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  1. joelespo

    Joel's Finished Work

    Thank you again for the feedback, I sincerely appreciate it. Here is a teaser for a new project I'm working on. 3d coat is playing a vital role in texturing. http://joelespo.wordpress.com/2012/05/02/teaser/
  2. joelespo

    Joel's Finished Work

    thanks... Still forging ahead on next project. It will likely be animated.
  3. joelespo

    Metha`s Workshop

    Nice work! You should sculpt a female sardaukar.
  4. joelespo

    LC Doodle Testing

    Interesting stuff! Can you adjust the amount of density modulation with LC? Or does it simply create more polys based on what you're trying to sculpt in? Whats the advantage to using that over voxels? Just speed?
  5. joelespo

    Joel's Finished Work

    Thanks for the kind words! 3d-Coat is playing a vital role in my newest project. I will post it when I am done.
  6. Here's a render in 3ds Max (using Mental Ray) of a model I finished at the end of last year. The girl's face is inspired by the JOB painting by Alphonse Mucha.
  7. Hello, I'm currently working towards my BFA in computer animation and have become a 3d coat user along the way. I welcome and appreciate any constructive feedback and criticism! Thanks! A random test/sketch on my new Boxx: A 3d sketch based on the JOB cigarette papers ad by Alphonse Mucha: A new project for studying cloth behavior... VERY EARLY STAGE: