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  1. I jump back and forth between the two pieces of software, I have a good workflow for this but it would still be nice. Gradient Map mainly These would be okay too. hue/sat brightness/contrast Thanks.
  2. И так. Когда редактирую проекцию в фотошопе(изображение 1), то все выглядит нормально, но когда возвращаюсь в 3d coat, то текстура становится ломаной (изображение 2). С чем это связанно, как с этим бороться? [hide]Изображение 1: Изображение 2: [/hide]
  3. Hey guys, Thought I would take this question to the community since I have been battling with it for years now. I jump back and forth while texturing between Photoshop and 3dcoat and eventually I'll start to get warping textures that only show up when im in the external editor(Photoshop CS6). Once saved and sent back to 3d coat the warping is completely gone.I still have no idea what this is or why it is. I'm currently using the 3d Coat 4.5 BETA but I've experienced this issue in every version of the program.It is not exclusive to the beta. I left an image to further articulate what I mean. Any help would be great.
  4. ajz3d

    Detail shot C

    From the album: Nuts and bolts

    © Artur J. Żarek, 2015

  5. ajz3d

    Detail shot B

    From the album: Nuts and bolts

    © Artur J. Żarek, 2015

  6. ajz3d

    Detail shot A

    From the album: Nuts and bolts

    © Artur J. Żarek, 2015

  7. ajz3d

    Master shot B

    From the album: Nuts and bolts

    This was tricky. I really liked the shot, but it revealed an awful seam in the pattern of the floor, on the leftmost side of the frame. I had to come up with something to cover it and ended up with a scanned NH-D14's user's manual. That's an awesome CPU cooler, by the way. I recommend it to anyone with a compatible CPU. Quiet (low-RPM) yet very powerful - thanks to a huge heat dispersion surface of radiator ribs.

    © Artur J. Żarek, 2015

  8. ajz3d

    Master shot A

    From the album: Nuts and bolts

    © Artur J. Żarek, 2015

  9. uuderzo

    Frozen - Anna

    From the album: Personal projects

    Sculpted with 3DCoat, retopoed in 3DCoat/modo, texture paint in 3DCoat. Posing, hairs and render in modo. Background is a shot i took while trekking. Compo and final tweaks in PhotoShop. Hope you will like it! Umberto
  10. I'm new with 3DCoat and I love the way you can send your data back and forward to Photoshop with ctrl + P. Is there any way to do the same with Displacement and Normal Map?
  11. Hi all, not sure if any of you are interested but I have uploaded a 60 minute speed-sketch to Vimeo and it'll be the first of many. There's some basic two-point perspective going on and I plan to cover other processes and techniques over the coming months. Anyhow, here's the link: Ruins For a little more information you can also visit the RetroFist.com website. Hope you like it!
  12. Do you think it would be possible to add an optional navigator (just like Photoshop) to navigate more quickly in very very large scenes (why not with a little zoom to display only the desired part in the navigator) ? One of my project currently is a very large cathedral, including interior, exterior and peoples, this scene is very very large, and I take alot of time to naviguate from a point to another, and, i'm sure that this will be useful for alot of 3D artists !
  13. Would be great to have more photoshop functions in paintroom. If any of these are already in 3dcoat I apologize but don't know them. Example. 1. image>adjustment tab in ps has a lot of functions that can be applied to a per layer basis. Hue, Levels and Channel, etc. 2. magic wand tool in 3dc. Contiguos, per layer, per object, etc. 3. clippingmask, layermask exactly like ps working on layers in 3dc.
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