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Found 7 results

  1. I have had this issue for awhile now, i have been using a surface pro 6 and surface pen on the 3D coat demo. I haven’t managed to get any pen pressure as brush strokes stay the same. I have downloaded wintab to see if that worked and it didn’t. I also contacted 3D coat support and they came back with changing tablet interface with windowsink instead of wintab and that didnt work either. how do i fix this?
  2. Ive looked at the requirements for 3d coat and under normal with an i7 and 16gb ram you can get 20 million triangles. So does that mean 3dcoat can only run a maximum of 20 million or can it be more with better specs? I ask that because im looking at getting a 32gb ram and 11 gen i7 laptop and dont know how the software would run and what would be its limits. The other question i have is im currently using a surface pro with a surface pen on the 3dcoat demo and i have no pen pressure. Do i need to have a driver like zbrush or is there a setting for it? right now that would be the important thing to solve to use 3d coat properly.
  3. Hello everyone, The pen pressure for 3D-Coat has been randomly not functioning lately. It just has the default size, and no opacity no matter the amount of pressure. My pressure works on Photoshop just fine. For reference: Windows 10 Wacom Intous Pro - Latest Drivers 3D-Coat 4.7 (Broke after a while, switch to 4.8. Worked for a bit and now broken again). I have tried the following solutions. Upgrading program and drivers. Restarting PC. Deleting tablet preferences. If anyone can help, please let me know. Thanks!
  4. Hi! I just played around with the 3D Coat Demo and I noticed that the pen presure support stopped working after around the third time I started the program. I then installed the 3DC-printing Demo and had the same behaviour, pressure stopped working after the second or third launch of the program. I usually use Wintab with TabletPC turned of in the drivers (Huion 1060plus). When I switch in the drivers and 3D Coat to TabletPC, pressure works again but with an annoying delay at the beginning of every stroke and camera movement. Also the same with the latest beta. I tried with differernt programs (Photoshop, Affinity Photo and Blender) to check if the drivers were working correctly and everything worked there. So I think the tablet support in 3DC is a bit messed up? Any suggestions? My System is a Threadripper 2950x, 2x GTX 1070, 64GB Ram, Win 10 (1809) Cheers!
  5. Hey. So I've been having an issue with the pen pressure stop working when i switch between programs. The settings are all correct. Itll just turn off(without turning the pen pressure icon to the off state), and it will randomly start working again after a few mintues. It's frustrating to have pen pressure one second and then not. Then being forced to wait and crossing your fingers it will decide to work again. Toggling pen pressure has no effect on whether or not the pen pressure will return. I do not believe this is an issue with my cintiq, since photoshop and zbrush work fine. I'm on a mac, and use a cintiq 13HD Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
  6. hello, I have to raise this topic once again... after installing the WinTab drivers, I did just a quickt test with the build brush - pen pressure worked great. Aftrer a while, I returned to 3D Coat to do a complete project, from A to Z (sculpt, retopo, UV, texture) - but I noticed, that some brushes do not work (have zero effect) and this is (among others) the smooth brush (as seperate brush or when pressing shift = the same). Smoothing does absolutly nothing on my model, I tested the same 3b.File on my desktops and smoothing works, as expected.... Also not doing anything: Fill (and "Planar" does not show a "Plane") I plugged a mouse into my book and - smoothing still doesnt work (!) How can this be? Is there some setting, I´ve overlooked? I am on a fresh 4.7.24 DX install... Thanks!
  7. hello out there, I am on a 30-day trail right now and I wonder, why my Stylus/Pen is not working with pressure-sensitivity, as expected? I am on a Surface book i5, with dedicated NVIDIA gpu, if that helps? Do I have to turn this feature on in 3D Coat 4.7 (besides switching to the right stroke-type?) I can zoom and rotate in the viewport with stylus or my fingers, which is pretty cool - but having no pressure sens is not. The stylus is supposed to have 1024 level, which should be fine - this is already working in other applications, like Autodesk Skechtbook, for example. So I think, the stylus works correct. Please help, best Regards, Karsten
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