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  1. I'm talking about the extrude face tools. This brief video should highlight some of the issues. In The video I just try to extrude a few faces on a cube using the tools but pretty soon it turn disastrous and I dont think I'm dont much wrong... Some of the problems I can instantly see in this short 90 second video and some other ones I found before.. The tool switches to the rotate surface tool The tool gizmo axis does not update with the face selection Some tools move faces rather than extrude them Faces are unselectable in the smart extrude A second mesh seems to get created when I use smart extrude?!? Deselecting doesn't always work when clicking off/away from the model If I have all faces selected while I have the free move selected and click off screen (my other monitor) the objects moves to a random position in space sometimes VERY far from the original position. Maybe its me that's doing something wrong, but I don't see any tutorials about this anywhere and I would have thought it should be fairly intuitive to use. Here is a video of me doing the same in Cinema4D. Its so simple. I don't need to hit enter each time to commit an extrude. I just let go of the mouse. Note that also in C4D I can also move,scale or rotate the face/s at anytime using the gizmo that's always there. If I were you, I'd just rip off this workflow as is. Its perfect.:)
  2. Yes, thanks. I know that hitting enter commits the extrude but after you extrude once and select other faces the gizmo remains in the same place as the old extrude. The other problems I mention still exist. Also, hitting enter is a very cumbersome way to commit the extrude (it's the opposite side of the keyboard to where most hands are resting (on the left side)) and would be far quicker to do something like double click/right click (Ideally something that doesn't require a keyboard shortcut) or have an icon on the gizmo that commits the extrude. Actually having said that I think the commit should just happen automatically and maybe holding shift or something takes you temporarily to the transform tool so you can tweak the position after if you need to...otherwise just dragging again creates another extrude. Obviously this is a design decision but I've tried using the tool as it is many times to create simple extruded shapes, but it really feels very clunky (unusable in fact) for what should be a rapid building experience.
  3. Any idea when the face extrusion tools will be fixed in the modelling room? I'm seeing some of the amazing demo videos of 2021 on YouTube but I cant understand how the author has created such models with this tool completely broken. There are many issues with it as I described earlier still with V2021.B47: Deselecting doesn't work when clicking off/away from the model When selecting a new face the normal direction gizmo doesn't update unless I manually re-select the tool. If I have all faces selected while I have the free move selected and click off screen (my other monitor) the objects moves to a random position in space sometimes VERY far from the original position. Most of the extrude tools just move faces rather than actually extrude them. As far as I can tell only 'Normal Extrude' works partially, the others (smart extrude etc) do nothing useful. For me It's probably the most useful tool (or it would be) in the room's toolset, but at the moment it's completely broken. This is preventing me from even starting to get into detail on a more complex model as the basic 3d modelling process is step one in creating anything. Is no one else seeing these issues? Cheers
  4. Cant seem to add fbx models to the sculpt models. Only .obj files seem to import. (2021.B39)
  5. How exactly do I get to mico vertex mode if I also have something built inside the paint room? Thanks
  6. I have my low poly mesh with a displacement map which looks nice and bumpy in 3d coat, but I want to get this into a game engine that does not support displacement maps. So, I guess that I need to convert the displacement data into a new sculpt mesh that I can retopo; how can I do this? Or maybe there is another way. Any ideas? Thanks
  7. In B42.. Extrude faces still just seems to move the face and nothing more. Normal Extrude works but the process is very cumbersome. Each time I want to extrude a new face a need to deselect all faces (double clicking outside the mesh to deselect all does not work with two monitors unless you first click on the second monitor), select a new face, select the extrude tool AGAIN and then drag it out.
  8. -Crashes when I open the 3dConnexion software to configure buttons. -Multiple issue when trying to use extrude in modelling room. Sometimes extruding faces works, sometimes its just moves the face, the tool always reverts to the select tool ...the spine tool seems to do this too.. -SOmetimes clicking of an object deselects all faces but sometimes this does not work.(I have to click in a different monitor and then click back into 3d COat for this to work)
  9. Grimmy

    3DCoat 2021 Coming Soon & Special Offers

    Is this still happening (seeing as we are almost mid way through December)? I am waiting (im)patiently Cheers
  10. Grimmy

    [Solved] Performance Problem

    SOLVED. The issue was because I (or one of my children) had inadvertently switched off my 3dConnexion Space Navigator. For some reason this was messing things up. To fix the issue, I simply switched it back on, then restarted 3dCoat. Buttery smooth again with both the navigator AND the mouse.
  11. My camera rotation (alt) has started to become unusably slow. It never used to be this way. I've tried updating graphics drivers, restarting etc but still the same issue. Any ideas? I cant use it as it is and it used to work fine. There's nothing new on my system that I am aware of. Cheers
  12. Grimmy

    2021 Release Date

    Hi, any news of a release date for 3dCoat 2021? I just can't wait. Cheers
  13. Grimmy

    Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Still no luck here. Everything comes into C4d with normals flipped. R21
  14. Grimmy

    Missing Faces on Import

    Okay Thanks guys. Yes I saw the faces were inverted but I didn't think this in itself would cause the issue as I simply checked the flip normals on import option. However I never saw those internal faces so maybe it was those causing the issue. Thanks for the direction!
  15. Grimmy

    Missing Faces on Import

    My model looks fine in Blender and Cinema4D. When I bring it into 3dCoat it has missing faces. How can I solve this? Image and .obj file attached 3dCoat 4.9.53 AssetFactor_01.obj