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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Staff, thanks for reading this, here is my urgent situation: though I bought a License Key, every now and then my 3D Coat starts in Demo Mode. This time unfortunately i realized that very late and only when I was about to save or export my sculpt, which, of course, is greyed out now (Demo restrictions). So here am I with my work & can't get out of 3D Coat without thrashing the whole bunch, can I? How can I prevent such misbehavior in future by default, I mean without checking myself in which mode the app is starting - very annoying indeed! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! Best, he5tot
  2. I unwrapped several items from my 3d scans now and usually the results are acceptable. But executing "Save Contour" mostly produces a message like "Warning! It seems some islands are stretched...The percent of distortion is...." Sometimes I have values of 30-50% distortion but the cutting patterns are not that much messed up. Are the values an average of the whole distortion or is it just the maximum stretching of a specific island? Is there a way to minimize this? I usually use "Cloth Relax" before I save the map to an .eps file.
  3. Hi! I'm new to 3D Coat, and am currently using the 30 day trial on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I really like the program so far, but I'm having a problem. I can't see any of the files related to it in Windows Explorer. I can't find 3D Coat itself or any files I save or export from it under Program Files, Documents, not anywhere. It doesn't show up in All Programs or in Add/Remove Programs in the control panel. I found and turned off "hide hidden folders" on my computer, and that didn't reveal it. To run the program, I have to run setup again. But it saves and remembers my previous files, so it's not like things are getting deleted. When in 3D Coat's Save or Open windows, I can see the 3D Coat program files and all my saves/exports. But when I go to those same locations from outside 3D Coat, I can't find those folders and files. If anyone could help me with this I'd very much appreciate it.
  4. Whenever I do an action such as opening a file, saving a file, or pressing any buttons on the easy start-up menu apart from to work with voxels, 3D coat crashes. The only exceptions to this would be things like using open recent. I'm completely new to 3D coat, infact, any software of this type, and am unsure if I've stupidly ticked some box that would make the software act like this, however I've found it's gotten to a point that I can't work around the errors and this seriously needs fixed. Whenever it crashes it either tells me it is unstable and needs to shut down so I should save my work, but then shuts down without giving me a chance to after pressing OK, or in most cases opens a window entitled "CRASH!" along with a lot of information. I've entered a bug report but have yet to receive an e-mail back to me, so I decided that perhaps the forums could offer help sooner. It is a very urgent problem, and completely breaks the software so I need a fix rather soon. I've attached an image of the window I am given when the program crashes, I would have attached everything in the bug report but due to it's extensiveness I decided it would be best to only give it on request.
  5. version: (CUDA)(DX64) I have a strange problem where I can load some saves, but not others. I'm not sure where the problem lies, but between these two save files attached, the 4th copy can be loaded just fine, but the 5th and every copy thereafter, gives me a crash. halp?
  6. It would be great as a game artist to be able to show Diffuse, Spec, AO, Wireframe and Normal Maps straight from the texture editor or some menu item that will export them in one image. What I mean is...when I'm done making an asset, regardless of the program I'm using, I have to go into each map, pull them into Photoshop and then lay them out in a way that I can show all of them in one image to display to an employer or prospective client the layout and work done. It would be super awesome to have a feature in place that would do this for me in one shot. It's a lot to ask for, but would save tons of time and would help attract more game artists to 3DC than there already are.
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