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  1. geo_n

    3Dcoater users poll

    So need to up this?
  2. Can't access mantis. Same login?
  3. But that means I have to repaint and reproject it right? The color textures I import in 3dcoat are applied to existing uvmaps. There are functions in 3dcoat to convert color to gloss, etc in the layer using rmb. Do they actually work because it doesn't for me. Wierd there's no similar function to convert color to normal.
  4. I'm importing color maps into 3dcoat. So I want to extract some detail and normal maps from the color maps inside 3dcoat. I've used crazybump, etc but sometimes get weird artifacts on edges. So the brush strokes there are just an example if its possible to extract bump or normal map from black and white or grayscale or color textures.
  5. Strange 3dcoat can't do a simple task. I tried some of these conversion apps from 2d color maps. Some problems I have are the edges of the normal map have a thin line in the uvmap islands border.
  6. Is there a way to convert color or grayscale layer into normal map? Ex this sphere with scratches, can I convert the scratches into a normal map inside 3dcoat?
  7. That's what I currently do. But brushes are faster and instantaneous to use and no need to keep rotating/moving two things in the viewport
  8. Nope. I think what I"m asking doesn't exist in any paint related program Say that's an alpha with the brush size that small. I actually want to scale the brush radius but the alpha should not scale with it and it should tile. Usually the alpha scales with it like the painted part at the bottom of hte sphere. Is there a way to do it?
  9. Very noob question even though I've been using 3dc for more than 10 years Is ther ea way to scale the brush radius but retain the size and orientation of the brush? A quick google search didn't give me good resutls.
  10. geo_n

    PBR Smart Materials Store Beta !

    This stuff isn't advertised enough. Is this store mentioned in YT, FB, etc?
  11. I'm still on 4.7.09 though :D Still didn't work.
  12. Upping an old post. :D I get an error when I run the scripts for the first time. Then I see them on the scripts menu but they don't work.
  13. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    That's exactly what I'm looking for.
  14. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    Thanks will try this.
  15. geo_n

    3dcoat preset primitives

    Are there any more primitives in the voxel room besides the default? No hexagon, ornaments, etc? Or anyone can share some kitbash primitives on preset installers directly usable in the voxel room? Thanks.