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Inflate option in Pose tool?

Metin Seven

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I've recently bought 3D Coat, and I'm exploring this wonderful 3D tool.

Coming from ZBrush, I miss a mask / selection option among the voxel tools, but discovered that the Pose tool is quite a competent alternative.

I'm wondering now — Is there an option to inflate a Pose tool selection? That'd be very useful to expand areas along their normals.



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For now I found a nice workaround using Applink to Blender:

Simply send the Mesh to Blender via "File -> "Export Voxel Mesh to" -> "Blender".

Activate Sculpt Mode and then use "Mesh Filter" -> "Inflate" .  Drag your mouse to the desired inflation.

Go to 3D Coat Applink left SidePanel ("N" Key), set it to "Send as Voxel Mesh", hit "Send".

Have your inflated Voxel Mesh back in 3D Coat!

I have set my scene scale in 3D Coat under "Geometry" -> "Edit Scene Scale" to "100". This way I have a 1:1 match between Blender Units and 3D coat. (Not 100% sure if necessary though)

Only thing you need to do when you import the Mesh back (when it is still in a pending , orange state, before you hit enter), search for and click "Auto Scale" in the Panel, this will automatically scale the Object to how it is in Blender.

Update: The last part with the Auto Scale does not always work for me it seems.

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update: unclear part of process
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Turns out there is also an "Extrude" option for Surface and Voxel mode. You can simply right click a layer and choose to extrude, which is basically Inflate. However, this approach is not interactive as in Blender, but works quite similar to ZBrush's Deformation -> Inflate slider.

So you don't have to send your object to Blender to do this operation.

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