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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am currently having problems with the sculpt room, I can only sculpt on the volume that has the mesh on it, if I create a new volume and try to sculpt, nothing happens :/ I honestly have no idea what is happening, pleaseee help! Here is the file, let me know if anyone can sculpt on a new volume! Thank you for any replies! Dagger deco sculpt.3b
  2. Hi, I am trying out a few new tools after checking out a sweet tutorial on Udemy for hard surface sculpting, I found out about a few tools that I never even knew about! Right now I am messing around with creating clothing and I am using the 'Vox Layer' tool to make things like sweaters and trousers (generic items of clothing) but I am running into some problems which are by the sounds of it pretty common when working with voxels. I apply my new Vox Layer and its relatively thin, I start sculpting creases and moving around the volume to get my forms but when I start getting into the detailing (I usually sculpt in Surface mode for this) I am completely destroying my volume. I know I can make the volume thicker before applying my Vox Layer but I don't really want massively thick trousers and sweaters, is there any other way to non destructively sculpt on thin volumes? If there isn't which I don't expect there is, then I guess the only answer is to make my Vox Layer relatively thick. Just a thought, can you freeze the inner shell of a new Vox Layer and sculpt on the outer surface of it, with the inside of the volume frozen could that potentially stop the issue of sculpting through the whole volume if it is really thin? Just want to add, Split and Vox Layer with the different selection modes are my favorite tools right now, you can make some sick stuff, if anyone is interested in the Udemy course I mentioned above here is the link https://www.udemy.com/3d-coat-robots 3D - Coat totally kills Zbrush for complex hard surface and organic modelling! GO 3D - COAT!!!! XD
  3. Am I right in saying that my retopo object will only be textured correctly if my visible voxel source is a single volume? I tried using multiple voxel volumes (a parent with several children) but when I baked the texture to my retopo mesh it just turned white.....as soon as I merged my voxel source objects and hit 'Retopo>Merge To Per Pixel' the texturing worked fine. Is this the expected behavior? Cheers
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