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  1. ajz3d's post in [Solved] Installing Extension on another DRIVE !? was marked as the answer   
    Here's some nice info about this type of links:
  2. ajz3d's post in [Solved] Heightmap Export for Terrain was marked as the answer   
    There's a File->Export ->Export depth along Y function that I think you will find pretty handy for this kind of task. No need to go through Retopo Room.
  3. ajz3d's post in TSNM settings and Marmoset was marked as the answer   
    Never mind... it was a user error. I forgot to lock vertex normals when I was bringing my geometry for PPP, so 3D-Coat altered them on import. And because of this, in Marmoset I kept loading mesh with different vertex normals and I didn't even realize it until now. So there was NO WAY normal map would look correctly.
    Javis, thanks for trying to help.
  4. ajz3d's post in Separate stacked UV islands? was marked as the answer   
    Ahah! I found a workaround. Although it required from me to unwrap my UV-set in order to release the stacks first.
    Here's how it works:
    0. Unwrap (obviously)
    1. Choose islands that are to be mirrored and move them to a different UV-set. Say UDIM 1002.
    2. Pack your original UV-set so that free space is re-filled.
    3. Now, go to 1002, select the island that is to be stacked over it's mirrored counterpart and copy it.
    4. Go back to 1001, select mirrored island and paste the island from 1002.
    Rinse and repeat points 3-4.
    Et voilà. This will snap those islands to the same position, but both will still remain on their own UV tiles.
  5. ajz3d's post in Rotate paintroom Lighting Hotkey was marked as the answer   
    You can assign a hotkey to Rotate panorama event in Camera->Customize Navigation window.
  6. ajz3d's post in UV islands need to appear backwards to be right. was marked as the answer   
    It's a known glitch. Complex checker is horizontally (and probably also vertically) flipped in the viewport (http://3dcoat.com/mantis/view.php?id=2048).
    As a workaround, open the checker2.tga file from C:\Program Files\3D-Coat-V4.5\textures (or whatever your installation directory is), flip it and save a copy to %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV45\textures\ under the same name.
  7. ajz3d's post in How do I get rid of a mask I painted during AUTOPO? was marked as the answer   
    Hi. It's not a glitch, but a selection. You can remove it with Freeze->Unfreeze All.
  8. ajz3d's post in Point the voxel room studio light directly up? was marked as the answer   
    IIRC you need to lock the environment sphere first. If this doesn't suffice, change the environment mode to gradient or try different shaders.
  9. ajz3d's post in noobie needs help with voxel cut off tool was marked as the answer   
    The cut-off tool can be found under "Adjust" tab. Expand the tab (on the leftmost toolbar on the screenshot) and you will see it. It's a universal tool that works with voxels and surfaces.
  10. ajz3d's post in Workflow: Retopo->UDIM-ready UVs->Export Bake for PPP? was marked as the answer   
    Try clearing the "Import Tiles as UV Sets" flag. This flag is only useful for geometry that you import to retopo room and which already has UV islands already distributed between multiple UDIM tiles.
    The thing is that 3D-Coat does not directly support UVs outside of the base 1001 tile, so everything gets unwrapped inside this base tile. What the Import Tiles as UV-sets flag does, is it looks for UV islands in 1001, 1002, 1003, etc., and if it finds them, it places them in appropriate UV-sets. You said that this is the first time you have unwrapped your model inside retopo room. This means that all of your UV-sets are inside 1001. So if you select the Import Tiles as UV-sets, then 3D-Coat will not find any UV islands outside of 1001 and thus will throw all of the islands into one UV-set.
    Clear this flag and try again.
    Once your objects land in the paint room, you'll find your multiple UV-sets there, as well as multiple surface materials. At this point all of the UV-sets are on separate 1001 tiles (for each material), but don't worry. Once you're done with texturing, and choose to Export Model and Textures, you'll be presented with an export window where you will be able to select the Export UV Sets as Tiles. By enabling this flag all of your UV-sets will be put into separate UDIM tiles.
    There's a caveat though. Several versions ago the UDIM order was pretty much random, but it might have changed in one of the most recent versions. It is highly possible that you'll have to rename your exported files a bit, and reorder your UDIM tiles in a 3rd party program.
    EDIT: Some typos.
  11. ajz3d's post in Brush preassure strength is jumpy was marked as the answer   
    Hi Lefix. If it's similar to this problem:
    then installing older driver might help. In my case (Intuos Pro M and Windows 7) it was version 6.3.11w3 that solved the issue.
  12. ajz3d's post in importing to separate volumes was marked as the answer   
    Hey Sub-Zero, if you're importing to Sculpt Room, then try ticking the "Import w/o Voxelization" option.
  13. ajz3d's post in [Solved] Intuos Pro pressure detection constantly fails in 3D-Coat! was marked as the answer   
    I replaced the newest Intuos Pro driver with a driver from the last year (6.3.11w3).
    I've been working for several hours since then and didn't experience any problems with the pressure yet. I really hope this driver has solved the problem.
  14. ajz3d's post in How to lock normals when importing mesh for surface sculpting? was marked as the answer   
    You can't lock normals when importing geometry to Sculpt Room. If your object subdivides nicely, subdivide it with the Import tool before importing it. Or select a shader that respects (or maybe I should say - interpolates through) vertex normals, like Cook-Torrance, PicMat_Grey_Clay, Oren-Nayar and some others.
  15. ajz3d's post in strange UV issue was marked as the answer   
    Peter, the geometry unwrapped with 3D-Coat version 4.5.16 without problems that you're having. What version of the program you're currently using?
    Anyway, your problem is caused by dirty topology at the tip of the creature's arms. Manually recreate geometry in this area and the mesh should unwrap properly.

