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  1. Hello guys, We're proud to present a new tool for artists and programmers. https://material-z.com/ Hybrid Layer and Node system Material-Z is a powerful new PBR Material Editor. Based on Disney's principled material system it is able to create amazing materials for both the gaming and the high end 3D rendering market. Its currently in beta but anyone can try it out now and play with it. Introductory tutorials https://www.braindistrict.com/blogs/tutorials/material-z-getting-started-with-programming-nodes https://www.braindistrict.com/blogs/tutorials/creating-a-brick-material-in-material-z-part-i https://www.braindistrict.com/blogs/tutorials/creating-a-brick-material-part-ii-noise-based-irregularities-and-cracks https://www.braindistrict.com/blogs/tutorials/creating-a-brick-material-part-iii-cement-and-finalizing
  2. geo_n

    PBR conversions

    Thanks Carlosan! I sent to our render specialist.
  3. Is there a documentation for converting pbr textures from one format to another from a developer standpoint? The math, algorithms and formulas behind pbr export and import. We are trying to write a plugin for exporting textures from our renderer but our dev doesn't understand the docs from https://www.marmoset.co/posts/pbr-texture-conversion/ as its too artist talk and not developer friendly.
  4. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Check the video. I'm re adjusting several times in a span of 2 mins for 1 part of the texture to align some fabric seams. Do it 1000 times on many parts of the jeans and do it 100 times on different clothes a week. Hours spent on that could be just a few minutes if its done directly in the 3dc viewport.
  5. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    The back and forth between 3dc and ps is the killing factor. Takes so long to do it this way instead of doing it in the 3dc viewport without needing to open ps.
  6. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Liquify tool. Really slow to do it with 3dcoat and ps. Need it in the viewport because I'm doing hundreds of texture work like this. I'm waiting for Substance painter to implement it. Mari does have it afaik.
  7. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Doing it manually on multiple layers produces uneven results. For clothes texturing I really need multiple layer support even just for brushes and eraser.
  8. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Looks like that option lets you do it on mutiple objects at once. I'm looking for multiple layers at once. Example I want to erase blue and purple layer at once. I don't want to merge these layers before I can erase them together.
  9. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Is there a mode for brush painting that would affect all layers. Like using the erase tool would erase all layers or all visible layers? Or paint on all layers or visible layers?
  10. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

  11. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    What's Andrew's email?
  12. geo_n

    Some painting improvements

    Is trello the place for feature request that Andrew reads?
  13. Oh that sucks. The history is pretty important. Also its strange it opens up a new layer document every time you sinc with 3dcoat. I will try gimp.
  14. I'm trying this out again. I think I tried this a couple of years ago. Its really good now for my uses which is to connect to 3dcoat as external editor. Problem, when I press ctrl+p in 3dcoat to send layers to krita, it opens a new document every time with no history. Is there a way to go back and forth with 3dc and krita and keep layer history intact with one document only?
  15. Can we use this as external editor for 3dcoat? I hope there's liquify, warp and puppet transform with Gimp. That's the most crucial tools I use with 3dcoat/photoshop. Merry Christmas!