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  1. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Beginner question: How to create a stencil and add to 3d Coat? was marked as the answer   
    Just select your .jpg/.png B&W pics, yes.
  2. Carlosan's post in [Solved] "calculate occlusion" ignoring a few objects was marked as the answer   
    Can you share the model to take a look ? (here or by pm)
    I was thinking about and yes, work with udim will be a issue if it is not set previously at import step.

  3. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Two quick questions - Surface Material Import & Opacity problems was marked as the answer   
    It can be done modifying export settings, or at import panel on 3DC

  4. Carlosan's post in [Solved] How do you delete unwanted UVs from another package ? was marked as the answer   
    Delete the UVs from Maya and re-export it back into Coat is the fast and easy way.
  5. Carlosan's post in [Fixed] Display glitch in Factures space was marked as the answer   
    Reset settings to default solve the issue ?
  6. Carlosan's post in [Solved] How to paint transparency ? was marked as the answer   
    You can paint transparency just by erasing on layer 0 or erasing on a layer and hiding layer 0. When you export the transparency map will be in the alpha of the exported Color texture.
  7. Carlosan's post in Making Material Package was marked as the answer   
    You can use Help > Migration Master
    Edit > Convert Older Materials (if are mats pre 4.5)
  8. Carlosan's post in [Solved] VCRUNTIME140_1.dll any suggestion for fixing? migration master 2021 -2022 was marked as the answer   
    Look as version 2015 is installed
    Try installing version 2017/2021 too
    Your comp have any windows update pending to install after reboot ?
  9. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Transparency & 3D-Coat was marked as the answer   
  10. Carlosan's post in Does 3DCoat have a node-based texture/material system? was marked as the answer   
    This node editor only is available as shader editor (sculpt shaders), not material editor (aka SPainter)
    To access nodes on Sculpt room, RMB over any sculpt shader and press RMB to edit it.

    Edit nodes open Shader Editor panel

    Node editor system on Paint Room is currently in development, we hope to publish first release soon.
  11. Carlosan's post in How to show wireframe overlay ? was marked as the answer   
    In this videos we are going to look at the three different mesh types that exist in 3DCoat they are associated with the three primary workspaces paint, retopo, and sculpt.
    The tweak room and the UV room are companion workspaces to the paint workspace in the sense that they work exclusively on paint objects.
    This video series are a good beginning to understand 3DC rooms, please take a look
    Hope it help
  12. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Using too much CPU and GPU. was marked as the answer   
    Try turning ON Vertical synchronization (Edit > Preferences)

  13. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Treat materials as separate textures - only one UV Set ? was marked as the answer   
    Try modifying this setting
    UV map typing = Keep UV

  14. Carlosan's post in When will the 2022 version likely be released? was marked as the answer   
    Hello, your request can be answered at
    Please send a mail asking for.
  15. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Painting Bumps on Some Parts Show Up Sideways, Instead of Out from the Mesh was marked as the answer   
    To convert a sculpt layer from NonUniform to Uniform, right click on the layer in the SculptTree and select 'To global space'
    I hope that helps.
  16. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Update manager Bug was marked as the answer   
    Do clean install, purge directories.
    3DCoat update manager will be back to working as expected.
  17. Carlosan's post in Beginner questions was marked as the answer   
    - Hello
    Is the general workflow to model with the voxels and then to turn it all into a more simple mesh to get clean lines at the end of the process?
    Yes, use voxel for rough sketches, then use this base mesh to add clean lines doing retopo at Retopo room, or modifying on Modeling Room.
    You could have more resolution working in voxels if you have a high end comp, otherwise the traditional thing is to convert the model to surface mode and continue working from there.
     it's trial and error until you find your way to work.
    These videos show how each artist uses different ways to create hard surfaces.
    There is some tools very useful as 

    - Vox Hide
    - Sketch
  18. Carlosan's post in Default Toolbar Settings not saved on reopen of 3dcoat2021 was marked as the answer   
    That issue was solved on latest verison 2021.79
  19. Carlosan's post in [Fixed] Toggle Visibility hotkey doesn't work as expected was marked as the answer   
    Testing 2021.78 is working fine

  20. Carlosan's post in [Solved] If I have a permanent windows license, can I also download a MacOS version for my Macbook Air? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, 3DCoat 2021 is platform-independent, so you can run it on Windows, Mac OS or Linux. If you run 3DCoat on different computers under the same license (except floating license), make sure you do it at alternative times, otherwise the application's work may get locked.
  21. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Where did Vertex Paint go ? was marked as the answer   
    3DC Textura dont allow vertex paint, is designed only for painting textures.
  22. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Manipulating Stencil/SmartMaterial in Viewport using mouse, how to ? was marked as the answer   
    Try switching this option on

  23. Carlosan's post in [Solved] Depth Pass was marked as the answer   
  24. Carlosan's post in Please fix the product site was marked as the answer   
    Your issue was reported to web admin at
    Thanks for point it up.
  25. Carlosan's post in [texturing] cube mapping and camera mapping projection issue was marked as the answer   
    On latest version 2021.62 is it inverted too ?
    Smart Material only accept for depth grayscale images