    Retopo groups never show up in the UV room. This room is used mostly for changing UVs on models that already have textures (it rebakes the textures if UVs are changed). But in the Retopo Room you have the whole UV toolset at your disposal - just select Mark Seams or Edge Loop tools and new tools will show up.
  16. ajz3d's post in Smart material layer with transparent color? was marked as the answer   
    Have you tried this?

  17. ajz3d's post in Small Smart Material Preview on-off ? was marked as the answer   
    It shows up only if Smart Material Preview is minimized.
  18. ajz3d's post in Smart materials in PBR permenant? was marked as the answer   
    They stack on each other.
    Take advantage of paint layers. You can then easily ditch or hide them if you don't like the result. Also, use clip masks because with them you can mask one layer with another.
    For example, if I were to texture the default robot with rusty metal that is covered in red paint, I'd create two paint layers: Metal and Paint. Fill the first one with e.g. metal_forged, and selected parts of the second one with paint_2. Then from Metal layer's blending menu, I'd choose Paint as Clip Mask Layer and enable Invert Clip Mask. This will make the red paint mask the rusted metal material that lies underneath.
    Note: if you change any of the smart materials, you need to reapply it to the paint layer. I always clear the layer first, or use Refill Material from layer's RMB menu.
  19. ajz3d's post in What happend to the stencil hotkeys? I can't move it around anymore! was marked as the answer   
    I believe I saw a similar thread last week. I can't find it, but the solution was to enter Edit->Preferences->Viewport and enable Allow material navigation via LMB/RMB dragging in viewport. Let us know if it helped.
  20. ajz3d's post in duplicate layer in sculpt room? was marked as the answer   
    A simpler way of duplicating a layer is to press the third icon from the left at the bottom of the VoxTree window.
  21. ajz3d's post in How do I export an Ambient Occlusion map? was marked as the answer   
    Did you select ExportAO? Okay, never mind.
    I'm glad you got it resolved.
  22. ajz3d's post in Resetting everything back to default was marked as the answer   
    To restore workspaces (room layouts), use Windows->Reset this page to default or Windows->Reset all pages to default.
    If on the other hand you want to reset everything back to their defaults and you're on Windows, type %USERPROFILE%\Documents\3D-CoatV45 (for V4.1.x it's 3D-CoatV4) in Windows Explorer's address bar. This will get you to 3D-Coat user preferences directory. Backup the contents of this folder (just in case) and remove everything but the License.dat file (which holds your license). Start 3D-Coat - it will recreate the default user preferences.
  23. ajz3d's post in RETOPO ROOM problem; Where is APPLY UV-SET now? was marked as the answer   
    Yes, it's not necessary in the Retopo Room because UVs are applied immediately.
  24. ajz3d's post in Baffling Check Marks was marked as the answer   
    Try disabling Edit->Customize UI.
  25. ajz3d's post in Strange coloring of not connected UV tiles was marked as the answer   
    In this particular case, islands that are outside of the (0,1) UV space are treated as being inside it. So they will overlap with any other UVs that are at the same location, but inside the (0,1) square. You need to keep this in mind.

      Yes. But you don't have to move all overlapping parts, just what is necessary for you to comfortably use projection painting. I'd go with the trial and error approach and move only those islands that I don't want to be affected when I'm painting something else. Some of the stacked UVs are pretty useful as they save texture space (like islands of the pistol grip). This comes at a cost of course, because everything that you paint on one stacked island, will show up on the others too.
    I never use projection painting, but it looks like it projects the painted layer on every front face that lies on projection's depth axis. This is why some parts of texture appeared on the barrel. You painted over the outer part of the pistol grip. Under this part there's the main pistol grip which shares UV space with some barrel parts (some being outside of (0,1) space). Your layer was projected into the outside part of the grip, then the inside part, and as a result - into barrel because, to repeat myself, their islands share the same UV space. That's how I see it.
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