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  1. It's imported model in metric scale 1m cube. I tried your file. It's really strange to switch "measure units" in 3dc. It's like using generic units. Can't really use 3dc 2022 for poly modelling if scaling is so strange. It's like 3dmax with disjointed display and scene unit scale. 2 meters 2mm for the same cube instead of 2000mm
  2. use fixed scene scale checked, scale 100. The 1m cube is +0.90mm I changed measure unit to meters that says only affects display and no actual scene scaling happens. Cube becomes meter units +0.9m from 0.90mm That's just wrong and confusing. +900 mm and +0.9m should be shown in the 3dc when switching display units not .90mm and .9m with the same exact cube.
  3. But do you know the explanation why there's a checkbox for fixed scene scale and another input for numerical setting? It's very confusing. Instead 3dc should just use scale with dropdown, metric(mm,cm,m,km) And international(inch, feet) and adjust all scene settings, brush settings, viewport settings according to the the chosen scale.
  4. Fixed scene scale to 100? What is the description or explanation why we need to put 100? Would be easier to just make 3dc work seamlessly when it's in meters, it imports and exports in meters, etc. This reminds me of the confusion in 3dmax between unit scene scale and display scale.
  5. The 1 meter cube from lwo is 1 mm in 3dcoat. That's why the cursor is huge. There is no option in preference I/O for import scale. There's only an option for fbx export This issue doesn't exist in 3dc 4 scale.
  6. 1 meter cube in 3dc 4. No huge gizmo. ! meter cube in 3dc 2022. I attached the lwo 1 meter cube. 1m cube.lwo
  7. This looks like an import scale issue again for 3dcoat. I import a lwo file in meter scale in 3dc 4 and open that 3b file in 3dc 2022 there's no huge gizmo. I import the same exact lwo file in 3dc 2022 and the gizmo is huge. Use fixed scene is checked. Measure units mm. Edit, I then opened the 3d2022 3b file that had the huge gizmo in 3dc 4 and it too had a huge gizmo in 3dc 4. So it's a 3dc 2022 scene scale error as usual. What's the best import scale that keeps meter in 3dc 2022 without having brush or gizmo issues?
  8. it's a gizmo that snaps to the surface in the paint room. Just can't find the option to turn it off in preference. Looks like it's been there since 3dc 2021-2022
  9. Nope. It's a gizmo that moves with the mouse pointer. It pops up when navigating the viewport. It's huge.
  10. When I click the smoothing button, its not doing smooth but doing lightening color. The buttons are lighting up yellow for other functions there.
  11. 3DCoat-2022-17 Paint tool >Coloring tool broken Can't use any of the tools in it.
  12. How to remove the annoying cross hair when navigating? It's huge.
  13. I tried it but it seems light scattering is not supported when baking. Must be a bug. The baked result looks very dark without light scattering. Edit: lightscattering works as long as the light angle is not 90, 180 deg
  14. Pretty sure this doesn't happen in 3dc 4. The viewport becomes tinted dark when adjusting. Not really helpful to do that.