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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, quick question . At my workplace I need some licenses for professional . But the thing is that we can't go towards floating because we work from home and can't access the server . So what information I need is : Can we install the pro version on 2 computers something like : 1 Person can install it on the work computer and the home computer but can use it just only on one computer at a time ? Something like what other software does . You can have it installed on several computers but you can only use it on 1 computer at a time . So for example if we get 3 licenses, then 1(one) of those licenses can be installed on let's say all the computers that user has. But can only open the application on 1 computer at a time . Can we do this with pro version ?
  2. Hi if anyone is interested in buying a pro license for 200$ Pm me. Thanks.
  3. Yo - I am selling my license of 3DCoat Pro 4.x for US$160, because I am not needing it lately in the type of work I have been doing, but it is wonderful, and I have enjoyed it a ton when I used it, but my current gigs that are going to be cranked on into the foreseeable future really do not require 3DC, and I am ready to pounce n some new GPUs.. and selling this will help offset that cost a wee bit.... This is quite a deal friends, if you are looking to buy, and especially if you have been waiting for a great deal to come along, I think it is pretty unlikely that you are going to do any better than $160... that is my guess... PM me and let's make this happen. Pilgway will transfer the license.
  4. Hi Guys - I'm an owner of 3DCoat 4.8 Pro, but I'm finding that ever since the gig that I originally bought it for, I just really never need it, and I'm wanting to sell it if I can. So how does one actually go about selling their license? I have PayPal so that part is easy -- but in the handful of threads I looked at where folks were selling their license, I see nothing about how I as the seller would transfer the license, or how the buyer makes it their own? Am I just giving them my license key? Does anything have to be done between the buyer and Pilgway... Can anyone please help me out? BTW, I'd take $180 for it. I'm not greedy, and I'm fine taking a significant loss on this, since it got me out of a jam and allowed me to finish an important job a ways back...
  5. Hi. Dear 3D Coat Developers The question I have regarding the Pro license: 3d coat have perpetual license? Thank you in advance for your help.
  6. Hi, I have the non commercial steam license, and am thinking of upgrading to professional at some point, I already have a bunch of assets I created in the non-commercial license of the software that I would like to use in a commercial project. If I purchase the commercial license, will I be able to use the existing assets I created in the non-commercial version of the software. I tried contacting support a while back but got no response so hoping to get an answer here. Please move this thread to the appropriate forum area if this is in the wrong location. Thanks.
  7. Erza86

    3dcoat license

    Hello 3dcoat, i recently bought a laptop, and want to install 3d coat on my laptop, do i have to uninstall 3d coat on my pc, or disable 3dcoat user account on my pc, or i can use both on my pc and my laptop, but not active the program on both device, and i use 3dcoat steam version, what should i do? thank you
  8. Hello, I had 3DC on my old computer. I have a new one and now I can't find the 3DC app, even after transferring all my files from the old one. How do I get my 3DC app onto my new computer. I have an iMac. Thanks
  9. gwronkowski

    3D Coat Pro License sell

    I'd like to sell my license for latest 3D Coat Pro version for 250$. It's cheaper than Christmas Sale ! Only PayPal or wire transfer if in UK or Poland. More details send me PM.
  10. Buddha

    Upgrade License Question

    Hi, I bought the Amateur license about a month back, and now with the discount I would like to ask about the license-upgrade. If I buy this upgrade, will my upgrade go from 4.7 Amateur to 4.7 Professional, or will it go from 4.7 Amateur to 4.8 professional? /Buddha
  11. Hey 3D-coaters, we purchased a floating license on Cyber Monday and haven't been able to get it to work since then, so I'm asking for help in this forum now. We installed 3D Coat on two Win10-machines and set up fserver on one. It seems to run (please see the attached image) but the other workstation can't connect to it. On PC 2, according to the instructional PDF, we're supposed to enter the local IP-adress of the PC running fserver instead of the license key. Which doesn't work. Both PCs are within the same network and able to access files on one another. We're running Kaspersky Internet Security on alle PC's but have disabled it for testing as well. I'm out of ideas now and am sure that someone else here has had similar problems on the inital setup. So all feedback and hints on how to proceed are welcome. Cheers, Olly
  12. Hi Staff, thanks for reading this, here is my urgent situation: though I bought a License Key, every now and then my 3D Coat starts in Demo Mode. This time unfortunately i realized that very late and only when I was about to save or export my sculpt, which, of course, is greyed out now (Demo restrictions). So here am I with my work & can't get out of 3D Coat without thrashing the whole bunch, can I? How can I prevent such misbehavior in future by default, I mean without checking myself in which mode the app is starting - very annoying indeed! THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP! Best, he5tot
  13. MechChicken

