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  1. Carlosan's post in Please fix the product site was marked as the answer   
    Your issue was reported to web admin at web@pilgway.com
    Thanks for point it up.
  2. Carlosan's post in [texturing] cube mapping and camera mapping projection issue was marked as the answer   
    On latest version 2021.62 is it inverted too ?
    Smart Material only accept for depth grayscale images
  3. Carlosan's post in [Fixed] Environment map pop-up window position is wrong and cannot be repaired was marked as the answer   
    Sat Oct 16 21:14:33 2021
    - Panoramas window remade, now it supports all default actions like all other items windows - folders, batch adding, moving items between folders etc. In addition panoramas are now present in the activity bar. Fixed set of problems - faster loading, correct switching between panoramas (render related).
  4. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Retopo - Snap Rotate was marked as the answer   
    Press and hold LMB over the rotate or circle gizmo of transform tool and press space bar to popup numeric control over rotation grades.

  5. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Retopo - Retopology state doesn't align with new mesh was marked as the answer   
    - Hair base has an animation keyframe, it is not at 0 0 0 Global Space.

    - hair_clump_1 (taking one mesh as example, but all the group have the same values) is at 0 0 0 Global Space

    - Both models are scaled to tiny values.
    This is Hair base with transform values freeze
  6. Carlosan's post in Does the Professional License Allow me to install on my 2 PCS? was marked as the answer   
    As long as you aren't running the program on both computers simultaneously, 3D-Coat has no issues with you installing it on up to three different machines. If you happen to have it running on both machines at the same time, 3D-Coat will warn you about it, and eventually restrict your usage.

    Basically, make sure the program is closed on the other machine before opening it on your current one.
  7. Carlosan's post in [Bug] Smooth Tool broken for years on material transparencies was marked as the answer   
    Thank you, reported.
  8. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Exported PNG color alpha pixelated (3DCT) was marked as the answer   
    Testing export on Photoshop cant find any issue.
    Check your export settings, alpha channel must be alpha, not albedo
    Hope it help

  9. Carlosan's post in Surface tools and LiveClay missing was marked as the answer   
    Live Clay has been replaced by the powerful new brush system.
    Please take a look, hope it help
  10. Carlosan's post in 3DC export to unreal engine 4 texture distortion was marked as the answer   
    I am testing latest version 4.9.54
    Try activating Sharpen Mesh if your model use displacement map inside Unreal.

  11. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Is there a 3D cloning tool or technique ? was marked as the answer   
  12. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Hide Voxels in Retopo and modeling was marked as the answer   
    You can open Sculpt tree panel inside retoporoom and hide/unhide Sculpt layers (Windows > Panels > Sculpt Tree). 
    Hope it help
  13. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Bake lighting to color was marked as the answer   
    Baking multiple useful maps in Paint room->Textures->Light baking tool

    You need to make two renders in render room at screen resolution
    One from front and one from the back
    Save camera position for each
    Then go to sculpt room (haven’t tried from paint room)
    Import the two renders as stencil
    Set up one stencil from camera and hit reset to adjust to screen size
    Set up projector from stencil
    Save file in case next action produces crash
    Do fill layer with projection
    Deactivate projector
    Go to paint room and create new layer
    With paintbrush and rectangle stroke mode paint all you see to create a mask (ignore back faces)
    You need to paint many times with rectangle to cover all
    Hide layer and set it up as clip mask for filled layer with render
    Do the same on other side with second render
    Go to flat shading mode and blend the two layers on new layer
    (Thx Silas Merlin !)
  14. Carlosan's post in Another problem PBR materials. was marked as the answer   

    - IMPORTANT (main reason of this build): fixed white spot issue
  15. Carlosan's post in [Solved] State of UI setting "Preferences, Hide Scrollers" is incorrect was marked as the answer   
    Andrew (administrator)
    2016-05-14 08:19
    "Hide scrollers" means that actually no right scorr bars will be shown. Instead top-bottom buttons shown that are not eating right space.
    So this is nt issue.

  16. Carlosan's post in Smooth subdividing to make a high res mesh? was marked as the answer   
  17. Carlosan's post in Exporting PBR textures help was marked as the answer   
    Hi !
    Hope this help
    [Tutorial] How to edit Normal & Spec maps for Fallout 4
  18. Carlosan's post in Cube Primitive 3 edge weirdness was marked as the answer   
    Yes, this bug was reported
    0001824: Voxel default cube has 3 beveled edges
    please feel free to add a +1
    ty !
  19. Carlosan's post in Sym Copy (retopo room) refuses to copy whole layer. was marked as the answer   
    Hi !
    Resolved in version 4.5.37
    could you please confirm ?
    the model is linked in this ticket
    0001919: Sym Copy refuses to copy whole layer
  20. Carlosan's post in Export all textures without including Object? was marked as the answer   
    Hi !
    This feature was added in version 4.5.36

  21. Carlosan's post in back ground image was marked as the answer   
    chose your image
    them press close
    sculpt your model
    this step help ?
  22. Carlosan's post in Weird black, unpaintable UV was marked as the answer   
    To see the hidden faces because normals you can use
    View > Backface Culling = off
    Its purpose is to detect polygons that are invisible in a particular scene – that is, polygons that face away from the viewer.
    only the left windows have the normals ok
    And the model have custom vector normals data

    was exported from 3DMAX with MeshSmooth Modifier = on ?
    Hope this help
  23. Carlosan's post in Trial download trouble was marked as the answer   
    Hi !
    Hope this help

  24. Carlosan's post in how to show vertex count ? was marked as the answer   
    Hi !
    At the bottom of the display you can see the vertex count

  25. Carlosan's post in Using the scroll wheel for zooming in the viewport? was marked as the answer   
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