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  1. @tcwik Well, I have sort off similar issues... but it's with almost every build(don't know for how long). The issue is, interface partially reset itself, guides are turning off, brushes doesn't keep size and tip settings, auto pick is turning on by itself, etc.
  2. Mihu83

    Cutoff tool + closed spline mode issue

    Well, it only applies to Curves Beta... and I use standard Closed Spline from E Panel, so curve selecting isn't possible... I guess.
  3. Hi, got some problems with Cutoff tool in Closed Spline mode, it just doesn't cut... Ihave drawn spline, hit Enter or click Apply and nothing. Am I missing something or what?
  4. Mihu83

    [Bug] Flat Shading view issue

    @Carlosan Thanks for the info.
  5. Mihu83

    [Bug] Flat Shading view issue

    @Carlosan No, no wireframe. What do you mean by "model is visible at Render room"? It's painted high poly model... as always. Here are sphere tests:
  6. @Carlosan Thanks for the info. As I've metioned, I've made some workaround but yeah, it's nice to hear that render engine receive some attention.
  7. It's not a glass creation problem, it's about 3D-Coat displaying issues. I've partialy resolved this with making object thinner, but still, that's not a proper behaviour with translucent materials.
  8. Hi, got some issues while trying to render flat shading. Previously I was using flat shading as a workaround for Clown Pass and it worked without problems, colours were flat as they should. Currently I get such a crappy results. It only looks normal when realtime rendering is off, but that doesn't matter, as final render gonna look like on the image.
  9. Hi, can someone tell me what is wrong with 3D-Coat transparent/translucent shaders? Trying to use glass like shader and allways get some weird view issues, no matter if it's a viewport or render room. 3D-Coat doesn't show layer/object that is directly behind glass, instead it shows layer that is behind the layer that is directly behind glass!?
  10. Mihu83

    3dconnexion + 3D-Coat strange behaviour

    Thanks, will do that.
  11. Mihu83

    Curves tool confusion

    Need to check it out, as I somehow missed this feature. It's a BETA tool right?
  12. Hi, just noticed a bit strange behaviour of 3dconnexion in 3DC - space mouse reacts different in normal view and ortho. In ortho it behaves as I've set it, in normal/perspective view it works very rapidly, way too fast. I know there was some changes for 3dconnexion, but is it a normal behaviour, or maybe some workaround/fix for this issue?
  13. Mihu83

    Curves tool confusion

    Yup, no problem, here it is.
  14. Mihu83

    Curves tool confusion

    Hi, I have a bit of an issue with curves tool. I've created custom spline which is part o snake body, with different scales pattern on the front part and back part. Now, is there any way to apply this spline with just one aproach, without any weird bends and twists or am I forced to edit each curve point to make it right?
  15. Yup, same in my case and I don't know if it's normal or not.