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Microvertex Paint - Bake Shaders


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I found that you can get some interesting results by changing the shaders while painting vertices in the paint room. Not ready for baking until I retopo. So, I was wondering if It gets baked on the model as well? Check the layer 0 visibility to off, if I do not want layer 0(shader) to bake?

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Shaders do get baked into the mesh. From my experience I can say it can cause a lot of trouble if you're not aware of it. Once I forgot to remove a modified lamblight shader from my vertex painted model and I wasted one full day trying to debug my renders in my rendering package... I was trying to figure out why my renders were so bland only to discover that the lamblight got baked into diffuse colour... :jester:


I highly recommend applying the default shader before baking anything. 3D Coat shaders might give you some stellar idea on how your object could look in certain (rough and heavily biased) lighting conditions, but they're mostly for preview purpose only.


That said, I also recommend painting your textures with default shader applied. This shader doesn't influence diffuse colour and specular channel in any way. Thus, your textures will be almost WYSIWYG. Well, that is if you can set ambient and primary light intensity to a correct level, and those magic values I yet have to discover... Its hard to maintain proper linear workflow with 3D Coat. However there are some suggestions in this department: http://3d-coat.com/mantis/view.php?id=1127, but none addresses custom colour spaces like, say, Rec. 709 for example.


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