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Found 4 results

  1. I have a mesh that some how a couple verts are not welded and have split ends. Not sure where it happened, in Blender 3D or 3D Coat after unwrapping? I had some issues in Blender with unwelded verts after deleting faces and adding new faces/loops. Anyways.... Can I weld vertices within the UV template preview window, from the retopo or UV room? It's a very tiny area on the mesh and there's no way in the viewport. I could use the applink back to Blender to weld. Just wondering........
  2. heyas guys; i didn't like the results i was getting from AUTOPO, so i started retpologizing by hand. a good learning experience. :X i have a model that is made up of repeating elements (holes through a bar). so i thought i would build one segment, and then copy that segment where the other holes are. even smarter, i thought i would build 1/4 of the segment, then mirror the top to bottom, the front to back, and then the side to side, to get the whole piece. i have discovered clone. and i scaled the clone of the first 1/4 to -100% to get a vertically mirrored copy. the edges aren't perfectly straight, and the bottom edge of the top piece is overlapping the top edge of the bottom piece. even if i merge the two retopo groups together. so: how do i weld vertices? or how do i weld chunks of retopo to each other... without drawing more polygons between them? i got the vertices all into alignment with the transform tool. but the two pieces still think they are separate. they're all one retopo group, just... two different colours. :/
  3. I'm finding that using Del Edges in the Retopo room, while holding down CNTL allows me to remove an edge loop, but leaves the vertices in place. This forces all quads along that edge to become NGons.
  4. I'm trying to retopo a hand, manually. However, I'm having a heck of a time getting it to grab vertices I want to move. Yes, I'm using the Move vertices tool and I'm also setting the selection from Auto to Vertices. Any tips?
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