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  1. Grimmy

    3DCoat 2021 Coming Soon & Special Offers

    Is this still happening (seeing as we are almost mid way through December)? I am waiting (im)patiently Cheers
  2. Grimmy

    [Solved] Performance Problem

    SOLVED. The issue was because I (or one of my children) had inadvertently switched off my 3dConnexion Space Navigator. For some reason this was messing things up. To fix the issue, I simply switched it back on, then restarted 3dCoat. Buttery smooth again with both the navigator AND the mouse.
  3. My camera rotation (alt) has started to become unusably slow. It never used to be this way. I've tried updating graphics drivers, restarting etc but still the same issue. Any ideas? I cant use it as it is and it used to work fine. There's nothing new on my system that I am aware of. Cheers
  4. Grimmy

    2021 Release Date

    Hi, any news of a release date for 3dCoat 2021? I just can't wait. Cheers
  5. Grimmy

    Maxon Cinema4D Applink

    Still no luck here. Everything comes into C4d with normals flipped. R21
  6. Grimmy

    Missing Faces on Import

    Okay Thanks guys. Yes I saw the faces were inverted but I didn't think this in itself would cause the issue as I simply checked the flip normals on import option. However I never saw those internal faces so maybe it was those causing the issue. Thanks for the direction!
  7. Grimmy

    Missing Faces on Import

    My model looks fine in Blender and Cinema4D. When I bring it into 3dCoat it has missing faces. How can I solve this? Image and .obj file attached 3dCoat 4.9.53 AssetFactor_01.obj
  8. I'm sure I used to be able to just right click one each point and the curve point would sharpen/ unsharpen - but now it does nothing (4.9.53 GL64) I'm I the only one seeing this?
  9. Grimmy

    [Solved] FBX Bone Information - C4D

    SOLVED: C4d users, this is possible and actually quite simple. I recommend doing all the texturing before rigging (if you can) so that you you don't have to do these steps, but sometimes it might not be possible for whatever reason. So, to get materials and mapping from a textured (non rigged) mesh to a rigged mesh is as follows: Bring/merge your UVW mapped/textured mesh into the same c4d scene as your rigged/non textured mesh Drag your material/s into to the boned mesh (this creates the material tag) For each object drag the UVW tag from the mapped mesh to the boned mesh object You may need to set the tag properties to UVW map. Done. Your rigged mesh is now textured. I'm sure it must also be possible in Maya/max etc to and the thing to look for I think is something like 'Project UVs'. Good luck!
  10. Grimmy

    [Solved] FBX Bone Information - C4D

    Ah okay, but I also UV Mapped the model in 3DCOat so I'm guessing there's no way to transfer just the textures AND UV map info back to the boned mesh in C4d..or is there?
  11. Grimmy

    [Solved] FBX Bone Information - C4D

    I just used a straight fbx export from c4d and import for pixel painting in 3DCoat. No Applinks involved.
  12. Grimmy

    [Solved] FBX Bone Information - C4D

    In from Cinema4D
  13. Hi, I just spent a couple of days modelling and rigging a character then bringing it into 3DCoat today to texture. Upon exporting the mesh from 3dCoat as FBX I discovered that all the bone information seems to have vanished. Is this expected behaviour? If so then its going to be pretty useless if I need to tweak the textures on an already animated character isn't it? Or is there some special way? Thanks
  14. Grimmy

    [Solved] Cant delete pixels

    Thanks. In the end it was some wierd overlapping UVs that showed up in the texture editor window but not in the UV room. I just moved the island somewhere to fix it CHeers
  15. No matter what I try I cant delete these red pixels. They seem to have both colour and depth information which is ruining the otherwise finished model. Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks