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Chop along a curve


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Hi all, very new to the program. I am looking to be able to chop my STL files up for 3D printing. I can do along straight axis lines with other programs, but am interested in using this program to possibly chop or dissect parts along either existing (perceived) curves or at least defining curves that I see along a path and using that to divide the source object 


any guidance and advice on how to do that?


i am currently trying to use the chop tool but don't understand how to make it something other than a rectangular marquee selection tool



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Is this what you are looking for?

The SPLIT tool (in the OBJECTS section of the Tool Panel) will also Split your model up, in either Voxel Mode or Surface mode, and it will place the separated part into it's own unique layer. You may want to adjust the SPLIT BORDER WIDTH parameter in the Tool Bar (row of parameters just above the viewport). Because, by default it creates a bit of overlap, so merging layers back together doesn't show a visible seam.

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