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Model position Export issue

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Hi folks, First post here, so nice to meet you all ^^.

I have a bit of an issue, not a big problem when you know how...but I dont. I am exporting a large amount of obj's to be used in external package. But, when I open it in another package the Mesh is always way bellow the center on the y axis. Its centred in 3DC from what I can see but not in other software. I could edit it in said software but I have a lot and would like to know how to export it correctly from the start.

Screenies bellow. Thanks in advance.



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I tested the same model, one of the default manikins and had no problem exporting out the correct world position to Blender. This is not to say you are not having problems, can you share one of the obj models through a cloud service for others to test the exporting.


I centered the model in world space but of course his feet are below the plane as the pivot point is the center mass of the model. The same location as 3DC.

Attached image shows the model imported into Blender.


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