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  1. geo_n

    3dcoat ipad/mobile version

    I don't think 3dc can compete with blender in 5 years in the desktop platform. The pace of blender development is amazing. If they somehow implement most of 3dcoat's photoshop like functions, that's probably it for 3dc. Next target is zbrush.
  2. Any chance we see development on mobile architecture or ipads for a paid version of 3dcoat? Blender is catching up on the desktop for painting and sculpting. I don't see any decent competition for 3d painting apps in other platforms outside of macs and pc.
  3. geo_n

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    That's too bad. 4k textures are getting really slow with lots of layers. Also badly needed is for some tools to have "affect all layers" functions. Especially painting and erasing tools when using marquee brush mode.
  4. geo_n

    3DCoat 4.9 BETA testing thread

    Congrats Andrew! Any improvement to speed with regards to layers in the Paint room? Like turning it on/off, shuffling layer, etc? I use 3dcoat painting on a daily basis. Still the most intuitive.
  5. If some of the essential tools in modeler were ported over to layout, the split isn't an issue anymore. They've already started weightpainting and morph sculpting in layout which is the most critical for animation and fx. A few polytools in layout would be enough. People usually create assets in zbrush anyway or for viz stuff any modelling app does that fine. Remember that Unreal is the most popular viz app right now and people basically do the same workflow as lightwavers are doing. Create assets in one app then send to Unreal.:D
  6. geo_n

    ZBrush 2019 Launch, March 5th

    I only use zbrush for sculpting because its so light I can use it on a laptop. Texturing, retopo,uvmap for 3dcoat. However I think that if Pixo would improve texturing, retopo, uvmap it would be really bad for 3dcoat. So 3dcoat has to improve its current toolset performance wise. The stuff 3dcoat could improve on that would make it competitive in the future. Faster texture painting - can it be as fast as photoshop like when hiding layers, etc Retopo - complete modelling toolset to compete with zbrush polytoolset Uvmap - revamped way of dealing with UDIM and less confusing and better baking workflow
  7. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    A good video about the Live link of lightwave and unreal.
  8. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    You should learn max. Its what they use, its an opportunity. I've been in 4 studios in almost 20 years and used max, lw, maya, modo at a competent level. You will be more flexible as a cg artist. Compositing with AE was also something I wanted to learn and I did with a guy who worked at ghibili. But now I use hitfilm and the technique transfered well. Be like water
  9. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    I think the price is pretty cheap for a full 3d package that can model, animate, render. You can buy a perpetual license of lightwave equivalent to 3 months of subs from autodesk. Freelance generalist can do amazing stuff with any of these full 3d packages its down to the skills and experience. But some people are overpaying for autodesk software imho because you're renting and that's never good. Blender is blender. Some people click with it some people won't even with the rewrite. I'm still on 2.79 and won't be moving to 2.8 because its like relearning which I don't have time for. I'd rather travel.
  10. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    Indefinitely after the upgrade window? Still a discount of 300 Buy 3dcoat with that savings. Newtek really should raise the price a bit.
  11. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    http://www.animationmagazine.net/vfx/lightwave-11-6-nevronmotion-plugin-hit-market/ LightWave 11.6 is priced at $1495 and the NevronMotion plug-in is priced at $299. Registered LightWave 11 customers can upgrade to LightWave 11.6 free of charge; upgrade pricing from LightWave 10 or earlier versions is $695 (USD). Educational pricing is also available.
  12. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    What was the normal price for a full lightwave license? I remember it was 1495. Its 995+tax when there's an upgrade window. For 2019 its up to the end of march and after that it goes back up to normal price.
  13. geo_n

    LightWave 2019 is out

    I'm selling lightwave 2019 with transfer fee for $695. I have two licenses so I'm selling one. Price will probably go up to $1495 after march from Newtek.
  14. geo_n

    Clipping mask support photoshop

    Is 3dcoat substance painter? Lol What was your point? I didn't ask about substance painter. Go fume somewhere else.
  15. geo_n

    Clipping mask support photoshop

    Do we have clipping mask support that is compatible with photoshop clipping mask. I currently still bounce back and forth ps and 3dc but the clipping mask doesn't work. Wish there was a way to support this non destructive workflow between ps and 3dc.