I've tried a couple, but they all completely reordered the UVs so that the paint job is all askew. I could use some advice on the next step to take.
  4. I do wonder if this issue has anything to do with the fact that my left and right UVs are mirrored, and thus appear to be overlapped to 3D Coat. This was done for the sake of the end platform, Second Life in order to conserve texture bandwidth. However, it did export and work fine in 3D Coat for editing. I didn't know for sure if that was honestly a good idea or not when I decided to try it, and I may have to just re-unwrap the whole thing without mirroring in the end, but it's a learning process for me.
  5. 4.9.72. And this is what I get:
  6. Hmm well, after testing it, this does fix the UV layout, but it also wipes out my current paint job. Is it supposed to?
  7. I found a flaw in my UV layout that I overlooked, but due to the mirrored nature of my UV layout I cannot fix the flaw and unwrap the UV in 3D coat, so I thought I would fix the problem in Blender and then export it to 3D Coat using "replace geometry". I was hoping this would allow me to keep my current paintwork, and have the current paint job remapped to the repaired UV layout. However, I noticed 3D coat is keeping the old flawed UVs instead of replacing them, even though I have "Keep UVs" checked. Is there any way I can import the new UV layout without affecting too much of the current paint work?
  8. Callak

    Unify only specific UV sets?

    Yes, I'm trying to use that to move "Beard" to "Face Scales" but when I have "Beard" selected, and I select "Face Scales" from the drop down list, the "Beard" UV does not appear on top of the "Face Scales" UV like I would expect.
  9. I found the Unify UVs button, it seems to dump the UVs from all my materials into one UV map, can I do that accept do it only for specific materials? I also found the "Move selected faces to another UV set option" however, when I select another UV set from the drop down list, nothing happens.
  10. I see it now, thank you!
  11. So, I found a flaw in my original UV map I'm trying to fix, and I have several questions. This model is using several different materials, imported from blender each with their own UV Map, but, while 3D coat seems to recognize them all when I work, the UV room seems confused. It shows me a list of the different materials, but I can't actually seem to be able to see the different UV Layouts, it just shows one of them at the top preview. It shows the list of different materials correctly, but I need to see the preview of each of their layouts. When I mouse across the different edges, it shows me those lines in the preview, but with the wrong UV map. How do I see what the rest of them look like?
  12. I'm moderately familiar with 3D sculpting. Less so with 3D painting, and I am kind of a noob to this forum altogether. I would like to keep things organized for all, what should I do?
  13. *facepalms* Gah! I even knew about that once! Thanks!
  14. Is there a setting I can change to stamp with a brush on click, instead of having to stroke? Stroking causes a distortion to the brush, which I will show in the image below.
  15. I think I'm just going to have to edit the back side of the brush to blend better, both the depth layer and the alpha, so that the back side is not so obvious.