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Exported model loses smoothing groups

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I am a mere hobbyist when it comes to 3D and perhaps my problem comes from using older programs to model but here is the deal.

I use MilkShape 3D for modeling mostly game/mod characters, objects etc. and found 3D-Coat by accident and loved it ever since. The problem is that when I set up my model as I want it in MS3D, export .obj and import it to 3DCoat, do the textures and whatnot and export the whole shabang and alas upon opening the exported .obj in MilkShape all smoothing groups are gone.

I can see the hard/ smooth surfaces, but as they are all in the same group if I do anything they revert back to the 1 group smooth.

Before this was mostly annoying as my projects weren't too big and I regrouped the surfaces after texturing but now Im engaged in a bigger mod project and have less time to spare and so I am here, hoping for an answer.

What I've come up with is that if I use the auto smoothing groups tool when importing to 3DCoat the groups stay after export and import to MilkShape so might the problem be in the way the two programs write their .obj export?

I'll attach quick appropriately named example .obj pack to this post. One is straight export from MS3d and 2 are UVd exports from 3DCoat with and without auto smooth. Notice the difference in size when using auto smooth. Also included what I see in MS3D with the different files (surface colors are smooth group indicators)

I've tried using autosmooth with different angles btw, but It doesn't always get all the surfaces right.

So hopefully a solution might be found or perhaps some explanation how differently 3DCoat writes the .obj so my mod team coder could try to make a converter to go between the two programs.

And no I don't want to lose MS3D as a modeling tool as it suits my needs and way to work. :9

Thanks for reading!

Have a nice day.






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The first problem is related to:

The square of UV set is to BIG

The second problem:

The models aren't unwarped and have not materials

please test with my attach version

gl !

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