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  1. When I have a complex model in the scene which consists of many objects I wish we had a frame or an outliner which layer I have selected. Simple said: if I have 10 Cylinders in the scene and select the layer "cylinder_1" I don't know which one it is in the 3D Viewport. A simple yellow outliner or something which indicates the selected one is neccessary. I really can just focus out how importent it is to make 3D Coat more pipeline friendly and also focus more on make it more simple to work with complex scenes. At the moment it is a nightmare. It works with the default cube but not with a scene with over 100 objects. I hope this changes, that would be awesome!
  2. If I import a model as child objects I realized that I actually can't do that. On import (even with "w/o Voxel") all sublayers turn into voxel layers. This means if I just touch the mesh it will go broken. Artifacts happen and also mesh starts to shrink. This is already the second time I opened a thread within a day. I'm sorry this but also I wish 3D Coat was way more industry friendly. It is frustrating that I cannot import a mesh into 3d Coat and and continue to work on it. I spent several hours on it with no success at all. It only works when I import a single object, subdivide it flat and put it into surface mode. Then I can also convert it into a voxel layer afterwards. The thing is when you import multiple objects as child objects at once just the parent gets surface mode (with "W/O Voxel" checked). Not it's children. Meeeeh. PS: Importing the mesh in an voxel layer kills a lot of details. Even at higher densities. I basically want to stay in sculpt room and get more control. The thing is if I subdivide my objects before import the mesh in V mode doesn't shrink anymore because it can hold its form. Though V mode is not what I want.
  3. Hello and thanks for your answer! I change my post to a feature request then. I hope you guys recognize this is really importent feature especially when you work with 3D Coat in a pipeline. Even at home for me right now. If I have a basemesh I did in a different 3d Package (Maya max blender etc) then I want to make details in a sculpt package like 3d Coat. Would be nice if this workflow gets more love. In the future I will try to work with the workarounds but it is not the optimum. PS: I'm not sure how 3D Coat is written neither have I ever really used CPP but it might be relatively simple to implement. Basically if the user has 5 layers selected and hits sudivide just the active layer gets subdivided. If he clicks subdivide and holds the Alt key down all layers get subdivided which are selected. Iterate with a for loop through the selection and done. That would be my naive suggestion to this problem. Might be just an hour thing to do and later on it still can get polished down the line. Thanks anyway!
  4. I am not sure if the feature actually exists, maybe someone can help me. How can I apply a subdivision to ALL of my child objects selected and/ or switch mode between voxels and surface mode to multiple children at once? I have imported a mesh (separated) which has like at least 40 separated objects... I need them separated not merged.
  5. Hello! Is there a way to make an edge loop circular? Something like Loop tools in Blender? That would be pretty cool.
  6. The 2021 Version is not a free update. So you leave steam users on an old major version which doesn't work?
  7. Thanks for the answer but my experience I wrote down here is more or less the experience since I've bought it. That means this "bug" is around for some time now and I kinda feel like I bought broken software for 300 €. Seeing its potential isn't enough. Is there any plans to fix this in the future? I mean for the old 3d Coat, not 2021.
  8. Hello! I'm trying to have some fun with 3D Coat (4.9.60, Steam Version). Bought the professional version around 2 years ago. Mainly because Retopo but also because the cut of boolean operations look really fun. However I've never really done a finished project in 3D Coat because everytime I try it out to model something I get weird artifacts. Using the vox hide tool f.e. it cuts different every time I redo the operation. Shouldn't it be a reliable operation? It feels weird to me and gives me unwanted results so I have to redo until it gets the cut as predicted. Not to speak of bugs like unwanted geometry appears when doing certain operations, for example seperating the hidden geometry. Last time even a layer just disappered and I've no idea if it was a bug or a mistake because I don't know what I did. Is it just my version? Is it me? Or 3D Coat? My PC: GTX 970, I5-4690K, 32gb RAM DDR3 What I know: set object to global space when it is non uniform scaling. Do I have enough geometry to perform operations like this? Around 1.5mil traingles. What am I doing wrong? PS: Using the closed Spline tools and this is not related to a specific project I do. I get this experience everytime I use 3D Coat.
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