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  1. Thanks for the detailed explanation and screenshot. The axis issue is always a problem. Hehe. Different apps different method.
  2. Thanks will try it out. Are your units in 3dcoat in metric meters? And also your photogram software reads the output mesh from 3dcoat correctly with this unit?
  3. This tutorial I always forget how to do. Personal reminder - need to import high poly mesh with texture to keep high res color info into sculpt surface mode. Btw is this outdated in v2022 and something is better for cleaning up scanned mesh with texture?
  4. Thanks. It's been bugging me since V4. Will contact support.
  5. Are you using the brush only or are you adjusting with the Layer? I'm only adjusting the layer opacity of roughness and metal. Gloss metal workflow is logical but roughness metal seems opposite to me.
  6. I always wondered, is this a bug or my misunderstanding of 3dc. I set texture workflow to roughness/metal and paint 0 roughness, 100 metal brush stroke. It's very shiny. 50% roughness layer opacity. It becomes blurry. It should be opposite right? 0% roughness layer opacity. This should actually be very shiny. 100% roughness and 0% metal layer opacity. It becomes shiny plastic. Again I think this is opposite.
  7. New multires sculpting? Is it the traditional subd multires sculpt that keeps base mesh with uv?
  8. Never seen this kind of workflow in the official 3dcoat channel. Too bad no audio.
  9. My free updates was 13.07.2021 up to 13.07.2022. So I have till 13.08.2023 to avail of the 45 euro upgrade? +13 means what?
  10. Still not working for me. It used to work afair. Can you test on this file? Trying the gold reflection to a layer. bake reflection.zip
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