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Found 4 results

  1. Ive looked at the requirements for 3d coat and under normal with an i7 and 16gb ram you can get 20 million triangles. So does that mean 3dcoat can only run a maximum of 20 million or can it be more with better specs? I ask that because im looking at getting a 32gb ram and 11 gen i7 laptop and dont know how the software would run and what would be its limits. The other question i have is im currently using a surface pro with a surface pen on the 3dcoat demo and i have no pen pressure. Do i need to have a driver like zbrush or is there a setting for it? right now that would be the important thing to solve to use 3d coat properly.
  2. Hi, can someone tell me what is wrong with 3D-Coat transparent/translucent shaders? Trying to use glass like shader and allways get some weird view issues, no matter if it's a viewport or render room. 3D-Coat doesn't show layer/object that is directly behind glass, instead it shows layer that is behind the layer that is directly behind glass!?
  3. Hi ! I'm learning 3dcoat & have a problem understanding how to retopo a hard surface humanoid model for exporting & animating in C4D. I'm confused because it seems I lose all the fine details that i've been able to sculpt in 3dc. All those sharp edges precisely. I'd like to export it to Obj for rigging & animating in C4D. So, i understand i should make a low poly export with uvs, normal map etc...but if my model lose sharpness, should i edit edges in C4D again ? (which would be kind of annoying). Or should i make a not-so-low-poly model and in this case what's a good poly count ? If anyone has suggestions or ideas, tutorials about this topic, thanks ! Here's an example of a model i'd like to rig :
  4. From the album: Le Floride

    Éva study for the painting (acrylic on wood). Sculpting with 3DC, rendered with Blender and finished with Clip-Studio-Paint
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