    Some pre-purchase questions

    Hello. I'm contemplating about buying an amateur license or zbrushcore. I spent almost the entire afternoon watching Michael Pavlovich showing core what it can and cannot do, and for a newbie, I'm not really missing anything yet from what I've seen so far. I do however know that with 3DC, I will get a complete package, from sculpting all the way to assigning materials and render. The latter two can also be done in core, but I assume it's more complete in 3DC, as it's an integral part of the package. The questions I have regarding the Amateur license: 1. for non-commercial use What exactly does this means? Does it mean, I can't export a model, put it in a game, and sell the game? Or is it even more strict as in, I can't render an image, put it in Photoshop, finish the image in there, and then sell the image (without the actual model)? 2. max 7 layers On what occasions could I need more than 7? It's nice to know where I'm kinda will be hitting that quota in the process. The question from a different angle: if I like to render an awesome image like those in the gallery, aside from skill, will I be able to with solely the (limitations) of the Amateur license? 3. Can you point me to art pieces in the gallery that were made within the technical boundaries of the Amateur license? It's nice to see where the bar is of the license. Thanks.
  14. hello there, as of personal reasons, I want to sell my 3DC 4.x educational license. (I saw quiet a few people selling there licenses, so I hope it will be ok to do so) You can grab it for 75$ instead of the 99$, if you wish! just PM me for the details... Cheers!
  15. Hi Leute, ich bin fast mit dem Studium fertig und will Richtung Freelancing gehen. Dazu würde ich ja mindestens die Pro Version benötigen. Oder wenn der Preis richtig gut ist vllt sogar eine Floating Lizenz für ggfs mein Notebook. Damit meine Ersparnisse länger halten, denke ich darüber nach mir eine Lizenz von 3D Coat von jemandem der sie nicht mehr braucht zu kaufen. Wird zwar noch ca. 1-2 Monate dauern bis ich überhaupt Zeit für irgendwas außer Uni habe, aber so lange könnte ich mich nach einem guten Preisgut umschauen . Also meine Frage (habe auch das Forum schon durchsucht und war mir nicht ganz sicher): Wisst ihr, wie das mit dem Übertragen von Lizenzen abläuft? Gehört die Software mir sobald ich einen Key habe? Und ist das überhaupt zulässig seitens Pilgway? Vielen Dank! Freue mich schon, wenn ich 3D Coat habe. Die Demo macht schon unheimlich viel Spaß.
  16. Bohrium

    Steam "pro" version

    Hello, I've been looking into finding a solution for texture painting for my game development needs and I came across this lovely piece of software. I was immediately impressed and I'm thinking about purchasing. However, I am somewhat confused between the website here and the version available on steam. I see very little if any difference between the trial versions I downloaded from on here or on steam. But there is a great discrepancy in pricing. On this site it says 379$+20% VAT, which equates to around 400 euros. And steam lists the price as 290€ for me. Both of them say that they're commercial licenses and version 4.5 when I start them up. Are there any actual differences between them? Or is that just down to regional pricing differences?
  17. marble51

    Education Version

    Hi, I have downloaded the demo version and am looking at some of the video training. I'm interested to use 3d-Coat in addition to DAZ Studio for creating morphs and textures, etc. This is purely a hobby for me. I retired this year and live on the UK state pension so I cannot afford the Pro price. My question is: according to the "Buy" page, the Education Version is available to people such as myself - do I need to provide proof of any kind (obviously, I don't have a student card)? I don't foresee any possibility of using this or any other similar software for commercial projects - it will never be more than a hobby. I hope it does work with DAZ figures but I did check on their forum and a few people seem to be using 3d-Coat. Thank you in advance.
  18. A quick question. Can I have two versions (CUDA and non-CUDA) of 3D Coat installed simultaneously on the same machine if I own a single license on 3D Coat Professional?