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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have 3 doubts: 1) Saving a mesh or object from VoxTree in 3b format. Can this 3b object keep all the work done on layers of sculpture related to it? In the test I did, the 3B file does not save sculpt layers relating to the mesh of the VoxTree layer that I saved in .3b when I import this .3b file. With you, do the same thing happen? ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2) I was thinking of separating objects from VoxTree (dismember the project into mini projects) where the main file could be lighter and smaller ( just a container for the mini files .3b files that are part of the same project ). An example would be a sculpture of a character. I separated in the Vox tree : * Character Container |_ character mesh |_ Clothes |_ Accessories. I would like to do something similar to what happens in the Blender program. Having a main file and in it I would use the Append or Link method as needed. When I worked on a 3b mesh and saved, it would automatically modify file 3b. and in the main project this file would be updated and modified. Could I do something like that? ------------------------------------------------------- 3) You could kindly indicate to me an open source or free program so that I can fully organize myself in my private projects in the sense of task and asset management, calendar and etc (preferably it is just a single program for better usability). The program I was testing was Redmine, but it's complicated in upgrades and stuff. I also saw an opensource program called Tactic, but I did not understand anything, very complicated and I did not find any video that would explain the running beginner users like me. thank you
  2. I have a 3B file that is 611,605kb and is just stuck loading and will not respond. I have been having this problem for a while but eventually it loaded, however now the scene is more full it is taking even longer/ isn't working at all. I do not want to go back to my last save as I will lose so much work, I tried importing the 3B file as a layer, and it still is not working... Please please help, this work needs handing in soon and I have no idea what to do!! :c
  3. The model I am currently working on is very detailed, It's some sort of biomechanical human/alien hybrid. I only finished half the head of my character and my .3b file is already over 700MB ( I have to downgrade some of the volume to keep my frame rate acceptable). I am pretty sure when I finished the whole model (If I keep everything in a single file), It will be over 2GB. The huge file size did give me some trouble, sometime it takes a lot of time to downgrade to volume, my computer even crashed 1 time when I try to downgrade to volume and corrupted my 3d coat settings. It also takes a lot of time to save (obviously). other than that everything seems pretty much ok. Is this something 3d coat expected, or I am putting to much detail into my model? Is it necessary to separate my model's into multiple part when my file gets too large? I hope nothing goes wrong when I try to retopo or bake the texture, or I am just being paranoid? By the way, thanks thy great pilgway god for granting me this powerful magic, so I can bring my most unholy creation down to the surface
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