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  1. That's what I currently do. But brushes are faster and instantaneous to use and no need to keep rotating/moving two things in the viewport
  2. Nope. I think what I"m asking doesn't exist in any paint related program Say that's an alpha with the brush size that small. I actually want to scale the brush radius but the alpha should not scale with it and it should tile. Usually the alpha scales with it like the painted part at the bottom of hte sphere. Is there a way to do it?
  3. Very noob question even though I've been using 3dc for more than 10 years Is ther ea way to scale the brush radius but retain the size and orientation of the brush? A quick google search didn't give me good resutls.
  4. geo_n

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    This stuff isn't advertised enough. Is this store mentioned in YT, FB, etc?
  5. I'm still on 4.7.09 though :D Still didn't work.
  6. Upping an old post. :D I get an error when I run the scripts for the first time. Then I see them on the scripts menu but they don't work.
  7. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    That's exactly what I'm looking for.
  8. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    Thanks will try this.
  9. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    Are there any more primitives in the voxel room besides the default? No hexagon, ornaments, etc? Or anyone can share some kitbash primitives on preset installers directly usable in the voxel room? Thanks.
  10. geo_n

    bake viewport render to single texture

    Ah that's too bad. I thought it would be easy to capture everything on the viewport and bake it out as a single texture file.
  11. geo_n

    bake viewport render to single texture

    Not lightmap baking. Baking everything that's seen in the 3dcoat viewport including the reflections from the hdr. I read that thread prior to posting this thread but I think they tried to solve it using an external app. My laborious way is to print screen the 3dcoat viewport and bake those into a uvmap. There must be a way to easily bake the viewport render in 3dc to a single color texture file.
  12. I could be missing this. Is there a way to bake everything in the viewport to one texture file? A color texture file. I don't need the other channels to be separated out. Just need the metal look even if its fake reflections, etc. My workaround is printscreen and front projection on another app and combining all those front projection in photoshop.
  13. geo_n

    3dcoat ipad/mobile version

    I don't think 3dc can compete with blender in 5 years in the desktop platform. The pace of blender development is amazing. If they somehow implement most of 3dcoat's photoshop like functions, that's probably it for 3dc. Next target is zbrush.
  14. Any chance we see development on mobile architecture or ipads for a paid version of 3dcoat? Blender is catching up on the desktop for painting and sculpting. I don't see any decent competition for 3d painting apps in other platforms outside of macs and pc.
  15. geo_n

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    That's too bad. 4k textures are getting really slow with lots of layers. Also badly needed is for some tools to have "affect all layers" functions. Especially painting and erasing tools when using marquee brush mode.