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[SOLVED] Repair scanned mesh - Displacement on low poly

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Hi there


I currently use 3D-coat for repairing scanned meshes. I really love those voxel tools.


I got a scanned mesh which I repaired in 3D coat (voxels). I sculpted the missing detail back on the mesh. Now, with zremesher I made a low poly model with uv's. Is it possible to bake the detail from the scanned mesh in a displacement map on the low poly model? So I can render it in MODO? Or do I need to follow a completely different route?

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You import your low polygon base mesh in the retopo room.

Retopo room \ Retopo \ Import


If necessary, line it up with the surface \ voxel object then press then enter key.

You will be asked if you want to snap the base mesh to the surface of the sculpted mesh.


Choosing yes or choosing no is depended upon the kind of mesh you are snapping to. I generally select no because my base mesh fits already. Though this depends upon also how much you have sculpted on the voxel or surface mesh. Just test both ways and which ever one gives you the best result use that one.

On more complex meshes, you can have vertices snap in places they do not belong. If it not too bad you can clean it up.


Here are two tutorial videos by AbnRanger. He produces them for the official 3DC tutorials at YouTube.


3DC does support the exporting of 32 bit EXR displacement maps once you get to that stage after merging to the paintroom for your displacement map.




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