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  1. steelbug

    StarTrek Renegades

    The model for film SarTrek Renegades
  2. steelbug

    porte 1 Rendu 3

    Nice! beautiful work, great composition
  3. steelbug

    V4.5 BETA (experimental)

    Not working UV room. In the UV window is not displayed. Beta2 working UV room.
  4. steelbug

    Softimage AppLink

    Completely removed V3. Has only just V4. After you uninstall V3 - works well. Thank you.
  5. Привет, заливка по сплайну распределяется симметрично относительно линии сплайна. возможно ли сделать, что бы был выбор - заливка по внешней стороне сплайн или по внутренней, при этом можно сделать регулировку ширины заливки и смещение от сплайны.
  6. steelbug

    4.1 Released! (Current stable version)

    Andrey, I congratulate! A lot of work, excellent release is made!
  7. steelbug


  8. steelbug

    Softimage AppLink

    "I'm having a problem where no matter how many times I change it, the Exchange Path and 3D-Coat Location always revert to V3 instead of V4." this problem has a solution?
  9. steelbug

    Massive Render Voxel (no retopo)

    Superb work. Fanastic form and look at objects
  10. steelbug

    Transatlantic tunnel

    Work on the picture lasted for six months. Beginning work-posed problem: study of XSI and 3D-caot Something that now I know)
  11. steelbug

    Transatlantic tunnel

    I am very pleased that work like you! It was an amazing adventure, the creation of this work. Steampunk - my favorite story of technology ) Thank you for your compliment. Мy blog,a little more work in the style of steampunk http://steelbug.blogspot.com
  12. Hi, I am glad to show you my work. Happy viewing The texture of the locomotive was created in 3D-coat Softimage, 3d-coat (texturing) The first World War had never happened or we dont know anything about it. Transnational corporations are fighting for the transportation market between Europe and America Shipping transport is in the lead There are more and more capacious and comfortable steamships are under construction But, new technology of steam production - double boiler, which has been patented by one of the railway companies, allowed to build a tunnel under the Atlantic and take the lead of transportations "Titanic" became a victim of transcorporation fight
  13. steelbug

    StarTrek Renegades

    The model for the film SarTrek Renegades